Shallow Grave

1994 film by Danny Boyle

Shallow Grave is a 1994 black comedy film about three friends who share a flat in Edinburgh and stumble upon a large sum of money with a past.

Directed by Danny Boyle, written by John Hodge.
The award winning thriller that'll bury you with laughs. (taglines)

Alex LawEdit

  • So tell me, Cameron, what on earth—just tell me, because I want to know—what on earth could make you think that we would want to share a flat like this with someone like you? I mean, my first impression, and they're rarely wrong, is that you have none of the qualities that we would normally seek in a prospective flatmate. I'm talking here about things like presence, charisma, style and charm, and I don't think we're being unreasonable. Take David here, for instance: a chartered accountant he may be, but at least he tries hard. The point is, I don't think you're even trying.
  • I mean this: good luck!
  • When was the last time you heard these exact words: "You are the sunshine of my life"?
  • I'd like to ask you about your hobbies... Now when you sacrifice a goat and you rip its heart out with your bare hands, do you then summon hellfire? Or do you just send out for a pizza?
  • God, you two are sensitive! All I'm doing is implying some kind of ugly sordid sexual liaison. I'd be proud of that sort of thing.
  • (speaking to Juliet Miller) But you're a doctor! You kill people every day.
  • I don't know why we couldn't stuff it in a mattress or put it under the floor like any normal human being. We could have hid it in the fridge.
  • Hello. It's been a struggle, but now the days of worry are over, the light at the end of the tunnel has expanded into a golden sunrise and at last, at long last, nothing will ever be the same again.

David StephensEdit

  • [voice-over] I'm not ashamed. I've known love. I've known rejection. I'm not afraid to declare my feelings. Take trust for instance, or friendship. These are the important things in life, these are the things that matter, that help you on your way. If you can't trust your friends well, what then? What then? This could've been any city, they're all the same.
  • I've never seen a dead body before. I saw my grandmother, of course, but I don't suppose that counts. I mean, she was alive at the time.


Master of Ceremonies: Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. First of all may I thank you all for coming along tonight and supporting our appeal to raise funds for the sick children's unit.
Alex Law: You didn't tell me that this was for children. I hate children. I'd raise money to have the little fuckers put down. I want me money back!

David Stephens: Well, Brian McKinley, if you want to talk to my girlfriend, you talk to me first. If you want to dance with her, then you apply in writing three weeks in advance or you're gonna end up inside a fucking bin-bag. You didn't apply, so you don't dance.
Juliet Miller: Do you think you could be a little more forceful next time?
David Stephens: I'm sorry.
Juliet Miller: It's alright. I think he got the message anyway.
David Stephens: That was stressful. I found that quite stressful.
Alex Law: Yeah, but you were good, you were really good. Fucking bin-bag', I liked that. You were good. You explored your maleness to the full there.

David Stephens: You paid 500 pounds for this?
Juliet Miller: That's what it cost, David.
David Stephens: No, no, that's what you paid for it. 500 pounds is what you paid for it. We don't know how much it cost us yet. For you two to have a good time, we don't know the cost of that yet.

Alex Law: And if you see I'm dying up there you'll call the police and tell them everything, right?
Juliet Miller: Everything.
Alex Law: Except that maybe it was his idea in the first place. Now that's important to me. I need to die misunderstood.


  • The award winning thriller that'll bury you with laughs.
  • What's a little murder among friends?


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