Shaj Mohan

Indian philosopher

Shaj Mohan is a philosopher based in India.


  • Politics is the fight for freedom and freedom is inseparable from the fight for it.
    • from Gandhi and Philosophy: On Theological Anti-politics
  • Nietzsche had warned that the state of tension which makes a thing discharge force must not be mistaken for its “willing”. What we experience as exceptions are the world’s political order in stasis, discharging forces.
    • from "The Winter of Absolute Zero": Interview with Shaj Mohan
  • If we bring Kant and Wittgenstein together the end of the world is not an event, for it is not an event in the world.
    • from Coronavirus and Philosophers

M. Foucault, G. Agamben, J.L. Nancy, R. Esposito, S. Benvenuto, D. Dwivedi, S. Mohan, European Journal of Psychoanalysis

  • unless we, as everyone, everywhere, understand that this world is the cobelonging equally of everyone in sharing the mysterious but absolute certainty of its persistence, and create political concepts and new institutions, this ship might become either too small or too large to set sail ever again.
    • Quoted in The Winter of Absolute Zero: Interview with Shaj Mohan
  • Only a democracy of the world can now overcome this stasis. Ana-stasis is the power to come over stasis, and, in this sense, anastasis is health.
    • from The Crown of the Stasis

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