Shadows (1922 film)

1922 silent drama film by Tom Forman

Shadows is a 1922 film about a Chinese man who tries to prevent blackmail.

Shadows 1922.jpg
Directed by Tom Forman. Written by Wilbur Daniel Steele.
Adapted From the Famous Prize Story "CHING CHING CHINAMAN"  (taglines)


John Malden: I have suffered -- but you, Nate -- you must have suffered a thousand times more -- to do the thing that you did.
Yen Sin: Mista Minista-- you forgive Mista Nate Snow - ?
John Malden: He has confessed -- he must be forgiven.
Yen Sin: If you forgive, then Yen Sin believe.


  • It's a Preferred Picture
  • Adapted From the Famous Prize Story "CHING CHING CHINAMAN"
  • A Tom Forman Production


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