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Shadowmancer (2003) is a fantasy novel by Graham Taylor. It is a Christian allegory in the form of a fantasy adventure, written to counteract what he saw as a rise in occultism in children's literature.

Chapter 1: The Dark StormEdit

  • It was a still October night.
    • p.1, Opening sentence.


  • Keep quiet Beadle. The world does not need to hear your voice.
    • What I am, is what I am. Now take your money and go, and not a word to anyone. Fear not that which can destroy the body, but that which can destroy the soul.
  • With the Keruvim I will bring about the death of God and this time he'll be nailed to the tree forever.
  • You, you're a fop and a dandy. A molly, a preening skylark.
  • Kill him Farrel. I don't care how you do it, shoot him, push him off a cliff, have him trampled by a herd of sheep, but please KILL HIM!
  • Sorcery is like painting a fine picture, beautiful, elegant and lovely. YOU DON'T WASTE THE PAINT!
  • Don't try anything Crane. I can use one of these just as well as you can. (Wielding a pistol.)


  • The whole world belongs to you Vicar.
  • Get off my back Kate Coglan or I'll whip your backside from now till next Friday and harder than your father does.


  • Who's your friend? Is he a shadow or does he just not wash?


  • Don't worry Thomas. I've taken on far scarier things than a girl in a man's clothing.
  • God is coming Demmural but he is coming to judge and you will be held in the balance and found wanting.


  • (Glancing at a sign with "Abram Rickards" written on it) Abram, Abram Rickards (upon being asked his name by Thomas.)
  • In Paris is it the fashion to dip bread in chocolate.
  • (Pointing the Sword of Mayence at Pyratheon's throat) Go to the cliff and see your world.
  • See Seirizzim. You just meddled with time. A light shines in the darkness and the darkness will never overcome it.


  • Good evening gentlemen.
  • I go by many names. I am Pan, Baal, the Earth Goddess and whatever other names I could assume to lead your kind to worship me but I prefer Pyratheon. It was the name given to me by my father.
  • I wonder what He is thinking. Moments way from being deposed of all his power (snarling) and this time forever without any interruptions from Riathamus. (Calimg down). Gentleman I am sorry.
  • Sadly Demmural you'll not have all the power. You didn't really think I'd leave the running of the Earth to a human did you. Your kind would have had so much potential for evil were it not for that dreaded seed of love that melts the heart. Unfortunately none of you is beyond redemption so you cannot be trusted with much.
  • My dear Demmural, it will be many years before you will understand.
  • Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.
  • It is over. Riathamus is dead. The Battle of the Skull is finished, the Victory on the Tree complete. I am I AM!
  • Eternal law is now mine to dictate.
  • The crying of a child. How touching that the first sound I should hear in my new world is the crying of a child. How sweet.


  • When does the other Keruvim arrive?
  • It will not be long; they cannot be separated. The Keruvim will find you.
    • p.5, Demurral and Gebra Nebura
  • Jacob Crane: Let them go or I kill your servant.
Pyratheon: (Sneering) Who is this man?
Demmural: (Annoyed) A thief, a smuggler, an irritating carbuncle.
  • Pyratheon: Raphael you are ...
Abram: Still alive. The Glashan kept me longer than I expected.
  • Abram: Receive that which hovers over the waters. (Bringing Raphah back to life).
Raphah': You brought me back as I stood before the King. I thought my work done.
Pyratheon: The King is dead. Is none of you listening to me. Dead, dead I tell you. DEAD!
Abram: (Pointing the sword of Mayence at Pyratheon's throat) Go to the cliff and see your world.
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