Shadow Puppets

2002 novel by Orson Scott Card

Shadow Puppets (2002), by Orson Scott Card, is the sequel to Shadow of the Hegemon and the third book in the Ender's Shadow series (often called the Bean Quartet). It was originally to be called Shadow of Death.


  • "You fight dirty."
    "I fight like a girl."
  • "We don't always get the leader that we want," said Graff. "But sometimes we get to choose among the leaders that we have."
  • "I'm not having children."
    "That's the best part," she said. "I'll have them for you."
    "You know what I meant," said Bean.
    "It's not done by kissing, so you're safe so far."
  • "Ignorance is not a tragedy," said Anton, "merely an opportunity. But to know and refuse to know what you know, that is foolishness."
  • "Your life is going to be short," said Anton. "And at the end, there will be pain, physical and emotional. You will grow too large for this world, too large for your heart."
  • My friendships were not... transcendent. They were all tied to my work, and when my work went away, so did all my friends. They were not unkind, they still inquired after me, they made overtures, but there was nothing to say, our minds and our hearts did not really touch at any point. I discovered that I did not know anybody, and nobody knew me.
  • You saved the world. All of humanity is your progeny. And yet... it is empty, isn't it? They didn't take it away from you the way they took my work from me. But time has taken it away. It's in the past, and yet you are still alive, so what is your life for?
  • "Am I the only one here who sees something of himself in the man who's lying in this box?"

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