Shadow Hearts (video game)

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Shadow Hearts (シャドウハーツ, Shadōhātsu?) is a series of role playing games for the Playstation 2. The original Shadow Hearts was developed by Sacnoth and released by Midway in the United States on December 11, 2001.

Playable CharactersEdit

Yuri Volte HyugaEdit

  • "My father worked hard to protect this world! I’m not letting a deluded scheme take it all away!"
  • "My mother gave her life protecting me from the monsters. But when I looked into her eyes a moment before she died, it ignited in me the blood of my father that had been laying dormant. A fire ignited in me, and my emotions exploded like a hurricane."

Alice ElliotEdit

Zhuzhen LiuEdit

  • "I first met Hyuga fifteen years ago, here in Shanghai. Hyuga was a special assassin sent to China when the Japanese Army realized Dehuai was up to no good. We spent much time tracking Dehuai. Finally we learned what the Demon’s Gate Invocation was. We hit Dehuai’s stronghold, the Kuihai Tower, and finally defeated him."

Margarete Gertrude ZelleEdit

Keith ValentineEdit

Halley BrancketEdit

  • "My mother told me that too, that she and I are people just like anyone else. It's just that, when we were born, God gave us some powers that are a little different. That's not the way those guys saw it. The Friar Knights of the Inquisition decided from the start that my mother was a witch, and they locked her up in a mental hospital."

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Albert SimonEdit

  • "Well, yes, that is one correct answer. But her true value does not lie in such a mundane dimension. She is necessary to my goal of bringing forth a new Eden. She is the beacon to an approaching god. If Alice is the Key of Light, embodying positive magic, then she is the Key of Darkness."

Roger BaconEdit

  • "O-of course I do! I wouldn’t forget that strange girl… Koudelka Iasant, correct?"


Kawashima YoshikoEdit


  • Jack: "Do you really wish to know? All right, then, I’ll tell you. I shall become a master of life and death, transplanting the soul of the dead into a living vessel. Never again shall we feel the pain of losing those dear to us: they shall glow with ever-lasting life!"
  • Kawashima: Major Tsuji… After your exploits in Changchun, did you ever suspect you’d captured a monster? Hmph. If soldiers of the Imperial Army can’t bring in one little girl, they don’t deserve to live. Sigh. I was so looking forward to bringing a worthy souvenir back to Tokyo for father. What a waste.


Alice: Yuri… do you regret it? I mean, coming this far.
Yuri: Regret? Haha! What’re you talking about! No way! You know, until I met you, I was living the life of a loser. I’m confident about what I’m doing now. I know that I’m needed. My power of fusion, which I thought was so terrible… is what allows me to protect you. Sometimes, I even think such stupid things like, boy, is this happiness? Ha ha ha! I sound stupid!

Alice: You know Cardinal Simon?
Roger: Yes. I know him well. He was a student of mine.

Kawashima: Place troops in Fengtian and surrounding cities! Heh. We must use this chance to crush all the vile little termites that have infested our Utopia.
Fujii: Yes, ma’am!
Kawashima: This is getting interesting… Just as I suspected, it seems the girl possesses incredible powers. Now I see why that wizened old demon in Shanghai was so hell-bent. Heh! Beware, old man… As the hawk in flight snatches its prey away from the wolf on the ground, I mean to have that girl!

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