Seymour Cray

Applied mathematician, computer scientist, and electrical engineer

Seymour Roger Cray (28 September 19255 October 1996) was a U.S. electrical engineer and supercomputer architect who founded the company Cray Research.



Video History interview (1995)

Interview witn David K. Allison for the Smithsonian Institution (9 May 1995)
  • One of my guiding principles is don’t do anything that other people are doing. Always do something a little different if you can. The concept is that if you do it a little differently there is a greater potential for reward than if you the same thing that other people are doing. I think that this kind of goal for one’s work, having obviously the maximum risk, would have the maximum reward no matter what the field may be.
  • I talk to myself through the computer. I ask myself questions, leave things to be looked at again, things that you would do with a notepad. It turns out today that it’s much better today to do with a personal computer rather than a notepad.
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