Seussical (2001–2001), a musical of the works of Dr. Seuss.

Think and wonder and dream far and wide as you dare! When your thinks have run dry, in the blink of an eye, there's another think there!

Quotes edit

  • Cat: Now imagine a sky...
    Jojo: I'll imagine bright blue...
    Cat: It's the jungle of Nool...
    Jojo: Near the river Waloo!
  • "The defendant has been charged with talking to a speck, disturbing the peace, and loitering-- on an egg."

-Court Marshall

  • "Seuss!"

- All

  • "I'll just have to save him because after all, a persons a person no matter how small."

- Horton the Elephant

  • " A person's a person, no matter how small.."

- Horton and Gertrude McFuzz

  • "On the fifteenth of May, Ms. Gertrude McFuzz discovered how truely unique Horton was. But she knew to approach him would probably fail, because who'd notice a bird with a one feather tail?"

-Gertrude McFuzz

  • "I'm alone in the universe, so alone in the universe..."


  • Hunches: And oh, the places you'll go! You're on your own, you know what you know, don't worry about how fast or how slow! Be certain you step with caution and tact, 'cause life is one great big balancing act! And will you succeed? You will, yes indeed!
    Jojo: 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed!
  • "Cause I have wings, yes I can fly. Around the moon and far beyond the sky."


  • "I have a picture of how it will be."

-Mr. Mayor

  • "On the day I do troubles will be through, and I'll be home with you."

-Mr. & Ms. Mayor

  • "You're the biggest blame fool in the Jungle of Nool..."

-Sour Kangaroo

  • "...on the other side of town, the Truffula trees were all cut down..."


  • "Oh the thinks you can think..."

-Cat in the Hat

  • "Tell yourself how lucky you are.."

-Cat in the Hat

  • "There's a faraway land, so the stories all tell, somewhere beyond the horizon. If we can find it then all will be well, troubles there are few. Someday we'll go to Solla Sollew."


  • "And if worse comes to worse, as we all know it will, thank your lucky stars you've gotten this far"

-Cat in the Hat

  • "...and as for your dust speck, that we will boil, boil, boil, in a hot steaming kettle of beezlenut oil!"

-Jungle Animals

  • "Now, imagine a curtain and what lies behind; the kind of a place you might see in your mind... From the page to the stage, come along and enjoy — this tale of an elephant, a bird, and a boy!"

-Cat in the Hat

  • JoJo:"I've got brains in my head and feet in my shoes!

Hunches: So steer yourself any direction you chose!"

  • "Now that is a very unusual hat. I wonder what could be under a hat such as that? It might be the creature they call the Ga-Zat, who balances things on its head, cause it's flat. Or a pipe-loving pipester from upper mount bat. Or a sort of, kind of, hat wearing... CAT!!!"


  • "After all of those years being stuck on a page, did you ever imagine you'd see me on stage? Now I'm here there's no telling what may ensue, with a cat such as me and a thinker like you!"

-Cat in the Hat

  • "Oh the thinks you can think! Think and wonder and dream far and wide as you dare! When your thinks have run dry, in the blink of an eye, there's another think there!"


  • Cat - "the adventures were over. The sky became--"

JoJo - "Pink!"

Cat - "And then guess what happened. Well, what do you think?"

  • Jojo: Dear Mom and Dad, I'm thinking of you and wishing we were all in Solla Sollew.

Mr. Mayor: They say the breezes are warm there,

Mrs. Mayor: And the people are kind.

JoJo: Maybe it's something like heaven.

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