Session 9

2001 film by Brad Anderson

Session 9 a 2001 film directed by Brad Anderson, filmed in notorious real life Danvers State Mental Hospital.

Written by Brad Anderson and Stephen Gevedon. Directed by Brad Anderson.
Fear Is A Place.


Gordon: (...)You! [Pointing] You come with me!
Phil: Hey! [Pointing] Fuck youuu!

Phil: Gordon! I wouldn't tell anyone about this, cause if they found out about Hank, they're going to find out about the others.
Gordon: You did this! Where are the others?
Phil: GORDON! I want you to wake up, look down, and take a really, really, really good look at him.

Doctor: And where do you live, Simon?
Mary Forbes: [as Simon] I live in the weak and the wounded... Doc.

Jeff: What's the deal with Phil and Hank?
Mike: What's the deal? Hank stole Phil's girlfriend! It's a nightmare! You don't wanna get involved! You especially don't want to get on Phil's bad side, he'll give you all the grunt work


  • Phil: It says here that 19 were committed due to disappointed expectations, Hank, they're talkin' about you.
  • Peter Mullan: Madness is just overactive curiousity.

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