Serfoji II of Thanjavur

Serfoji II of Thanjavur (24 September 17778 March 1832) was the Prince of the state of Thanjavur from 23 January 1787 until his death. He is recognized as a great savant, reformer and patron of arts and sciences. He established the Saraswathi Mahal Library within the palace premises. Today, this is one of the largest libraries in India.

Serfoji II of Thanjavur


  • The Tanjore country is celebrated all over the world for its charities. It is called Dharma Raj- and I consider this reputation, which reverts upon me through all countries from this appellation as the most honourable distinction of my rank.
    • A monograph on Raja Serfoji II by S.Babaji Rajah Bhonsle Chattrapathy.

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