South-Slavic ethnic group

Serbs are a nation and South Slavic ethnic group that formed in the Balkans. The majority of Serbs inhabit the nation state of Serbia.


  • “ I'm warming the south here! In the end, all the people are here - PEOPLE! The history of this country has only followed the glory! That country suffered, lived, survived and stayed there, to always be there! It seems to me that Serbs are as much Russians as we are. ” — Maksim Gorki

  • “ Let the Serbs preserve this monument! He will teach their children what the independence of a nation is worth, by showing them the price their fathers paid. ” — Alfonso de Lamartine on his way through Nis, when he saw the Wanted Tower

  • “ Despite everything, I believe in the future of your people. The spirit of Kosovo, Karadjordj, Kumanovo and Kajmakcalan will wake up again. However, he must wake up quickly, because without him, you may re-experience a time of slavery that will not lag behind those suffered by your ancestors who were defeated by sacrifice and heroism. Fate is in your own hands: a bright future or slavery again! ” — Archibald Rice in "Listen to the Serbs"

  • “ You do not go to the Italian, Russian or French fronts. You are going to fight against a new enemy, dangerous, tough, brave and sharp. You are going to the Serbian front and Serbia, and the Serbs are a people who love freedom and who fight and sacrifice to the last. Be careful that this little enemy does not tarnish your glory and does not compromise your successes so far. ” — This is what the German general, Field Marshal August von Mackensen, told his army before leaving for the Serbian front in 1915.

  • “ The Serbian army is the first and bravest army in Europe. I know that from my own experience, because I went to war against her on the Danube. Gentlemen, what did you do to me that day; after a battle that lasted only half an hour, you destroyed my division. My battalions were simply wiped out by your terrible fire. ” — Austrian Prince and Hungarian Marshal, Archduke Joseph of Habsburg, addressing Jovan Ducic.

  • “ Serbian epic literature is a pearl in the European treasury, which German poets will only discover in the coming centuries. I admire these tightly sculpted characters and characters interwoven with those deep, consistent traits, which deserve respect for their fidelity to themselves and do not deviate from their faith in the ideas and bequests of their ancestors. ” — Johann Wolfgang Goethe

  • “ Serbia - it is one of the most beautiful and courageous pages in the history of mankind. Serbia is complete heroism. ” — Admiral Kolchak's words at the banquet in Chelyabinsk in February 1919

  • “ What kind of people are we? What kind of people are we? ”Between Asia and Europe, on the border of religions, empires, we died unreasonably, more for others than for ourselves” and we did not gain a single faithful friend. That unhappy and damned Serbian people! Today, we are the only country in Europe that does not have any true friends. None! But God saves us again. It saves us for something. And for something. ” — Dobrica Cosic, Time of Death

  • “ All Serbs in Austrian and Hungarian lands have a lot of cunning, innate wit and restraint, peasants are not as stupid and foolish as in other countries ... ” — Friedrich Wilhelm von Taube, German writer (1777)

  • “ Serbs are a people without law and without faith. It is a nation of bandits and terrorists. ” — Statement by Jacques Chirac, President of France, at lunch in June 1995 on the occasion of the meeting of the Heads of Government of the EU Member States

  • “ Your priests were not and are not church people, but ardent patriots with all the virtues and flaws of your people. ” — Archibald Rice on the Serbs

  • “ Serbs have boundless faith in their ability to compete with the achievements of the world's most powerful nations. ” — R.G.D. Lafan (England), 1917

  • “ We have done everything to make future generations remember not only us, but also our family for a long time. ” — Petar Lazić

  • “ Serbs should be bombed calmly, because they will quickly forget everything. ” — James Shay, NATO spokesman, March 1999

  • “ Europe escaped the Turkish invasion thanks mainly to Serbs. They were the meat that went to slaughterhouses to save others. ” — Gabriel Mia 1919

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