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September is the ninth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. September in the Southern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of March in the Northern Hemisphere. September 1 marks the beginning of the meteorological autumn in the Northern hemisphere, and the beginning of the meteorological spring Southern hemisphere.

Quotes Edit

  • O sweet September, thy first breezes bring
    The dry leaf's rustle and the squirrel's laughter,
    The cool fresh air whence health and vigor spring
    And promise of exceeding joy hereafter.
  • The morrow was a bright September morn;
    The earth was beautiful as if new-born;
    There was that nameless splendor everywhere,
    That wild exhilaration in the air,
    Which makes the passers in the city street
    Congratulate each other as they meet.
    • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Tales of a Wayside Inn (1863–1874), Part I, The Student's Tale, The Falcon of Sir Federigo, line 135

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