Sebastian Star Bear: First Mission

1991 Dutch film

Sebastian Star Bear: First Mission (original title Beertje Sebastiaan: De Geheime Opdracht) is a Dutch animated film released on October 11, 1991.

Directed by Frank Fehmers. Written by Richard Felgate and Michael Jupp.


[Draco, Moxie, and Maestro have crash-landed their vehicle in the ocean and are fished out of the water by McGrath and Cuddles on a boat]
McGrath: So, Draco, ya thought you could cheat McGrath, eh? Well, you, the piano player, and that bungling bear trapper are all goin' on a little boat ride. Cuddles here likes shark-fishing, and he ain't got any bait! [points to Draco, who moans miserably]

Voice castEdit


  • Olaf Wijnants as Sebastian.
  • Angelique de Boer as SOUCI. (Speech-Operated Universal Computer Intelligence)
  • Margriet van Lidth as Griselda .
  • Frits Lambrechts as Sniffy.
  • Tom Meijer as Draco.
  • Jaap Stobbe as Muggsy.
  • Paul van Gorcum as Maestro.
  • Hein Boele as Ha So.
  • Maria Lindes as Sheena.
  • Edward Reekers as Mackerel.
  • Hero Muller as Hug.
  • Arnold Gelderman as the Additional Voices.


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