Sebastian Gorka

British-born Hungarian American media personality, military and intelligence analyst and former government (born 1970)

Sebastian Lukacs Gorka (born 22 October 1970 in London) is an American military and intelligence analyst, a professor, and a member of the national security advisory staff.

”They want to take away your hamburgers”

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  • Whatever your opinion of the post-9/11 wars, the need to invade Afghanistan or Iraq, none of that changes the decades old strategy and ideology of Global Jihad. Long before there was a Bush in the White House, Muslims with a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam declared war on all that is Un-Islamic, be it located in the Middle East, Europe or the US. Theirs is a totalitarian ideology, as universalist and absolute as anything Hitler or Stalin came up with, albeit with a holy sanction and promise of salvation. We are in their crosshairs as much as Assad, Maliki, or Sisi. Either everyone must live under Islamic law in a Caliphate, or they must die. Whether they live in a Christian enclave in Norther Iraq, or Washington, New York, or Houston.
  • The NRA is the most important organization protecting our rights to defend ourselves and our democracy in America.
    • America First with Sebastian Gorka, The 2020 Gun Confiscation Primary: Grant Stinchfield with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First
  • Our biggest problem as a civilization since the 1960s is that we do not know who we are and we’ve allowed those who actually have disdain for our civilization to gain control of our culture.

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