Save Me (webtoon)

2019 webtoon by Big Hit Entertainment and LICO based from the output of boy band BTS

Save Me (Hanja: 花樣年華 pt. 0 <SAVE ME>; Hangul: 화양연화 pt.0 <SAVE ME>; RR: Hwayangyeonhwa pt. 0: Save Me; lit. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 0: SAVE ME) is a 2019 webtoon collaboratively produced by Big Hit Entertainment and Naver Webtoon's subsidiary LICO as part of Big Hit's BTS Universe (BU) which revolves around the output of South Korean boy band BTS. The webtoon tells the story of Kim Seok-jin who is trapped in a time loop, repeatedly reliving his life starting from the 11th of April until he accomplishes to save his six remaining friends from their miseries.

Save Me ran from 17 January to 11 April 2019, consisting of 15 episodes plus one prologue. Its original version in Korean is available via Naver's webtoon portal while the official English version is posted in Line Webtoon. The central characters of the webtoon are the alter egos of the band's seven members, each named after each band member's real name. Each have backstories exclusive to the universe only so as not to confuse their identities with their real-life counterparts.

Kim Seok-jin

  • There was a time when the seven of us were happy together, knowing we had each other. Where did it all go wrong? Everyone ended up miserable. Were any of us ever happy after we split up? Back then, just being with each other was enough to make us happy. But why... What happened to us?
    —Episode 1; mourning on the beach after knowing his friends' miseries
  • It doesn't matter. If I could turn back time, if I could straighten out the errors and mistakes and make us all happy again like we used to be, I would do anything.
    —Episode 1; in response to the Voice's invitation to the time loop
  • I feel like I'm forgetting something important. What could it be? What am I missing? What did I forget? Why can't I remember?
    —Episode 2; unable to remember Jung-kook's death from the time loop's past iteration
  • Who... Who are you?!
    —Episode 2; to the Voice
  • It's the 11th of April again. I've been given a chance. A chance to make everything right again.
    —Episode 3
  • One day, we'll meet again. All of us. When that happens, let's go to the beach together.
    —Episode 3; to Nam-joon, before leaving to find and save Jung-kook
  • Can I really trust my memories?
    —Episode 3; upon going to the wrong location of Jung-kook's accident
  • The future keeps changing ... because something from the past changed. It was me. I jumped in and changed their fate. It was all because of me. I did this.
    —Episode 6; in the car accident with three of his friends, realizing his mistake in dealing with the time loop
  • There are too many variables. I don't know how things will play out.
    —Episode 6; deducing when and where Yoon-gi's arson will take place
  • Maybe there's nothing I can do, but I can't let anything happen to them. I just can't leave them alone.
    —Episode 9
  • So that's what a loop feels like... It ends before I can even do anything.
    —Episode 10
  • Maybe I'll fail again. But one thing's for sure: if I don't make a move, this vicious cycle will never end. I'm the only one who can end this.
    —Episode 13
  • Some things, you can't see from up close.
    —Episode 14
  • I will save him no matter how many times I have to live this day. I will not fail. Not this time. I'm finishing this for real!
    —Episode 15; referring to his final rescue set for Tae-hyung
  • Tae-hyung, I'm sorry... I'm really sorry...
    —Episode 15; dying words, to Tae-hyung
  • Every time I couldn't save you guys, you became more miserable. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't save you. Have I really saved you this time? What will happen to me now? To Tae-hyung? To the rest? If I die, will I still go back to that day, or is this really the end? After this moment, will none of this have ever happened?
    —Episode 15; dying thoughts
  • I can't do anything by myself. Yes, no matter how many times I tried, I could never save all of them on my own. Once again, just like before ... together with you...
    —Episode 15; concluding words

Min Yoon-gi

  • Like my mom, he says... Like my mom, he says... LIKE MY MOM!
    —Episode 6; referring to his father's opposition on his pursuit for music
  • You're right. What good is all this music?
    —Episode 6; as if addressed to his father, while starting the fire in his motel room
  • All around me, it was burning hot. I felt like I was suffocating. I thought it was what hell would feel like... I thought for sure I was going to die right there and find some peace at last. Finally I would get to escape this living hell and breathe easier. Yes, that's exactly what went through my mind. But then, someone just has to drag me right back to hell. It was you. Why? You should've just left me to die.
    —Episode 7; to Seok-jin, after being rescued from the fire

Jung Ho-seok

  • There's not much I can do. Narcolepsy isn't something you can just get over.
    —Episode 10; to Seok-jin
  • I knew something strange was going on. Ever since the moment you showed up again, everything's been all weird, that's why I came after you. What the hell's going on? And what are all those notes all about? Seok-jin! What the hell are you hiding?! Tell me!
    —Episode 11; interrogating Seok-jin on his mysterious actions
  • I know how that feels. To feel like the only one who's frozen in time...
    —Episode 11; to Ji-min, referring to himself being an orphan

Kim Nam-joon

  • I'm not settling.
    —Episode 1; to the police officer, upon being arrested for assaulting a customer
  • It's already been two years since we last saw each other. We were busy, sure, and whether we were happy or sad ... at least we weren't locked up.
    —Episode 12; on the group's separation and Ji-min's confinement
  • You gotta breathe before you can think about anything, you know. Right?
    —Episode 14; to Seok-jin

Park Ji-min

  • My clock stopped ticking at some point, so I can't really say how long I've been here or how much longer I need to stay.
    —Episode 8; to Ho-seok, on being confined in the hospital
  • Locking me up here doesn't solve anything! You keep me locked up here because you're embarrassed of me, and everything's supposed to be okay?
    —Episode 12; to his mother
  • Seok-jin, get me out of here... I wanna get out...
    —Episode 13; to Seok-jin, his plea for escape from confinement

Kim Tae-hyung

  • Oh, I saw Yoon-gi. In my dreams.
    —Episode 5, to Nam-joon
  • I just paint over it with different colors each time. There doesn't have to be a point. Maybe I'm just trying to make a point with my drawing.
    —Episode 7; to Nam-joon, on his acts of vandalism
  • Happy or sad, you don't get to choose anything inside here, and he didn't even choose to be here in the first place.
    —Episode 12; to Seok-jin, on Ji-min's confinement in the hospital
  • What's up with dreams? They feel so vivid when you're dreaming, then they disappear into nothing when you wake up.
    —Episode 15; to Seok-jin, about his nightmares

Jeon Jung-kook

  • Guys, the view at night is awesome out here!
    —Episode 4; to Seok-jin and Nam-joon, after being saved from falling from a building
  • YOON-GI!
    —Episode 5; witnessing the dying Yoon-gi
  • What? You mean you don't know either?
    —Episode 5; to Nam-joon, on him being dragged out by Seok-jin
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