Sarah Ladipo Manyika

British writer

Sarah Ladipo Manyika (born 7 March 1968) is a British-Nigerian writer of novels, short stories and essays.


  • A book reads us as much as we read a book.
    • [1] - Sarah Ladipo Manyiko speaking on the relevance of In Dependence in 2019.
  • Negritude is an ideology of the elite, completely devoid of meaning for the masses ... Negritude is an ideology suggesting that Africans are blessed with a soul and not reason. They would have us believe that Africans can sing, dance and feel, but not think.
    • In Dependence (2008)
  • " The future of Nigeria is no longer in it's army as some of us used to think, but in the oil business.
    • In Dependence (2008)

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