Sarah Jones (stage actress)

African-American actress, playwright, and poet from the United States

Sarah Jones is an American playwright, actress, and poet.


  • Even if they are not guilty of anything and are not convicted of a crime, because of the draconian bail system and the fact that they are poor and can’t make bail, they can sit on that island for three years. I just got so much clarity that we’re doing it to adults, you know, we’re doing it to children. And they’re all, you know, black and brown…
  • The performance obviously is the main reason you’re going to the theater, but what’s unique about this medium and hopefully the audience we’re attracting is the diversity. I have a diverse group of characters on that stage. If they’re just performing for one kind of people it’s not the same experience for the audience themselves, so I really want to think of it as, yes you’re going to a one-person show, but you’re also a participant in a hundred person show.
  • But every time I look at myself and think, oh, my body's not OK or my worth in value are determined by my appearance and my marketability, I'm kind of engaging in one form of this same narrative. So writing this work has been really cathartic and humbling for me.
  • It's a long story filled with intrigue and interfaith guilt. But, you know, you know, my black relatives, my white relatives, the people who you meet in my shows are these amalgamated versions of people I really knew. And I had to learn to code switch, as we call it now, just to like get dinner.

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