Sarah Chauncey Woolsey


Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (January 29, 1835April 9, 1905) was an American children's author who wrote under the pen name Susan Coolidge.

The tasks are done and the tears are shed.


  • The Autumn seems to cry for thee,
    Best lover of the Autumn-days!
    • Cousin Helen's Visit (1935).
  • The tasks are done and the tears are shed.
    Yesterday’s errors let yesterday cover;
    Yesterday’s wounds, which smarted and bled,
    Are healed with the healing that night has shed.
    • New Every Morning, (date of publication uncertain).
  • These are weighty secrets, and we must whisper them.
    • Secrets.
  • Men die but sorrow never dies.
    • The Cradle Tomb in Westminster Abbey (1975).
  • She stood amid the morning dew,
    And sang her earliest measure sweet,
    Sang as the lark sings,speeding fair,
    to touch and taste the purer air
    • Coolidge tribute to fellow poet Jean Ingelow from Preface to Poems by Jean Ingelow, Volume II, Roberts Bros 1896 kindle ebook ASIN B0082C1UAI .