Santiago Martínez Delgado

Colombian Muralist, Painter and Illstrator (1906-1954)

Santiago Martínez Delgado (19061954) was a Colombian painter, sculptor, art historian and writer.

Santiago Martínez Delgado (1948)

Quotes edit

  • Only give me your word that if I increase your paper's circulation you'll give me a job” (1925)).
    • "Leonor Concha SMD Collection" Santiago Martinez Delgado Papers, SMD por Joaquín Pineros Corpas p. 28
    • Martinez words when he was at an unsolicited job interview at the newspaper la patria
  • I am not my self, I am the result of all my ancestors.
    • "Leonor Concha SMD Collection" Santiago Martínez Delgado Papers, Periódico la Patria de Cartagena p. 3 - Palabras de Martínez
  • A dilemma of la Madonna.
    • "SMD Collection" Santiago Martinez Delgado por Joaquín Pineros, periódico el Tiempo - Based on the Dilemma by the Raphael Painting...

About Martinez edit

  • Santiago is the today and tomorrow of Latin American Art. His exquisite line and masterful talent are a great asset for his native Colombia.
    • Edgar Kaufmann conversation, letter to Edgar Kaufmann Jr, 1932, Wis.
  • Young Columbian Santiago Martinez argues a bit much about the the stroke of this project; nevertheless, Taliesin needs more like him, to make the debates stand the transient of the facts.
    • Frank Lloyd Wright
    • Edgar Kaufmann conversation, letter to Edgar Kaufmann Jr, 1932, Wis.
  • Martinez finished a stained window; inventing a tropical Deco, I can almost smell that he is from South America and has the tropics in his spirit.
    • Frank Lloyd Wright
    • letter to Tafel 1932, SUNY library Collection
  • Santiago Martinez Delgado made a Master piece in the Colombian Congress building worthy of admiration …
    • General George C. Marshall 1948
    • Marshall Library, Marshall Foundation, Bogotazo files, Folio 23- p23
  • … Just came from Colombia, where the enormous oil on canvas by Martinez Delgado was transported to the Bank, It is the last masterpiece of a remarkable artist. What an honor for the Bank and for the people of Colombia.
    • Nelson Rockefeller
    • New York City Historic Society Archives, A Ref 23990092
  • … and the art was in every corner and wall… a Mural of the Century of Progress in Colombia South America is rich in detail, painted by a student of the Fine Arts Academy of Chicago named Santiago Martinez; a name to remember…
    • Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt (Inauguration day of the 1933 Chicago International Fair)
    • FDR Library, Folio 345 - visit of Mrs Roosevelt to the fair P. 56
  • …Young Colombia Santiago Martínez made a mural in the 3rd pavilion showing much talent, He is a student at the academy of fine arts in Chicago, and a great candidate to come to our lectures.
    • Diego Rivera
    • letter to a gallery in NY --- New York city History Academy Archives

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