Sania Nehwal

Indian badminton player

Sania Nehwal (born 17 March 1990) is an Indian professional badminton player.

Sania Nehwal


  • I don't know but from my childhood I had the habit to win whatever I am participating any event. It is not just badminton. I was actually a very aggressive kind of person. I used to play all the sports. So whatever sport I used to play and I used to see someone else getting more points than me ... I just couldn't stand it. .. Even I have to do that.
  • I am a professional athlete and pressure is a part of every professional sport. It will be a dream come true for me if I could defeat the Chinese on my way to a medal, so if there’s pressure, there’s also incentive.
  • I believe at the international level, it is fitness that counts the most. That’s because when you are competing at that level, everyone already has the skills; the player who wins is the player whose mental and physical fitness is better than his/her opponent. So yes, at the international level, fitness is absolutely paramount.

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