Sandra Aguebor

Nigerian mechanic

Sandra Aguebor or Aguebor-Ekperuoh is a Nigerian mechanic. She is reported as being the first woman mechanic in Nigeria. She is also the founder of the "Lady Mechanic Initiative", that trains sexually abused and underprivileged women to become mechanics, and fend for themselves.


  • "My Nigeria is giant of Africa by Nigeria is the first to produce female human mechanic in Africa."
    • [1] Sandra Aguebor interview with Aljazeera.
  • "My Nigeria is where you can find a lot of women doing male-dominated professions. My Nigeria women are strong women."
    • [2] Sandra Aguebor interview with Aljazeera.
  • "The constraints, the obstacles, the challenges they could have driven me back they became my opportunities. The future looks bright."
    • [3] Sandra Aguebor interview with Aljazeera
  • "Our clients keeps coming back because they prefer us because we are determined to be better than a lot of mechanics who take their jobs and salaries for granted."
    • [4] Sandra Aguebor interview with Aljazeera.
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