San Gabriel (film)

{{ |Italian title = San Gabriele
|genre = biographical
|director = Maurizio Angeloni
|subject= Maurizio Angeloni
|screenwriter = Maurizio Angeloni
|actors =

San Gabriele, C.E.2001 Italian film with Lorenzo Gleijeses, directed by Maurizio Angeloni. }}




  • Of course God is more human than we can imagine. He too needs, like us, to be shared, respected, loved. He too, like us, likes kind, cheerful and generous people. Except that he knows who truly are kind, cheerful, generous people who know how to love. We do not. The pilgrim is the one who sets out in search of God, and it was like this for Francesco Possenti too. (Norberto)
  • Just as the bark protects its trunk from the cold, wind and water, so our body must protect our [[Soul and body|soul] from temptation, greed and bad weather ]. (Angel)
  • love is that moment that passes between one sigh and another. (Gabriel)
  • We sell out our bodies at the first flattering proposals, only to then complain about the indifference of others. (Gabriel)
  • The truth is that God already sees the difficult path that will lead us into the tender arms of Our Lady of Sorrows. (Gabriel)
  • God knows he suffers a lot. The more we suffer, the sweeter eternity will be. (Gabriel)
  • A time will come where time will no longer exist. And the pain will be forgotten. (Gabriel)
  • O God, give me the courage to understand your will, because thanks to it, even if difficult, I will be saved. (Gabriel)

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