Samuel Palmer

British landscape painter, etcher and printmaker
Samuel Palmer

Samuel Palmer (January 27, 1805May 24, 1881) was an English landscape painter, etcher, printmaker and writer. He was a key figure in English Romanticism and produced visionary pastoral paintings.


  • It seems to me the charm of etching is the glimmering through of the white paper even in the shadows so that almost everything sparkles or suggest sparkles.
    • Letter to Thomas Oldham Barlow (1876), from The Letters of Samuel Palmer, ed. Raymond Lister (Oxford, 1974)
  • Rural poetry is the pleasure ground of those who live in cities.
    • Introduction to Palmer's translation of Virgil's Eclogues
  • When less than four years old I was standing with my nurse, Mary Ward, watching the shadows on the wall from branches of an elm behind which the moon had risen. I have never forgot those shadows and am often trying to paint them.
    • The Life and Letters of Samuel Palmer, Painter and Etcher (AH Palmer, London, 1892)
  • I hope to begin a new plan... not sitting down to local matter but walking and watching.
    • The Life and letters of Samuel Palmer, Painter and Etcher (AH Palmer, London, 1892)

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