Sammo Hung

Hong Kong actor

Sammo Hung (born January 7, 1952) is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film producer and director.

Sammo Hung, 2005


  • …Almost half my life I’ve worked in the movie industry, and it’s very rare to see a good, strong script. I really love movie making, editing and directing, however if you want me to count it then there’s only really handful, about 5 movies that I consider to have had good scripts that I’ve been involved in. So if I see a very good script and I wasn’t involved, then I feel it’s a pity I wasn’t involved in that collaboration. So if there’s a good script then it’s good to be involved, but if nobody invites you then it’s very hard, those sorts of opportunities are rare to come by.
  • …It is not about who is doing what, the matter is that all of us are doing it. We have all started this path. This path is for long term development. We want to create a cradle of new talents. In the long run it’s a very strategic decision to train new talents, to create new opportunity’s for the future of the movie industry, especially for the martial arts genre. There are schools everywhere, everybody is learning something, and it’s important for the future that’s what matters.

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