Saints Row

2006 open world action-adventure video game

Saints Row is a 2006 video game about a street gang that completely fell apart to gain street reputation and regain control of the streets of Stillwater.

Directed by Christopher A. Stockman. Written by Steve Jaros.
Welcome to Stilwater. A little slice of hell. (taglines)


Benjamin King: Who said you could come in here?
Tanya Winters: We need to talk.
Benjamin King: Do we, now?
William Warren: You been puttin' yourself before the crew!
Benjamin King: Keep talking, little nigga.
William Warren: If you hadn't wasted our time stickin' your nose up them white boys' asses, we coulda owned the whole damn game by now!
Benjamin King: I told you before- we ain't gettin' into that shit!
William Warren: And why the fuck not?! That's where the money is! Man, if you'd got down with that shit back in the day, the Carnales woulda been ghosts by now! But you didn't, did you? You were too much of a pussy then! And you're too much of a pussy now!
Benjamin King: [Enraged] You forgot who you're talkin' to! [Grabs Warren and slams his head against the table.]
William Warren: Fuck!
Benjamin King: My name is Benjamin motherfuckin' King! I'm the man who took my crew from being a bunch of baby gangstas in Sunnyvale to one of the most influential and feared forces in the goddamn city! You know how I did that? [Warren doesn't reply, so King slams his head on the table again.] I said, you-know-how-I-did-that?
Warren: How, Mr. King?
King: I did it by knowing when it was time to watch, when it was time to build, and when it was time to act. [Takes Warren and shoves him away.] I'm through carryin' your punk ass. If I was you, I'd drop them damn flags and get the fuck out of here before I erase your ass.
Warren: I'm not goin' nowhere.
King: You ain't hearin' me, son. I said-
Warren: Yo, fuck that. You ain't hearin' me.
King: What is this?
[Tanya opens two sets of doors, letting Vice Kings loyal to Warren into the room.]
Warren: I built, I watched... and now I'm acting.

Dex: What're you doin' here?
Luz Avalos: I was supposed to leave with Angelo.
Dex: [Looking at the bag Luz is holding] So, what's in here? Guns, money, some uncut shit? [Opens the bag] SHOES?!
Luz Avalos: Actually, they're this season's new--
Player: Bullshit! That's last year's fall collection!
Luz Avalos: That's not true.
[The Player points his pistol at her.]
Dex: (At the player) Let it go, man, no reason to piss off Manuel. Let's get goin'.
Luz: What am I supposed to do now?
Dex: I don't fuckin' care.
Luz: I have no place to go!
Dex: See Answer A!
Luz: But you can't just leave me here!
Dex: Bitch, you're tryin' my patience.
Luz: Can you at least tell me where Manuel is?
Dex: [Turns to The Player] I changed my mind. Shoot her! [Luz jumps back in her car and drives away.] Good job, man. I'll tell Julius we're done here. Take Angelo's ride. I'll drive this back to your crib. [Pauses] You know what? I think Julius was right about you.

Johnny Gat: Dex, don't worry. I have a plan!
Dex: Johnny, your idea of a plan is taking the biggest hammer you can find and smashin' everything in your way.
Johnny Gat: Well, that sounds like a pretty good plan to me!
Dex: Yeah, a shitty one, as your whackass robo-leg clearly proves.
Johnny Gat: Ah, fuck you.
Dex: Next time you try that cowboy shit you may not walk away at all.
Johnny Gat: No, seriously- fuck you.
Dex: Look, I've got a plan that will put hurt on the Kings and minimum risk on you.
Johnny Gat: How much murderin' do I get to do?
Dex: None!
Johnny Gat: Your plan blows.

Steven: Your guest is here, Mr. Hughes.
Alderman Richard Hughes: Thanks, Steven. If you don't mind, could you wait outside? [To The Player] I'm Richard Hughes. It is a pleasure to meet the man who handed me the election. [Hughes offers his hand; The Protagonists crosses his arms.] No need to be modest; I'm serious. There's no way I could've beaten Marshall Winslow, God rest his soul. But you made the impossible happen. And for that, I can't thank you enough. I mean, had Winslow been the only person killed, attention definitely would've been cast on me. But after that fireworks display you pulled at his funeral, it's become abundantly clear that these horrible crimes have been perpetrated by the Third Street Saints. While before, people criticized my Saints Row Renewal Plan, it is now being lauded. See, before you came along, I was displacing poor people. Now, I am destroying a hotbed of gang activity. What can I say? The public is fickle. Champagne? [The Player says nothing; Hughes sighs.] As you get older, you quickly learn there are only two types of people in this world. Race, money, gender; none of this matters. At the end of the day you're either a winner, or a loser. Now, the sad truth about our situation is that in order for me to be a winner, I have to level your neighborhood and salt the earth. Hold on for a moment. Steven, would you come in here? [Pauses] Where was I? Oh, yes; salting the earth. Now, I suppose I could try to pay you off, but really, what's the point? You'd just say no, or in your case stand there looking intimidating and we'd be right back to where we started, so I figured I'd cut the middleman and get right to the point.
The Player: Hey, yo, can we speed this shit up? I wanna go to Freckle Bitch's.
Hughes: You're going to die here, son. Make no mistake about that. But if it makes it any easier on you, I'll be sure to thank you in my acceptance speech. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a party to-
[Loud beeping interrupts Hughes. Seconds later, the yacht explodes and sinks.]

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