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Jonathan Sacks

British rabbi
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Jonathan Sacks

Sir Jonathan Sacks (born 1948) is the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth.



Universal, 2009Edit

  • We have no idea where the world is going, except that it's going there very fast.
    • Speech to Kenan Ethics department, 2009.

From Optimism to Hope (2004)Edit

  • If we are to cherish freedom, and to guard it, we must remember what the alternative is: the bread of affliction and the bitter herbs of slavery.
    • p. 42
  • Marriage, sanctified by the bond of fidelity, is the nearest life gets to a work of art.
    • p. 69
  • The twenty-first century is, and will remain, the Age of Insecurity.
    • p. 71

The Authorised Daily Prayer Book (4th ed 2006)Edit

  • The first of the "request" prayers in the daily Amidah is a fractal. It replicates in miniature the structure of the Amidah as a whole.
    • p.XVII
  • The meaning of the word "true" here is similar to the word Amen said after a blessing. It is an act of affirmation and ratification, reminding us that the Shema is less a prayer than a declaration of faith.
    • pp.386-7

The Case for God, first broadcast on BBC1, 6 September 2010Edit

  • Faith is not a certainty. Faith is the courage to live with uncertainty.
  • Judaism is the refusal to give way to despair.
  • In Judaism faith means wrestling with God as Jacob once wrestled with an angel...

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