S. J. Simon

British bridge player and writer, comic fiction writer

S. J. Simon (Seca Jascha Skidelsky; 1904–1948) was a British bridge player and comic writer, noted for his collaboration with Caryl Brahms.


  • The Acol bidding system
    • Terence Reese and David Bird, Acol in the 90s, Robert Hale, 1990, page 7 of the paperback edition, ISBN 0 7090 5379 7
  • Since it is probable that any book flying a bullet in its title is going to produce a corpse sooner or later - here it is.
    • A Bullet in the Ballet, opening sentence.
  • The sun, heavy-eyed from lack of sleep, owing to the system of a staggered summer time, stumbled into the heavens, and with a heavy sigh set about its duties.
    • Envoy on Excursion
  • "Vot", asked George I courteously, "is the difference between a public nuisance and a public convenience?"
    • No Nightingales

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