Ryk E. Spoor

American author

Ryk E. Spoor (born July 21, 1962) is an American science fiction and fantasy author.


All page numbers are from the mass market paperback first edition published by Baen, ISBN 978-1-4391-3355-2, 2nd printing
All italics as in the book
  • Living creatures are essentially biological carbon-based nanotech.
    • Chapter 3 (p. 17)
  • But you know there’s always that nagging set of voices out there worried that someone is doing something bad with that freedom—and of course the problem is, sometimes they’re right.
    • Chapter 6 (p. 35)
  • People don’t mind poking into other people’s business—they just don’t want other people poking into theirs.
    • Chapter 6 (p. 35)
  • If you’re a sensible man, you get in the habit of being very cautious of making extreme pronouncements when one’s in the sciences, especially when it’s not your core field.
    • Chapter 16 (p. 133)
  • I am a scientist. I do not believe in gods or demons.
    • Chapter 31 (p. 262)
  • Your problem, you pea-brained, overbearing, pompous crayfish, is that you think you have any idea of what you’re dealing with.
    • Chapter 34 (p. 280)
  • In safety and in security, in peril and plague, in victory and vengeance, may your course be ever your own.
    • Chapter 39 (p. 333)
  • Well, like many fanatic creeds, if you accept the basic postulates, you can make a twisted sense out of anything.
    • Chapter 42 (p. 381)
  • They have certain rather insular attitudes which makes it difficult to maintain any long-term cooperation. It is not pleasant to work with someone who thinks of your entire species as a waste of resources.
    • Chapter 42 (p. 383)
  • I will admit that I have not heard that he would directly violate his word or go back on a bargain, though he is certainly more than capable of obfuscation and creative interpretation where it suits him.
    • Chapter 42 (p. 383)
  • Maybe you should’ve been more careful, but hindsight’s perfect and we aren’t.
    • Chapter 46 (p. 412)
  • A committee’s a good way to end up with a lot of talk and no action.
    • Chapter 51 (p. 462)
  • His hand contracted on the odd carven rod, a tiny thing that glittered with hints of lights and circuits and, at the same time, bone and gems, a wand constructed by an engineer, or a transmitter assembled by a shaman.
    • Chapter 55 (p. 508)
All page numbers are from the first mass market paperback edition published by Baen, ISBN 978-1-4767-3709-6, (January 2015), 1st printing
All italics as in the book
  • I cannot help but think that anyone who wants power for those reasons really is not the person I want to have it.
    • Chapter 3 (p. 40)
  • “Though I hope we get out more, the Arena looks fascinating and all this talk-talk-talk is making me itchy, and no one’s tried to kill the captain yet!”
    Orphan gave a subdued buzz-chuckle. “One would almost think you want her to be attacked.”
    “Well, of course! What use being a bodyguard if you never actually get to do any WORK?”
    • Chapter 9 (p. 115)
  • “Although I cannot pretend it is merely a social visit.”
    “Of course—and in truth, I would be disappointed if it were! You have so much to learn, as do we, and to waste that time merely on formalities?”
    • Chapter 10 (p. 122)
  • It almost sounds romantic, in a facing-execution-together sort of way.
    • Chapter 22 (p. 236)
  • “But there has to be an alternative.”
    “Why does there have to be one, Captain Austin?” Sethrik asked quietly. “Often the universe does not give us choices.”
    • Chapter 41 (p. 393)
  • Hmph. Just remembered that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent—
    Duquesne interrupted with a grin, because the competent resort to violence MUCH sooner, before it’s too late!
    • Chapter 54 (p. 527; the first line is a quote from Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy)
  • When people can have pretty much whatever they want for the asking, and when privacy and security can be assured by the same technologies...well, pretty soon no one needs a government for much.
    • Chapter 56 (pp. 542-543)
  • “I’m sure you’ll figure out how to make a system of simple laws that work.”
    “Yes, right after the perpetual motion machine I’m patenting,” he said cheerfully.
    • Chapter 57 (p. 551)
  • “So,” Simon said slowly, looking around at the others, “the Leader of Humanity is going to risk herself on a ship with a sometimes devious ally, traveling to some secret destination in the Deeps of the Arena, to confront some nameless force where there won’t even be a Sky Gate to help us return if things go wrong?”
    He stood and lifted his glass. “Sign me up, Captain!”
    • Chapter 58 (p. 567; closing words)
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