Ryan North

Canadian webcomic writer and programmer

Ryan North (born October 20, 1980) is the creator and author of Dinosaur Comics, and co-creator of Whispered Apologies.

Ryan North in 2011

Quotes edit

  • Man, staying at home is for chumps! You could shake the man's hand! YOU COULD TOTALLY SMOOCH HIM MAYBE.
    maybe not but still!
  • I collect power supplies like other men collect meaningful relationships! THAT IS TO SAY, AT THE RATE OF ABOUT ONE A YEAR
  • If you find you are not understanding my explanation for a joke, hit "F5" on your browser and the page will refresh and I will explain it again.
  • I speculate that the genesis of the chicken-joke lies in some situation such as the one illustrated above, but over time the original context of the joke was lost, which left the chicken sadly decontextualized.
  • They are "sexcellent". That is a pun for you, you will find lots of puns on the internet! Also: blonde jokes.
  • Good luck distinguishing which sign is the REAL sign when my entire front lawn is covered with thousands of little green signs - each with a different number! Ahahahah! I'll be EVERY address in the whole freakin' township! And what are you gonna do about it? Hopefully, NOTHING!
  • Don't worry, it's very clear that the painting was done by a human, most likely a human with one eye removed and a feverent if incorrect understanding of design and anatomy.
  • Of course it's easy to get on public transit! It's public transit.
  • I saw The Mountain Ghost last night and they were really good but also scary! Actually they are called the Mountain GOATS and do not feature scary g-g-g-ghosts. Luckily.
  • I'm totally applying assumed Creative Commons rights.
  • I'm suddenly worried people will think that I believe their religion can be summed up on four sex-obsessed sentences.
  • You're supposed to whore yourself out! Nobody will judge you! ACTUALLY EVERYONE WILL JUDGE YOU THAT'S HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS
  • We're all already aware of boobies; it is the general state of most people in North America! THANKS, MEDIA AND THE MALE GAZE

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