Ruth Kadiri

Nigerian actress, screenwriter and film producer

Ruth Kadiri (24 March 1988) is a Nigerian actress, screenwriter and film producer.

Ruth Kadiri During Interview In First Class (2016)

Quotes edit

  • Take every opportunity you get; you never know which one will help you accomplish your goal.
    • [1] Ruth talk about goals in 2020.
  • Stop comparing your life to others. There’s no comparison between the SUN and the MOON. They shine when it’s their time.
    • [2] Ruth warns women in 2020.
  • I have learnt to be patient. I have learnt to understand that people’s destinies are different. I have also learnt to understand that not everybody will appreciate your style, not everybody will understand where you are coming from. All you need as a person is focus.
    • [3] Ruth shares experiences in 2018.
  • There is this rush in me, it is there, and you can feel it inside you, knowing that somebody is going to make use of it. It comes at the end of the script you write knowing you have been able to come up with something that someone else will make use of what you are doing. Then, knowing that not everybody can do what you are doing.
    • [4] Ruth talk about her experiences as a scriptwriter in 2018.
  • Growing up in the slum helps you to find yourself. It’s either you are defined or you are not. Growing up as a child in Ajegunle, it’s either you get lost or it helps you find your way.
    • [5] Ruth speaks about her upbringing in 2017.
  • As a child I have always known what I wanted. In my room I had a write-up that when I become eighteen I would rent my own apartment.
    • [6] Ruth speaks about her childhood in 2017.
  • You don’t decide when you find the right person, so wherever you find yourself at whatever point in life, it’s important to be happy at that stage.
    • [7] Ruth talk about marriage in 2016.
  • Both writing and acting, I don’t see myself trying to compare them. It is my duty to do my job and it is people’s duty to analyse it. Success is getting to a point where you are comfortable with what you have and you are happy with it and this is exactly how I feel.
    • [8] Ruth talk about her job in 2015.
  • One Nigeria can truly not work, except these excesses can boldly and truly be checked.
    • [9] Ruth talks on the death of Deborah in 2022
  • Wealth and assets have no hiding place.
    • [10] Ruth talks about Asset and Wealth on 30th May 2022
  • Stop trying to replace your ex. What’s gone is gone. Trust yourself to make better choices and make corrections from your initial error. If you still haven’t healed, give yourself time to.
    • [11] Ruth talks about Relationship on 14th January 2022
  • What’s gone is gone, what’s lost is lost. Trust in your destiny, you will find love. and it will find you.
    • [12] Ruth on breakups on 14th January 2022

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