Runaway Jury

2003 film by Gary Fleder

Runaway Jury is 2003 film about a couple who sell the jury's verdict of a high-profile case to the highest bidder.

Directed by Gary Fleder. Written by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Rick Cleveland, and Matthew Chapman, based on the novel written by John Grisham.
Trials are too important to be decided by juries.
London Lodge Motel, New Orleans.

Rankin Fitch

  • Gentlemen, trials are too important to be left up to juries.
  • You think your average juror is King Solomon? No! He's a roofer with a mortgage. He wants to go home and sit in his Barcalounger and let the cable TV wash over him. And this man doesn't give a single, solitary droplet of shit about truth, justice or your American way.
  • Everybody has a secret they don't want you to find. Find it!
  • We like fat women, people!
  • Ah, I hate Baptists almost as much as I hate Democrats.
  • You may be right, but the thing of it is, I don't give a shit. What's more... I never have.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, this girl is an amateur. Do you understand? A dilettante. And I want this nonsense ended today! I want you to find her. I want you to contain her! Because you're losing me my jury!
  • What do you hope to achieve if you win? You gonna bring Jacob Wood back to life? No. You just ensure that his wife goes to the cemetery in a better car, and that the heel that she snaps on the way to the graveside belongs to a $1,200 shoe. You get your name in the paper. But Jacob Wood and all the other gun violence victims remain rotting in their crypts.


  • Nicholas Easter: [after anti-gun fanatic is dragged kicking and screaming from the courtroom during jury selection, even though he claims he want to be heard] Well, I guess that's lunch...
  • Henry Jankle: ...I was under the impression that we'd already purchased ourselves a verdict.
  • Wendell Rohr: Gentlemen, I have lost my footing in this trial.
  • Judge Harkin: I'm not sure, but I believe I'm buying lunch.
  • Doyle: It's a set-up. Don't do it!


Frank Herrera: [On nominating Herman for foreman] But...
Eddie Weese: But he's blind, man. So what? So is justice, right?

Nicholas Easter: [talking about a dead friend] Listen, I dunno if it would be inappropriate, but do you think we could do something today to remember him?
Rikki Coleman: We could say the Lord's Prayer.
Nicholas Easter: Well, I don't want to ask people to pray...
Millie Dupree: How about "God Bless America"?
Nicholas Easter: [with more conviction] Oh, I couldn't ask people to sing.

Nicholas Easter: Goodbye, Fitch.
Rankin Fitch: Well, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... How did you swing 'em, huh? How did you swing 'em your way? I hear you got ten votes. How'd you do that?
Nicholas Easter: [shrugs] I didn't swing anything. I just stopped you from stealing the thing. We let 'em vote their hearts. That means you lose. Enjoy your drink.


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