Runaway (TV series)

Runaway (2006) is an American television series, airing on the the CW network, about the lives and adventures of a family on the run as fugitives seeking to prove the innocence of the father, after he is unjustly accused of murder.

Season 1


Pilot [1.1]

Henry: How do you know he didn't do it?
Lily: Because your father is not a criminal.

Lily: [to Henry, who's in the car waiting to leave] If you leave, you can't come back.

Henry: [to his father] Who does this? Who runs? Guilty people.

Henry: Ever heard of a knock? [quickly hides something in a drawer]
Paul: What's in there?
Henry: My cell phone.

Lily: Why don't you have your seatbelt on?
Henry: I didn't know you had to wear seatbelts in the back.

Henry: You can't just decide to be cool.
Hannah: Oh master, please, educate me.

Henry: Do I have to share with Tommy?
Tommy: Henry farts on me.
Lily: Guys not now please.
Henry: I'm not sharing with an eight year-old.
Hannah: Why? Because then you won't be able to play with yourself?
Henry: Oh, like you don't?
Hannah: You're sooo disgusting.
Lily: Do we all have to listen to this?

Henry: [while Tommy tapes green tape on the floor] So what happens if I cross the line?
Tommy: You don't want to know.

Lily: Where are you going?
Hannah: I don't know, town.
Lily: Well hang on a second come say hello to our new neighbor. This is uh...
Bob: Bob.
Lily: Bob.
Bob: Bob Sullivan
Hannah: Hey, I'm Kate.
Bob: Really? If we had a girl our wife was gonna name her Kate.
Hannah: If I was a boy my parents were gonna name me Bob.

Angela: Remember how long it took us to find the Jarvises? Seven years and they had six kids.
Ross: Yeah, but you weren't on it for the first six and a half.
Angela: Next time you kiss my ass, you're fired.
Ross: Yes Ma'am.

Lily: [as Henry is walking away] Ah ah ah... Sit down we eat together.
Henry: Why?
Lily: Because... I'm the mommy, that's why.
Henry: You still have that T-Shirt?
Lily: And I'll wear it if I have to.

Identity Crisis [1.2]


Mr. Rader Goes to Washington [1.3]


Homecoming [1.4]


True Lies [1.5]


Father Figure [1.6]


There's No Place Like Home [1.7]



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