Rubble & Crew

Canadian computer-animated television series

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Rubble & Crew is a Canadian computer-animated children's television series and a spin-off of Spin Master's PAW Patrol brand. The show follows Rubble and his family operate out of the Barkyard to build all it's different proprietors in Builder Cove.

Opening Edit

[opening sequence]
Who's got a lot of work to do?
Rubble and Crew!
Who's always building something new?
Rubble and Crew!
The builder pups are building it up
Building anything you can dream
They're getting it done and making it fun
Working as a team
Who's built the greatest family?
Rubble and Crew!
They've got an awesome job to do
Let's go, Rubble and Crew!

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

The Crew Builds a Bridge Edit

Please, don’t search up .. Aaaaa! paw aaa Syhr new voodie moov

Episode 2 Edit

The Crew Builds a Big Bike Shop Edit

The Crew Builds a Super Tub Edit

Episode 3 Edit

The Crew Builds an Ice Cream Shop Edit

The Crew Fixes a Squeak Edit

Episode 4 Edit

The Crew Builds a Playground Edit

The Crew Fixes a Roof Edit

Episode 5 Edit

The Crew Builds a Car Wash Edit

The Crew Plans Grandpa Day Edit

Episode 6 Edit

The Crew Builds a Skate Park Edit

The Crew Builds a Tunnel Edit

Episode 7 Edit

The Crew Builds a Beaver Home Edit

The Crew Fixes a Road Edit

Episode 8 Edit

The Crew Builds a Popcorn Café Edit

The Crew Fixes a Slippery Mess Edit

Episode 9 Edit

The Crew Builds a Drive-In Movie Theater Edit

The Crew Finds a Rainbow Treasure Edit

Episode 10 Edit

The Crew Builds a Pig Barn Edit

The Crew Builds a Giant Runway Edit

Episode 11 Edit

The Crew & Marshall Build a Fire Station Edit

Mayor Greatway: Hiya, pups. How do you like our future new fire truck?
Rubble: A fire truck? But Builder Cove doesn't even have a... oh. Wait a minute. Do you want us to build a fire station?
Mayor Greatway: You bet I do. What do you say?
[Rubble and his cousins cheer in excitement]
Motor: Fire truck! Marshall drives fire truck. So cool!
Mix: I know, Motor. You want to meet Marshall one day. [whispering] Motor is a big fan.
Mayor Greatway: Big fan, huh? Well, guess who's on his way to Builder Cove!
[Motor gasps as the siren wailing and lights blazing which is revealed to be Marshall who arrives in Builder Cove with his Ultimate Rescue fire truck]
Rubble and his cousins: It's Marshall! [start cheering]
Motor: [gasps] Woo-hoo! Motor's so excited!
Mix: [giggles] Motor, you get to meet Marshall!
Marshall: [comes out of his Ultimate Rescue fire truck] Hi, everyone! [starts tripping] Whoa, whoa! [stands up] I'm good.
Rubble: Marshall, you're here! Welcome to Builder Cove. You're gonna love it!
Marshall: Rubble! I'm fired up to be here! And I get to meet your family!
Rubble: Oh, yeah. They're awesome! This is Wheeler.
Wheeler: Hi!
Rubble: Charger.
Charger: Hi!
Rubble: Mix.
Mix: Hi!
Rubble: And Motor.
Motor: Hi, Marshall!
Marshall: Hi, everyone!

Episode 12 Edit

The Crew Does a Home Renovation Edit

The Crew Builds a Lighthouse Edit

Episode 13 Edit

The Crew Builds a Dinosaur Museum Edit

The Crew Builds a Wheelchair Ramp Edit

Repeated lines Edit

Rubble Edit

  • Rubble on the double!
  • Let's dig in!
  • Let's bow-wow build!
  • Let's wiggle and wag!
  • We just need to find a construction solution.
  • [when Charger has the zoomies] Give 'em some room!
  • [when Mix has a good idea] Mix, you're one smart pup!

Mix Edit

  • Mix is ready!
  • This pup can mix it up!
  • Ready, aim, concrete!
  • Ready, aim, paint!
  • This needs a Mix makeover!
  • Wouldn't it be fun if [variations of a good idea to Rubble]

Charger Edit

  • Here comes Charger!
  • Grab it, lift it, move it!
  • Zoom zoom, zoomies!

Wheeler Edit

  • Cool moves!
  • Tools rule!
  • Looking good!
  • Making it clean, that's the dream!
  • My truck is filled, time to build!

Motor Edit

  • Motor build!
  • Motor go, boom!
  • Motor go boom, boom, boom!
  • Motor go smooth!
  • Motor loves family!

Others Edit

  • Grandpa Gravel: Grandpa's toolbox to the rescue!
  • Auntie Crane: Alrighty Wheeler, back her up!
  • Mr. McTurtle: Yep-a-roozie!

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