Rozen Maiden

Japanese manga series

Rozen Maiden (2004-2006) is an anime series made by Nomad based off of the manga made by Peach-Pit

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[Shinku is surprised to see Suigintou still alive after supposedly being killed by Souseiseki.]
Suigintou: Are you surprised? [Giggles] Of course you're surprised to see me, after what happened...
Shinku: But how...?
Suigintou: It turns out that I really am a Rozen Maiden. Father has recognized me for what I am. Look, I even have my Rozen Mystica. [Shows it to Shinku]
Shinku: But how...? That can't be...
Suigintou: [Sends her Rozen Mystica back into herself] Now I can finally say it with pride. I am Suigintou; the very first Rozen Maiden doll. You and I can be friends.
Shinku: This can't be true...You...a Rozen Maiden...? That just can't be...
Suigintou: Why not?
Shinku: Well because you're not whole. You're still incomplete. A poor doll who was only partially crafted. Rozen Maidens are dolls created for the purpose of becoming Alice; the ultimate girl. And you are not like us at all...
Suigintou: Is that so? Just as I thought.
Shinku: What?
Suigintou: That's how you see me all this time, isn't it? That I'm some pitiful doll who's inferior to you.
Shinku: That's not what I...
Suigintou: You spoke those kind words to me....and reached out a helping hand...only because you pitied me. You smugly looked down on me, didn't you?
Shinku: You're wrong...
Suigintou: You thought you were better than me...and thought Father only had love in his heart for you...That's what you thought. You were laughing at me the whole time, weren't you?
Shinku: No, of course I wasn't! You're wrong! I wanted to-
Suigintou: JUST SHUT UP! You're a nasty one. You came into this world just a little bit fortunate than others. And by chance, you only just happened to be crafted well. My whole entire existence was just a vehicle to elevate your own inflated self-worth!
Shinku: No, you're wrong! All I wanted to do was to at least help you live a happy life with Sarah!
Suigintou: You were treating me with contempt and you know it! You never recognized me as a real Rozen Maiden!
Shinku: But you were incomplete!
Suigintou: There's no way a despicable doll like you could become Alice! The one to become me! Me! The one who loves Father more than anyone! I will become Alice and Father will hold me close to his heart! And he will gaze only upon me! [Suigintou grow wings, uses them to slam Shinku against a building, rips Shinku's broach off her ribbon, and then throws her to the ground. Shinku realizes her broach is gone and sees Suigintou holding it.] Did you think you were the only one to hold Father's attention?
Shinku: Please! Give it back!
Suigintou: To be held close? And be gazed upon? You think you have Father's love? I'll take your little illusion...and crush it into nothing...[Starts squeezing the broach. Shinku starts running towards her to stop her.] The one that Father truly loves is...
Shinku: No! Stop it!
Suigintou: The only one he truly loves...He loves ME! [The broach shatters. The pieces then fall to the ground and Shinku desperately tries to gather them.]
Shinku: This was a special gift Father gave to me...He made it for me himself...It was full of Father's love...[Suigintou starts to laugh] Why would this to me...? [Angry] You are nothing but junk!
Suigintou: What did you say...?
Shinku: You're nothing but a piece of incomplete junk...YOU'RE JUNK!


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