Roy Turk

American songwriter and lyricist (1892-1934)

Roy Turk (September 20, 1892, New York City – November 30, 1934, in Hollywood, California) was a U.S. songwriter.


  • You're mean to me
    Why must you be mean to me?
    Gee, honey, it seems to me
    You love to see me cryin'

  • Are you lonesome tonight,
    Do you miss me tonight?
    Are you sorry we drifted apart?
    Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day
    When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?
    • Song Are You Lonesome Tonight?

  • I'll get by
    As long as I
    Have you
    Though there be rain
    And darkness too
    I'll not complain
    I'll see it through
    • Song I'll Get By (as Long as I Have You)

  • I don't know why
    I love you like I do
    I don't know why, but I do.
    • Song I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)

  • We stop for a while, she gives me a smile
    And snuggles her head on my chest
    We start in to pet and that's when I get
    Her talcum all over my vest

    After I kinda straighten my tie
    She has to borrow my comb
    Once kiss then I continue again
    Walkin' my baby back home

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