Ross Mintzer

American musician and performer

Ross Philip Mintzer (born May 26 1987) is an American singer-songwriter and performing artist.

Dream big, when you’re up against it all, when you’re standing on a narrow bridge and you’re about to fall.





NPR interview (2005)

From The Top (18 June 2005)
  • I came from a background of blues and rock based(music). I hadn’t listened to Jazz or even Classical Music until just recently. Listening to Stan Getz, you know, he is one of my favorite Saxophonists, so he’s influenced my sound and influences how I play this music. Right now.


  • In 7th grade, I saw the Allman Brothers play at the Beacon Theatre. I also saw the Dave Mathews Band perform at Giant’s Stadium. Those concerts changed my life. I was inspired so much. In my heart, I knew that was the only thing I wanted to do with my life.

Song lyrics


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  • Dream big, when you’re up against it all, when you’re standing on a narrow bridge and you’re about to fall.
    Dream big, when you're blocked by a wall, keep on saying in your head, nothing is impossible.
    Dream big, and when your moment arrives, look up to the stars and thank God you're alive.
    Dream big, the power is inside of you. You'll be love for whoever you are and for whatever you do.
  • You can't gain one thing without loosing something else.
    You can try to catch time, but try to catch a moment, it's better.
    Days pass, and months go by
    And the years come, and a decades gone
    It always feels like times are ending
    But they go on, and on, and on, and on.

Quotes about Mintzer

  • The sound of Mintzer’s guitar in the track “On the Road”, is haunting. However in context, the sound develops sentimental and inspiring feelings. The vocal melodies and harmonies are similar to Mintzer’s playing in their original shape/color and light floating tone. Thoughtful and poetic lyrics accent the effect, serving as a conduit for the entirety of the aforementioned musicianship.
    • Jared Brickman on Mintzer's playing from the Remington song "On The Road". (13 April 2008)[1]
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