Rosario + Vampire

Japanese manga series

Rosario + Vampire is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda.

Inner Moka: Wait... Please wait...!... I know... I know full well that what you're saying isn't wrong... I'm only needed when it comes to fights, protecting him is the thing connecting Tsukune and me... Even so, I knew it didn't matter. I knew that I mustn't get closer. Because if I do, I'll definitely end up hurting them again. Which is why I'll stay alone. It doesn't matter if no one accepts me. As long as it means that I don't lose anyone else... I'm fine with being the only one who suffers.

Inner Moka: Am I... dreaming? When we first met, you were nothing more than a weak human. Weak... So weak that no matter how many times I protected you, many times you would be on the verge of death... I thought it meant that the day you would run away from me would definitely come sooner or later. That's what I thought, yet...

Inner Moka: I may be a vampire but i am not evil, my heart loves someone i care for which makes me who i am

Inner Moka: In the end, all my mother left me was this rosary seal. So that's why I want to protect this seal. Even if it costs me my freedom.

Inner Moka: My intention was to protect them...but I was wrong. All this time, they were the ones protecting me!

Issa Shuzen: Don't think that I gave my daughter to you for nothing. Please remember this point.

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