Rosario + Vampire

Japanese manga series

Rosario + Vampire is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akihisa Ikeda.

Inner Moka: I'll take blood over peace!

Inner Moka: Wait... Please wait...!... I know... I know full well that what you're saying isn't wrong... I'm only needed when it comes to fights, protecting him is the thing connecting Tsukune and me... Even so, I knew it didn't matter. I knew that I mustn't get closer. Because if I do, I'll definitely end up hurting them again. Which is why I'll stay alone. It doesn't matter if no one accepts me. As long as it means that I don't lose anyone else... I'm fine with being the only one who suffers.

Inner Moka: Am I... dreaming? When we first met, you were nothing more than a weak human. Weak... So weak that no matter how many times I protected you, many times you would be on the verge of death... I thought it meant that the day you would run away from me would definitely come sooner or later. That's what I thought, yet...

Inner Moka: I may be a vampire but i am not evil, my heart loves someone i care for which makes me who i am

Inner Moka: My intention was to protect them... using my vampire powers, I would protect the frail human, Tsukune, I would protect my immature friends who were occupied with love... but I was wrong. All this time... they were the ones protecting me...! I didn't come all this way alone. I'm not fighting by myself. Which is why... I want to be stronger...!

Inner Moka: My mother left me all of a sudden when I was small. And she even destroyed her photos and diaries... Everything that was connected to her... In the end, all my mother left me was this rosary seal. So that's why I want to protect this seal. Even if it costs me my freedom.

Inner Moka: Now that we've switched places, I realized... As I thought, I have to be the "inner" one. After awakening, as I'm around Tsukune and the others, more and more, I get careless, I lose the will to fight, and I'm turning into a normal woman. If I'm not sealed, I get weaker and weaker, and I'm scared of that happening...

Inner Moka: Amazing, Tsukune...! You're really something...! You actually defeated Gyokuro-san! I never imagined you would become this strong!! But... nothing is over... you made a promise with my outer self. To "create a world where humans and monsters can coexist..." hasn't your path to achieving that only just begun? So don't die, Tsukune! You aren't allowed to die!!

Inner Moka: Wh-What are you trying to do, Tsukune? You went silent and started staring... Are you hitting on me? Bring it on!

Issa Shuzen: Don't think that I gave my daughter to you for nothing. Please remember this point.
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