Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

Canadian writer (1829-1879)

Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon (January 12, 1829September 20, 1879), born Rosanna Eleanor Mullins, was a Canadian writer and poet.

Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon


  • ...the wild flowers blooming in hushed solitude
    Start not at the whispering, 'tis but the breeze
    • from A Canadian Summer Evening
  • How hushed and still are earth and air,
    How lanquid 'neath the sun's firece ray-
    Drooping and faint flowers fair,
    On this hot, sultry, summer day!
    • from An Afternoon in July
  • Thy soft-breathed hopes with magic might
    Have chased from my soul the shades of night
    • from The Parting Soul and her Guardian Angel

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