Rory Stewart

British independent politician

Roderick James Nugent "Rory" Stewart (born 3 January 1973) is a British academic, diplomat, author, broadcaster, former soldier and former Conservative politician. He is the president of GiveDirectly and a visiting fellow at Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, where he teaches politics and international relations. He hosts the podcast The Rest is Politics with Alastair Campbell. He was a Member of Parliament from the 2010 to the 2019 general election. As a minister, he worked in the Foreign Office as Minister of State for Africa (2017–2018) under Boris Johnson and as the Minister of State for Prisons (2018–2019). He was educated at Eton College and Oxford University.

Rory Stewart in 2017

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2018 edit

  • Rory Stewart: One of the advantages of this deal, to be honest, and the reason why 80% of the British public support this deal, is because what it does...
    Emma Barnett (Interviewer): 80% of the British public support this deal? The draft deal? How on earth do we know that yet?
    Rory Stewart: OK, let me back on that, my sense is, sorry, let me get the language right on that. My sense is that if we have an opportunity to explain this the vast majority of the British public would support this.
    Emma Barnett: Where did 80% come from, I'm a bit confused.
    Rory Stewart: I'm producing a number to try to illustrate what I believe.

2019 edit

  • I began this race believing I should be a truth-teller on principle - ironically I have discovered that it is very popular - and the only way to avoid an election and win the next one is by being straight with people. No more unicorns, no more red lines, no more promises we can't deliver. That's how we get Brexit done, defeat Corbyn and unify the country.

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