Rolling Thunder (film)

1977 film directed by John Flynn

Rolling Thunder is a 1976 neo-noir action thriller film about a returning war veteran who loses his family to a violent home invasion and decides to seek out and retaliate against those responsible.

Directed by John Flynn. Written by Paul Schrader and Heywood Gould,
Major Charles Rane Has Come Home To War!  taglines

Major Charles Rane edit

  • You learn to love the rope. That's how you beat 'em. That's how you beat people who torture you. You learn to love 'em. Then they don't know you're beatin' 'em.
  • [pulling hook from Lopez' hand and leaving] You could lose a hand like that.

Linda Forchet edit

  • You know you don't have to do any of this. You don't have to go after these guys. We could just jump in the car and go a thousand miles from here and nobody'd know any different. Bury the guns in the desert.

The Texan edit

  • Hello Major. Saw you on TV. You looked good. You really did, you looked good. We also saw 'em give you a whole shitload full of silver dollars. And me an' the boys, we were in the neighborhood and we thought maybe you should give us some of them silver dollars.
  • Now you are gonna tell us where that money is sooner or later. I would suggest sooner, 'cause later may be too late.

Dialogue edit

Major Charles Rane: I found them.
Johnny: Who?
Major Charles Rane: The men who killed my son.
Johnny: I'll just get my gear.
Major Charles Rane: They're in a whorehouse over in Juarez right now. There's the four that came into my home, and there's eight or ten others.
Johnny: Let's go clean em' up.

Linda Forchet: You're the strong silent type, aren't you?
Major Charles Rane: Nah, I'm just a little rusty on my smalltalk.

Linda Forchet: Why do I always get stuck with crazy men?
Major Charles Rane: 'Cause that's the only kind that's left.

Linda Forchet: I hope you're not just stringing me along, Charlie Rane. I hope that's not all you're doin'.
Major Charles Rane: I don't have to do that, do I?
Linda Forchet: Maybe you do. How old do you think I am?
Major Charles Rane: 25.
Linda Forchet: [smiles] Almost thirty. Been around the course a couple times now.
Major Charles Rane: Well you sure don't look it.
Linda Forchet: Well I do in the morning. And after I've been out partying all night. I do when I'm sitting alone brooding about some worthless man. I've had a few of 'em, you know?
Major Charles Rane: What are you getting at?
Linda Forchet: Only that you can trust me. And I wanna know I can trust you. I wanna help.
Major Charles Rane: Let's get outta here.

Linda Forchet: Do you know a guy named Billy Sanchez?
Bartender: Why are you lookin' for him? He ain't no good for nothing.
Linda Forchet: I don't want him for nothin', I just want to talk to him.
Bartender: He ain't even good for that.

Candy: What the fuck are you doing?
Johnny: I'm gonna kill a bunch of people.

Linda Forchet: Man, I have had it with lying men, Charlie. The ones who say one thing and do another. The ones that always let you down. Are you gonna let me down?
Major Charles Rane: Depends on what you're lookin' for.

Linda Forchet: Charlie, you are the quietest man I've ever known.
Major Charles Rane: That's cause I can't think of anything to say. It's like my eyes are open and I'm looking at you but I'm dead. They've pulled out whatever it was inside of me. It never hurt at all after that and it never will.

Taglines edit

  • Major Charles Rane Has Come Home To War!
  • Welcome Home Major!
  • In just two weeks an all-American town gives a war hero a reason to pull the trigger again.
  • A Vietnam Vet Kills For Revenge

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