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Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich

Rod Blagojevich (born December 10, 1956) is a former American politician, and former Governor of Illinois. He was removed from office by the Illinois State Senate on January 29, 2009.


  • By the way, I should say if anyone wants to tape my conversations, go right ahead, feel free to do it. I appreciate anybody who wants to tape me openly.
    • At a press conference, December 8, 2008, in Chicago, IL. CNN
  • This is a fucking valuable thing, I'm not just going to give it away for fuckin' nothin'.
  • I’ve got this thing and it’s fuck­ing golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for fuckin’ noth­ing. I’m not gonna do it. And, and I can always use it. I can para­chute me there.
  • "I'll do anything"
    • Several episodes of "The Apprentice"

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