Rocket Power

Quotes from the animated cartoon series Rocket Power.

It Came From Planet MervEdit

Twister: Why doesn't anyone ever believe me!?
Otto: Because you're never right?


Ray (noticing bandages on Reggie's legs): What happened to you?
Reggie: I fell down.
Ray: You? Fell down?
Reggie (Cheerfully, shrugging her shoulders): It happens!!

Sammy's FortuneEdit

(referring to the smudges on his eyeglasses)

Sammy: Talk to the smudges, girlfriend!
Reggie: Did he just call me "girlfriend"?

Escape from Lars MountainEdit

(In the forest, the gang discover a Wood Ranger uniform on the ground, with chicken bones scattered around it)

REGGIE: Guys, these are chicken bones.
TWIST: What was a chicken doing in a Wood Ranger's uniform?

Rainy Days and SundaesEdit

TWIST: I can't take it anymore! This is like prison!
OTTO: How long have you been up for?
TWIST: 4 minutes!

All About SamEdit

Twister: I don't like that dude calling the Squid "Squid"; only we can call the Squid "Squid". Right, Squid?
Reggie: I actually understood that. That scares me.

The Good Housekeeping SealEdit

Sam: Twister, how many rules can you break in one day?
Twister: What time is it?

It Was A Dark And Stormy DayEdit

Reggie: Easy, Sammy. You must be hallucinating.
Twister: Either that, or you're seeing things!

Welcome to OttoWorldEdit

(After the foursome have won the big trophy in the local hockey tournament.)

Otto: First place!
Reggie: In your face!
Sam: No disgrace!?
Twister: Huh? We won?
Sam: It's a crime. You can't rhyme.

Tito's Lucky ShellEdit

Twister: I aced the test! ACED!! A-C-E-D. Me, Twister, T-W-I-S-T-E-R!"
Reggie: Twister, enough.
Twister: I got every word right, even...pneumono-ultramicroscopic-silico-volcano-coniosis!
Otto: That's a miracle!
Reggie: Well, you've made a total believer out of me.

Otto's Big BreakEdit

  • Otto: (quietly) Ow.

(cut to the theme park)

  • Reggie: OK, there's no way we can let Otto play in the game tomorrow.
  • Twister and Sam: Right.
  • Reggie: It's bad for him.
  • Twister: And bad for the team.
  • Sam: Right.
  • Reggie: So Twist, you just got to tell him he can't play.
  • Twister: I'm not gonna tell him.
  • Sam: Just make up some story.
  • Twister: Tell him, "The Rats Ate The Puck".
  • Sam: No, it's gotta be something believable. Like, "Global Warming Has Caused Giant Monkeys To Overtake Ocean Shores".
  • Twister: Giant monkeys?! (screams & runs away)
  • Sam: He'll be back.
  • Reggie: Let me handle this. OK?

(Cut to inside the Rockets' house. Reggie walks into the kitchen, seeing Otto pour juice in a cup.)

  • Reggie: Oh, man! I am so ticked!
  • Otto: What's up?
  • Reggie: The big game. They're rescheduling it!
  • Otto: No way! When's it gonna be?
  • Reggie: Um...they haven't told us. But it's definitely not gonna be tommorrow! No, sir, NOT tomorrow!
  • Otto: That stinks!
  • Reggie: Tell me about it! Ooh! OY!

(Cut to outside of Rocket's house)

  • Sam: So?
  • Reggie: Well, Otto's out of the picture. But we still have a problem.
  • Twister: The monkeys. OOOHHH!
  • Reggie: We still need someone to fill in for Otto.
  • Sam: You got somebody in mind?
  • Reggie: I do but you're not gonna like it.

  • Otto: Lars? I'm calling a time out!
  • Reggie: Otto?
  • Twister: Dude?
  • Otto: What's with Lars? You replaced me with that giant monkey?
  • Twister: Oh-oh.
  • Reggie: OH! There are no giant monkeys!
  • Otto: But Lars?!
  • Twister: Believe me. It wasn't my idea.
  • Otto: You gotta let me play. I'm better than that dork.
  • Lars: What did you call me?
  • Otto: Why do you wanna play with these kiddies here? I thought you were too cool for us.
  • Lars: You're right. I'm outta here. Later MUCH!

  • Dad: And you almost re-broke your leg.
  • Otto: Yeah that too.
  • Dad: Still you're doing the right thing. I'm proud of ya.
  • Otto: I'll be rooting for you guys. Even that giant monkey.
  • Twister: The monkeys! (screams)

Welcome To The ClubEdit

  • Reggie: I hate it.
  • Sam: I'm never gonna eat sheep's stomach again.
  • Otto, Twister, and Reggie: YUCK!

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