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Quotes from the animated cartoon series Rocket Power.

It Came From Planet MervEdit

Twister: Why doesn't anyone ever believe me!?
Otto: Because you're never right?


Ray (noticing bandages on Reggie's legs): What happened to you?
Reggie: I fell down.
Ray: You? Fell down?
Reggie (Cheerfully, shrugging her shoulders): It happens!!

Sammy's FortuneEdit

(referring to the smudges on his eyeglasses)

Sammy: Talk to the smudges, girlfriend!
Reggie: Did he just call me "girlfriend"?

Escape from Lars MountainEdit

(In the forest, the gang discover a Wood Ranger uniform on the ground, with chicken bones scattered around it)

REGGIE: Guys, these are chicken bones.
TWIST: What was a chicken doing in a Wood Ranger's uniform?

Rainy Days and SundaesEdit

TWIST: I can't take it anymore! This is like prison!
OTTO: How long have you been up for?
TWIST: 4 minutes!

All About SamEdit

Twister: I don't like that dude calling the Squid "Squid"; only we can call the Squid "Squid". Right, Squid?
Reggie: I actually understood that. That scares me.

The Good Housekeeping SealEdit

Sam: Twister, how many rules can you break in one day?
Twister: What time is it?

It Was A Dark And Stormy DayEdit

Reggie: Easy, Sammy. You must be hallucinating.
Twister: Either that, or you're seeing things!

Welcome to OttoWorldEdit

(After the foursome have won the big trophy in the local hockey tournament.)

Otto: First place!
Reggie: In your face!
Sam: No disgrace!?
Twister: Huh? We won?
Sam: It's a crime. You can't rhyme.

Tito's Lucky ShellEdit

Twister: I aced the test! ACED!! A-C-E-D. Me, Twister, T-W-I-S-T-E-R!"
Reggie: Twister, enough.
Twister: I got every word right, even...pneumono-ultramicroscopic-silico-volcano-coniosis!
Otto: That's a miracle!
Reggie: Well, you've made a total believer out of me.

Otto's Big BreakEdit

  • Otto: (quietly) Ow.

(cut to the theme park)

  • Reggie: OK, there's no way we can let Otto play in the game tomorrow.
  • Twister and Sam: Right.
  • Reggie: It's bad for him.
  • Twister: And bad for the team.
  • Sam: Right.
  • Reggie: So Twist, you just got to tell him he can't play.
  • Twister: I'm not gonna tell him.
  • Sam: Just make up some story.
  • Twister: Tell him, "The Rats Ate The Puck".
  • Sam: No, it's gotta be something believable. Like, "Global Warming Has Caused Giant Monkeys To Overtake Ocean Shores".
  • Twister: Giant monkeys?! (screams & runs away)
  • Sam: He'll be back.
  • Reggie: Let me handle this. OK?

(Cut to inside the Rockets' house. Reggie walks into the kitchen, seeing Otto pour juice in a cup.)

  • Reggie: Oh, man! I am so ticked!
  • Otto: What's up?
  • Reggie: The big game. They're rescheduling it!
  • Otto: No way! When's it gonna be?
  • Reggie: Um...they haven't told us. But it's definitely not gonna be tommorrow! No, sir, NOT tomorrow!
  • Otto: That stinks!
  • Reggie: Tell me about it! Ooh! OY!

(Cut to outside of Rocket's house)

  • Sam: So?
  • Reggie: Well, Otto's out of the picture. But we still have a problem.
  • Twister: The monkeys. OOOHHH!
  • Reggie: We still need someone to fill in for Otto.
  • Sam: You got somebody in mind?
  • Reggie: I do but you're not gonna like it.

  • Otto: Lars? I'm calling a time out!
  • Reggie: Otto?
  • Twister: Dude?
  • Otto: What's with Lars? You replaced me with that giant monkey?
  • Twister: Oh-oh.
  • Reggie: OH! There are no giant monkeys!
  • Otto: But Lars?!
  • Twister: Believe me. It wasn't my idea.
  • Otto: You gotta let me play. I'm better than that dork.
  • Lars: What did you call me?
  • Otto: Why do you wanna play with these kiddies here? I thought you were too cool for us.
  • Lars: You're right. I'm outta here. Later MUCH!

  • Dad: And you almost re-broke your leg.
  • Otto: Yeah that too.
  • Dad: Still you're doing the right thing. I'm proud of ya.
  • Otto: I'll be rooting for you guys. Even that giant monkey.
  • Twister: The monkeys! (screams)

Welcome To The ClubEdit

  • Reggie: I hate it.
  • Sam: I'm never gonna eat sheep's stomach again.
  • Otto, Twister, and Reggie: YUCK!


About Rocket PowerEdit

  • Rocket Power was inspired by our kids, who of course are grown now and interested in extreme sports, skateboarding and Roller Blading. I grew up close to Orange County [Calif.] beach towns where surfing was, and still is, very popular. Even though that culture has evolved, it's sort of the same kids who hang out and are the coolest and most relaxed," she says. "So there's this sort-of cool culture going on that most people aren't privvy to.

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