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Rock Profile

Rock Profile was a British television show written by and starring comedy partnership Matt Lucas and David Walliams (both now widely known for the sketch show Little Britain).

The show comprises a series of spoof interviews, involving Jamie Theakston questioning Lucas and Walliams, who play famous musicians. The interviews are often bizarre and involve broad, unflattering caricatures or just downright fictional characteristics. They are often interspersed with videos by the featured artist, including humorous captions and congratulations from other impersonated celebrities.


Season 1Edit

Kylie & Dannii MinogueEdit

Kylie: Oh hi Dannii, you're just in time for the surprise!

Dannii: The whole family was so proud of you when your last single got to number 27 in the charts!!

Simon & GarfunkelEdit

Simon: I don't even remember why we broke up anyway.
Garfunkel: I do!

Garfunkel: Two words: (sings) Bright Eyes...

Season 2Edit

H & Lee from StepsEdit

Lee: Do you know who I am?.
Jamie: Yeah, you're Lee from Steps.
Lee: I thought I was H.
H: No, I'm H.
Lee: Well, who's Lisa then?
H: The fat one.

Jamie: Where would you be if you weren't in Steps?
Lee: Probably be at home playing with me knob.

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