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Robotboy is an animated television series produced by LuxAnimation, Alphanim, France 3 and Cartoon Network Studios. This is about a story of a prototype robot, who desires to become a real boy.

Season One edit

Dog-Ra/War and Pieces edit

Dog-Ra edit

Tommy: Whoa! We gotta do something or that dog is going to be road pizza.
Gus: Pizza?

Donnie: Hey, dog! You wanna stay here where it doesn't suck? Or over at Gus' medieval manor?

Gus: This is not over! I'm going to get stitches, maybe a rabies shot. Then, I'll be back.

War and Pieces edit

Gus: [yawns] Boy, I'm hungry.
[Gus puts his hand near the lunchbox; Lola snatches it from him]
Lola: We're saving those for later!
Gus: Yeah, well the G-Man needs his strength.

Cleaning Day/Constabot edit

Cleaning Day edit

Tommy: Sorry Ro, it's not safe. There's too many people at the beach, and I don't want to get sand in this either. [Tommy takes his watch off] Later, Gator!

Teasebots/Constantine Rising edit

Constantine Rising edit

Dr. Kamikazi: Oh no. Constantine, I'm stuffed.
Constantine: I bet you won't have room for this.
[Constantine unveils a deactivated Robotboy on a dish]
Dr. Kamikazi: Robotboy!

[Kamikazi's nocturnal minions chase after Tommy, Lola and Gus; Gus turns off the lights]
Gus: Now they can't see us.
Tommy: You've got it backwards!

Brother/Roughing It edit

Brother edit

Robotboy: Oh Professor Moshimo, hello.
Professor Moshimo: Oh hello, Robotboy. Is Tommy around?
Robotboy: Turnbull Family Day, Robotboy home alone.

I Want That Toy/Sweet Revenge edit

I Want That Toy edit

[Tommy is falsely grounded by his parents for two weeks.]
Donnie: [o.s.] Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
Tommy: What do you know about it?
Donnie: More than you, butt monkey. I'm going on week two of Postal Polo.

Sweet Revenge edit

[Donnie snaps a stick] Tommy:Uh... I don't remember.

Robot Love/Brother Bjorn edit

Brother Bjorn edit

Donnie: [to Gus] Hey, butt-sweat! You're breathing my air!
[Donnie runs to Gus and punches Gus' lights out]

The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi/Christmas Evil edit

The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi edit

Dr. Kamikazi: AAAGHH!! This tapas burned my tongue. But I so do love the tapas. [Kamikazi sips his soup] Isn't that right, Thelonious? [Kamikazi touches his porcupine and gets his hand covered with sharp quills] AAAAGGHHH!!

Christmas Evil edit

Gus: Seen it. Man, Christmas sucks.
Lola: What's with him?
Tommy: Oh Gus is just bitter, because last year, Santa got him a shovel.

Underwater/Kamikazi Nightmare edit

Robotboy: Robotboy, no fight, Robotboy calm.... collective. (teeth twinkle)

Human Fist on Ice/Robot Rebels edit

Human Fist on Ice edit

Lola: He's getting away!
Dr. Kamikazi: How do you like this Human Fist now, Tommy Turnbull?
Tommy: Kamikazi!

Gus: Alright, Human Fist! Let 'em have it!

Crying Time/Runaway Robot edit

Crying Time edit

Tommy: It's nothing, Ro. It's just something about Bambi.

Runaway Robot edit

Björn Björnson: So, you're a creation of Moshimo? No wonder he hasn't made you into a real boy, the man's a jackass.

Something About Stevie/The Homecoming edit

Something About Stevie edit

Gus: Did that thing just poop out Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine?

Tether Tommy/The Tune-Up edit

Tether Tommy edit

Donnie: We know, dad!
Dwight: "sigh" Serve, Donnie!

Season Two edit

Wunderpark/Zap! You're Old edit

Zap! You're Old edit

Dr. Kamikazi (old): There is no antidote.

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