Robinson Duckworth

British priest (1834-1911), Canon of Westminster

Robinson Duckworth (4 December 183420 September 1911) was an English clergyman. He was Chaplain-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria from 1870 to 1901 and Honorary Chaplain for the Prince of Wales from 1875 to 1901.

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  • I rowed stroke and he rowed bow in the famous Long Vacation voyage to Godstow, when the three Miss Liddells were our passengers, and the story was actually composed and spoken over my shoulder.
    • Of the origin of Alice in Wonderland.
    • The Lewis Carroll Picture Book (1899), p. 358
  • I figure as the 'duck' in the 'Adventures'.
    • The Lewis Carroll Picture Book (1899), p. 360

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