Robin Maugham

British novelist, playwright and travel writer (1916-1981)

Robert Cecil Romer Maugham, 2nd Viscount Maugham (17 May 191613 March 1981), known as Robin Maugham, was a British author.

A middle-aged man sits holding a drink.
Lord Maugham in 1974, by Allan Warren


The Wrong People (1971)Edit

Robin Maugham, The Wrong People, McGraw-Hill, 1971. ISBN 0070409684

  • As he sat alone at his corner table drinking a gin and Dubonnet, Ewing watched the stranger sitting on the barstool and examined his appearance for a while because there was no one else interesting or attractive to watch in Wayne's bar that evening.
    • Incipit
  • With an effort Ewing turned his gaze away from the far end of the bar. Slowly he spread out his hands on the table and examined them. Then he looked up at Wayne. His left eyelid had begun to quiver slightly like a leaf in a gentle breeze as he put the question, but the expression of his face remained unchanged. "Who's the new customer?" Ewing asked indolently.
    • Explicit


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