Robin Hood (2006 TV series)

British television programme (2006–2009)

Robin Hood (2006-2009) is a BBC drama, in which after 5 years of fighting in the crusades, Robin returns to England and leads a band of outlaws to outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Series 1 (2006) Series 2 (2007) Series 3 (2009)
1 Will You Tolerate This? Sisterhood Total Eclipse
2 Sheriff Got Your Tongue? The Booby And The Beast Cause And Effect
3 Who Shot The Sheriff? Childhood Lost In Translation
4 Parent Hood The Angel Of Death Sins Of The Father
5 Turk Flu Ducking And Diving Let The Games Commence
6 The Taxman Cometh For England...! Do You Love Me?
7 Brothers In Arms Show Me The Money Too Hot To Handle
8 Tattoo? What Tattoo? Get Carter! The King Is Dead, Long Live The King...
9 A Thing Or Two About Loyalty Lardner's Ring A Dangerous Deal
10 Peace? Off! Walkabout Bad Blood
11 Dead Man Walking Treasure Of The Nation The Enemy Of My Enemy
12 The Return Of The King A Good Day To Die Something Worth Fighting For, Part 1
13 A Clue: No We Are Robin Hood! Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2

Series 1 (2006) edit

Will You Tolerate This? (1.01) edit

[Much yelling at the Sheriff's guards as they leave, after being fooled.]
Much: Us...rogues? Don't show your faces here again, COWARDS!
Robin: Shh! Quiet.
Much: Why? We have won, and they should be ashamed. SHAME ON YOU! Come back here again and my master and I shall see that you leave with more than just your TAILS between your legs!
Head Guard: "My master and I"? There are only two of them!
Much: [Wide-eyed.] I shouldn't have said that.
[The guards return and begin to chase them]
Much: Run, Robin. Run!

Robin: Five years in battle, Much and you still forget the last man!
Much: Well there's so much to remember.

Much: When I see the River Trent, I am going to cry. I'm going to cry like a baby. When we get home, I'm going to eat roast beef.
Robin: Yesterday, you said pork.
Much: Well yesterday I was not as hungry. I could eat beef and pork and lamb! Mmmm, yes, I'd like that very much. In fact, I can feel a song coming on.
Robin: No! No song! Absolutely no song!
Much: It would be a cheery song.
Robin: And it would be a tragedy, too! A tragedy for you to have survived the Turk, and made it to within a few miles of Locksley, only to be killed by your own master!
Much: You know, it is lucky I do not readily take offense! You know, a smaller man would be offended! A smaller man would be wounded!
Robin: And a cleverer man would sing fewer songs!

[After being offered a meal of roast pork in return for digging a ditch for a weaver]
Much: Master, we could, could we?
Robin: Much, we are nearly home!
Much: Please! Please!
[Robin looks to Nathan, the weaver and Nathan throws the shovel to Robin who gives it to Much]
Much: I love you. Have I ever said that?
[Robin nods gestures over to the ditch]

[As they run away from the weaver's home]
Much: I said no stopping! Why do you never ever listen?!
Robin: Faster! Go!
[Next scene - night and Robin has lit a fire and stands up next to Much, both wrapped in blankets]
Much: I'm not saying anything.
[Robin, in a childish manner mimics Much's words]

Much: [To Dan Scarlett.] We are home unscathed. Well... scathed. Very scathed. But happy. And hungry. Mostly hungry.

Much: [After talking with Jeffory.] That man is a showoff. If there are no eggs left, I'm going after him.

Marian: [holding a bow and arrow at Robin, after he has disturbed her father] You heard my father. Leave!
Robin: Marian. It is me, Robin.
[She moves closer, still pointing the bow and arrow]
Marian: Congratulations. Leave!
Robin: How are you? I thought of you.
Marian: Leave!
[Marian and Edward return to their house and Edward is closing the door]
Robin: Edward, if you do not remember me, then remember Nottingham! Remember your people!
[Edward closes the door]
Robin: Interesting.
Much: Interesting? It was unbelieveable! And he used to treat us like... like sons!
Robin: She is still unmarried.
Much: Oh, and I thought you had come to see the old sheriff!
Robin: I did!
Much: Please!

Marian: My father seems to think he should see you. Our house is watched. Come after midnight tonight.
Robin: Very well. You're looking...striking. And if you're still living with your father, then that must mean...
Marian: Take care not to be seen.
Robin: Don't worry, I can look after myself.
Marian: I don't care about you, I care about my father. Are you really as naive as you seem? You think you can pick fights with these people and get away with it? You think you can slight them in public? You are a fool.
[She turns around and starts to walk away]
Robin: Marian...wait. This is not the time I know, but I must say, you are, more than ever...your eyes, even when you look at me in anger...I feel you. [places his hand on her cheek] And I still believe, even after all this can see into my soul.
[He tries to kiss her, but she stops him]
Marian: Five years and you're still peddling the same old drivel. Does it ever work?
Robin: You'd be surprised.
Marian: Amazed.
[She pushes past him and walks away. Robin looks at her]

Jailer: Give your names!
Will: Will and Luke Scarlett.
Robin: What is your crime?
Will: Living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Living under an evil Sheriff. Where do our taxes go? They go to Nottingham, to the Sheriff.

Woodvale: It has been a good month. We've collected nearly £300.
Sheriff: Would you want to be the King in Antioch - a clue: no - trying to feed a starving army on £300, when you promised £500?
Woodvale: It's more than we ever managed before.
Sheriff: [sarcastic] Oh, yippee! So the King is starving in the Holy Land and you have failed him, but [whiny voice] "It's more than we ever managed before!"

Sheriff: Rumours abound.
Robin: What rumours?
Sheriff: That you are weak. That you have returned weakened from your exertions in the Holy Land.
Much: My master returns with honours, honours from the King!
Sheriff: Mmm. Well, the greater honour would have been to have stood and fought with him, surely?
Robin: [sternly] I have visited my peasants in your dungeons. They have committed grave crimes...
Much: Master, surely--
Robin: ... which would make all the more compassionate your gesture of pardoning them!
Sheriff: Pardoning them? I will see them hang in the morning. You yourself said that we risk rebellion. We must have order.
Robin: It is custom for the Sheriff to hear his nobles' requests for clemency--!
Sheriff: La-di-da-di-da! Oh, by the way, in your absence we nominated you to oversee tomorrow's entertainment.
Robin: No.
Sheriff: Oh, you don't want these rumours of weakness to spread, hm? Better scotch them now, otherwise we'll all pay.

[As Bendedict Giddens, Will and Luke Scarlett and Allan-a-Dale are about to hang]
Sheriff: May the souls--
Jeffrey: [disguised as a priest] WAIT!
Sheriff: [exasperated] "Oh, nah, nah, nah! Please don't kill my brother, my little baby, my INBRED COUSIN!"
Jeffrey: On behalf of Anthony, our bishop, I claim benefit of clergy for these men. They cannot hang.
Sheriff: These are not holy men. These people cannot plead the cloth. Get on with it.
Jeffrey: I came last night to administer their last rites.
Sheriff: ... So?
Jeffrey: And each one came to God through me, repenting their sins and asking to take the cloth. I felt duty-bound to consult the bishop, and he in turn confers status of novice unto each man.
Sheriff: Shut up.
Jeffrey: [reading from a piece of parchment] "I, Anthony, very Reverend Vicar Apostolic, hereby confer—"
Sheriff: SHUT UP!!!! [turns to Canon Richard] Is this possible?
Canon Richard: They could not have become novices overnight.
Jeffrey: They are become postulants!... Novice novices, if you like. And so are under the protection of the Church!
[Awkward silence]
Sheriff: Novice novices! How novel. Well, [points to the gallows] hang them [points to Jeffrey] and arrest him.

Dan Scarlett: I love you, Will! Love you, Luke! I'll see you in heaven!
[Robin has flashbacks of returning to Locksley and of Will and Luke Scarlett]
Robin: People of Nottingham!
[He shoots through one of the hangman's nooses, freeing Allan]
Robin': These men have committed no crime worth more than a spell in the stocks.
[He shoots through another hanging rope, freeing Will]
Robin: Will you tolerate this injustice? I, for one, will not!
[He shoots through the two remaining nooses with two arrows at the same time, freeing Luke and Benedict]

Sheriff: Yield, Locksley, or say farewell to your little Mulch.
Robin: His Much.
Sheriff: Well, he'll be mulch in a moment.

Sheriff Got Your Tongue? (1.02) edit

Robin: [About the Sheriff.] Stop him. I'm going to stop him.
Much: We can't... stop... the Sheriff. Only the Crown can withdraw his license.
Robin: When the King returns, he will have his comeuppance. Until then we will scupper his sadistic punishments. We will stop his insane taxes and give them back to the poor, where they belong!
Roy: [dryly] Sure.
Robin: We will rob him! And if you dead men had had spines in your backs, that's what you would've been doing for the last five years.

[Watching Robin being dragged away by the Sheriff]
Will: I liked him.
Little John: I didn't.
Much: He saved your wife! [To Will] "Liked"? He's not dead.

[After visiting Knighton Hall in order to ask for help in saving Robin]
Much: Nothing?!
Edward: What can I do? I warned him - the Sheriff.
Much: Yes, my lord, but...
Marian: He should have listened to my father, and now he is an outlaw.
Much: I know, my ladyship.
Marian: And not a very impressive one.
Much: That is...! Forgive me, but not fair. He is most impressive.
Marian: He is caught after one day, does that impress you?
Much: He gave himself up to save tongues.
Marian: Tongues?
Much: In Locksley. The Sheriff was cutting out peoples tongues until someone told him where Robin was.
Much: I hate the Sheriff. [he stands] And I hate you if you aren't going to help Robin.
[He starts to leave]
Edward: Young man, I will speak in court of course, but...your master has doomed himself. His fate is...resign yourself.
Much: In the Holy Land, my master had dreams. [to Marian] He spoke your name. [pause] Good night. [he leaves]

Robin: [About the Sheriff.] I do not know why Englishmen travel two thousand miles to fight when the real cancer is right here.

Marian: I also told you confronting the Sheriff wouldn't work. You didn't listen to that.
Robin: I didn't have much choice.
Marian: Everything is a choice, everything we do! Grow up.

Marian: Ugh, what is it with men and glory? Glory above sense and above reason?
Robin: It is principle.
Marian: Principle is about making a difference and you can't do that if you're dead. You could have stayed here in the first place instead of following your king to the Holy Land if you cared so much about your precious people. But you didn't. You chose war. You chose glory.
Robin: [softly] What is this about?
Marian: It is about you saying that you care about the people of Locksley when the truth is you ran off to battle thousands of miles away.

Robin: Trust me! I have a plan... Half a plan.
[Marian shakes her head]
Robin: I love it when you look at me in anger.

[Much has knocked out the jailer]
Much: [to Robin and Marian] a rescue!

Much: [Grabbing onto Robin's sleeves.] Master, no! You cannot go back in there. If you go back in and die, then I will die. Of grief. So you must come now, if only to save me.
Robin: [Likewise holding Much's arms.] Yes, and that is why I love you. [To Roy] You, I need your help. It will be dangerous.
[Roy looks at Little John, who nods]
Roy: Yes.
[They walk off]
Much: Him. Why him when you love me?

Sheriff: [After Robin has shot three arrows around the Sheriff's head] Impressive. But each arrow that hits the wood, well, that is a point lost, isn't it?

Sheriff: Stop! STOP! Do not harm those men, they're free to go. I have an announcement to make.
Robin: I...
Sheriff: I, Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham...
Robin: In recognition...
Sheriff: In recognition...
Robin: Of my...
Sheriff: Of my illegal actions yesterday in Locksley...
Robin: Do humbly apologise...
Sheriff: Do humbly apologise to the innocent people who have suffered... at my hands!
Robin: I promise to pay £500.
[Robin slips away]
Sheriff: I promise to pay... No. No! I cannot. Go on. [turning to Robin] You will have to kill-- [notices Robin has gone] GUARDS! GUARDS! HERE! [goes back to the window] STOP THOSE MEN!
[The guards continue fighting Robin's men]

Roy: That arrow hurt, lavender boy.
Robin: Heartbreaking.

[The gang are hidden while giving food and money to their loved ones. They are watching Forrest's wife sweeping]
Little John: Is that her?
Forrest: Yeah.
Allan: She's your wife?! What does she see in you?
[His wife sees the food]
Forrest: She's seen it.
Little John: This is good.
Forrest: Yeah.

Who Shot The Sheriff? (1.03) edit

Much: Let's go. What are you waiting for?
Robin: Nothing.
Much: Oh, please. You want to see the look on her face. You want to see the gratitude.

Joderic: Two things are certain in life: death and taxes.

Robin: Every time somebody breaks bread in Nettlestone, they will thank you, Joderic.
Joderic: [chuckles] [dryly] Sure.
Robin: Do me a favour. Tell them you have not seen me. Tell them this was your own scheme.
Joderic: Why?
Robin: My friends think I am vain!

Roy: Let me get this straight: we're giving money to a tax collector.
Robin: A bailiff.
Roy: Oh, that makes all't difference.

Will: [running back to the gang] The King's Guild of Hunters and Foresters! Coming this way. [Pause] Dogs!

Roy: [about Much. Out of breath after the gang has been chased by the King's Guild of Hunters and Foresters] We're going to be captured, tortured and hanged...and he wants cheese?!

[After being ostracized by the villagers of Nettlestone]
Robin: I walked away from my home! For them! I gave myself up to the Sheriff for them!
Allan: We gave Joderic money for them.
Roy: I never really did understand that.

Sheriff: [As he wakes up and sees Robin.] Why can it never be a beautiful woman?

Allan: [to Robin about his deal with the Sheriff and their "pillow talk"] Have you been in bed with the Sheriff?

Roy: [about Robin's statement that he has another plan] Well, if it's as good as saving the Sheriff's life, I'm with Cheese Boy.

Joe Lacey: You still love him?
Marian: No.
Marian: Who?
Joe: Tell him. Not that you ever see him but tell him, there are still people who love him.

Allan: [As Robin explains he's going to the castle.] Got some ideas how we could get in.
Robin: Go on.
Allan: Well, d'you want clever or really clever?
Robin: I want fast.

Robin: If we were killers...would we bring them food? It proves we are not killers.
Much: But they hate us.
Robin: Now that the mill is closed, the village will be suffering, they will be hungry.
Much: You just want everyone to love you.
Robin: No! I do not want to be branded a killer! It is different!
Much: You want to be loved! And I tell you something, it's not fair. I love you but no-one gives me any food. Yet people who do not love you are fed.
Robin: Aww, Much!
Much: The world is wrong. We're feeding people who do not love us and saving a man who wants us dead. I've changed my mind, I no longer love you. Now can I eat?
[Robin laughs]

Sheriff: [[to Robin, in a high pitched, mocking voice] Ooh, I will kill you. I'm going to kill you. I mean it. I mean it.

[About Marian's activity as the Nightwatchman.]
Marian: My father had me taught to fight... He wanted me to have choices in the world. And I choose to help the poor. You are not about to stop me doing that.
Robin: But does your father know what you're doing?
Marian: He... thinks I enjoy embroidery.

[After Robin and his men have re-opened the mill at Nettlestone, he is hugged and applauded by the villagers. Much walks over to Marian]
Marian: He has to have the glory, doesn't he?
Much: Glory? Nah. I think he just wants to be loved.
[Much and Marian look at each other, look to Robin, Marian smiles at him]

Parent Hood (1.04) edit

Robin: "For every man there is a purpose which he sets up in his life. Let yours be the doing of all good deeds." [Shrugs.] That's us, lads.
Will: Is that the Bible?
Robin: It's the Qur'an.
Will: What's that?
Much: It's the Turk Bible. He read it in the Holy Land.
Allan: Why?
Robin: [Shrugs again.] I wanted to know what it was that we were fighting.

[Robin takes on a knight in hand to hand combat with the baby in hand. He gets punched around the face and flies back]
Robin Hood: Do you mind? I'm just trying to get the baby to sleep!
[Kills the knight]

Sheriff: Ah! [imitates Roy] "Royston White! I fight for King and Country!" Hm? Blahdy-blahdy-blah. Now look, I'll be blunt. I have a favor to ask. I would be very grateful if you'd, uh... [Holds up a dagger.] ...use this on our mutual friend, Robin Hood.
Roy: I'd sooner kill my own mother.
Sheriff: [laughs] Yes, what an amazing coincidence. See, when people say [imitates Roy again] "I'd sooner kill my own mother", they don't usually have that statement tested.
[He gestures to Guy, who nods and opens the door to reveal Roy's mother]
Mary: [emotional] Oh, Royston!
Roy: Mother?
Mary: I thought you were dead!
Roy: I was going to come back.
Mary: I thought you were dead!
Roy: I was going to come back when things were better. But they never got better.
Sheriff: This is good, hm? The horns of dilemma. Kill Robin, or kill Mother. So which is it to be?
Roy: I'll not do it.
Sheriff: You do not understand what dilemma means! It means you have to do one or the other. You have to decide. And if you don't, let's just say I'll decide for you. Hm? So Shall we say sunrise tomorrow? Hm? I don't know about you, but I work best to a deadline. Of course, when people say "deadline" they don't usually mean that somebody will be dead at the end of it!

Marian: [Robin and Roy are ending food over the walls of the village of Clun attached to arrows] You know that's a waste of arrows.
Robin Hood: No!
Marian: You could just throw them over.
Robin Hood: Yeah you could. But where would be the fun in that?

Robin: never told me, when I was in the Holy Land, you must have had suitors.
Marian: I must have.
[She sticks the needle into his wound]
Robin: Aahh! Well, you've got to admit, it is surprising you're not married.
Marian: It is, and yet when one consider that marriage requires a man, perhaps not. A word of advice, your charms, such as they are, ceased working on me at least five years ago.
Robin: A challenge.
Marian: A statement.
[She pulls on the thread as she stitches his wound]
Robin: Ow!
Marian: That hurt?
Robin: Yes!
Marian: Good.
Marian: Just tying it off.
[Pause. Robin looks at her]
Robin: Kiss it better?
[She pulls on the thread again]
Robin: Aahh!!
Marian: Done.

Robin: Can you take the baby?
Marian: Me?
Robin: His mother lives in Knighton.
Marian: What? Because I'm a woman.
Robin: Because I have to go. My men are waiting.
Marian: [laughs] The call of the wild.
Robin: Marian...why is it everything you say to me sounds like a criticism?
Marian: I do not know. I suppose this is the lives we have chosen, always different directions.
Robin: And yours is the better direction?
Marian: I work within the system. It is the only way.
Robin: Not at night. You dress up as, who is it, The Nightwatchman?
Marian: I do not taunt the Sheriff. I do not publicly flout his decisions.
Robin: Ok, so, today, at Clun?
Marian: That was different, it was an emergency!
Robin: And you were wonderful. You were bold and...and I wish there were more emergencies.
Marian: Is it all just a big joke to you?!
Robin: Is it all so serious to you?!
Marian: Well forgive me for being careful, but so far, no-one has had their tongue cut out because of me! Take your baby.
[She hands him Seth and storms off]

[After Roy has tried to kill Robin]
Roy: My mother! They've got my mother!
Will: I hate the Sheriff!
Robin: And the story about the baby, that was a lie, too?
Roy: Gisborne is the father.
Robin: Gisborne?
Will: I hate Gisborne, too.

Roy: [As his mother is about to be hanged.] You'll rot in hell for this!
Sheriff: Really? Just for this?

Much: Master! You cannot give yourself up every five minutes!

Marian: I'm going... [points to her right] ...this way.
Robin: I'm going... [points the opposite way.]
Marian: Always opposite directions.

[repeated line]
Roy: My name is Royston White, I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard!

Little John: [regarding Roy] Him...I liked.

[Watching Annie and Seth ride away on a cart]
Much: You know, I'm not going to miss that baby.
[He walks off]
Will: Peace.
[He walks off]
Allan: Sleep.

Turk Flu (1.05) edit

Gisborne: Nothing like a tragedy to bring out the do-gooders.

[After Djaq tells Much to renounce his god]
Much: I do not believe in God. Nope. I don't. There.
[Allan touches Much on the shoulder, scaring him]
Allan: Come on. Help me tie Bricker up.
[Much looks at Djaq, who smiles, then follows Allan]
Much: [quietly while looking up at the sky] I do. Obviously.

The Sheriff: Women, how can they manage to hit that particular pitch that makes you want to pierce your eardrum with a stick?

[The slaver that the outlaws let go comes running in, out of breath, coughing and wheezing. He gestures away]
Sheriff: I think he wants us to follow him...
Slaver: [gasping] The mine's...!
Sheriff: [nodding] The mine...
Slaver: [gasping] R-Ro-Robin Hood...!
Sheriff: [nodding] Robin Hood...
Slaver: Fire!
Sheriff: Mine, Robin Hood, fire... [realizes] SOLDIERS!!! SOLDIERS!!!

Slave Trader: I thought you were gonna slit me throat!
Robin Hood: No we don't slit throats. It's too messy.

[Djaq is washing and Will arrives]
Will: Robin says we have to keep...
Djaq: You spy on me!
[She covers herself with her shirt and storms past Will]
Will: No...Robin said...we have to...
[As she storms past, a branch whips Will, making him fall over]

Sheriff of Nottingham: Forget the outlaws, save the mine!
Robin Hood: [as he escapes] Never forget the outlaws!

[Djaq is hiding behind a rock a little way from Much, who is sitting in front of an unlighted fire. She lights the fire using her glass]
Much: [gasps] A sign! Which means I have to fast...
[Djaq throws a dead rabbit on the ground next to Much]
Much: Except God wants me to eat!
[Djaq throws another dead rabbit]
Much: Quite a lot!
Robin Hood: [laughs] Djaq. Come and join us.
[She climbs down]
Djaq: For good?
Robin: Well I was thinking just for dinner, but...
Djaq: I was thinking for good. Or maybe I should have let your big friend here die, huh? Maybe then there would be a vacancy.
Will: It wouldn't be safe for you to join us.
Robin: For him or us?
Will: For her.
[Little John is shocked but Robin laughs]
Robin: I assumed as much. What's your name? Your real name?
Djaq: Safiya.
Robin: Safiya...
Djaq: But I prefer you to call me Djaq.
Robin: Djaq. Your expertise did help saving Little John's life, for which we are eternally indebted. Does anyone have a problem with a woman joining the gang?
[Will shakes his head, Much shakes his head, Little John opens his mouth to say something but shakes his head]
Much: Can you...?
Djaq: I'm a rubbish cook.
Robin: Looks like dinner's on us.
Much: Well, if that was Djaq then...should I eat?
[He eats a piece of meat]
[Thunder sounds. Much immediately spits out the food]

The Taxman Cometh (1.06) edit

Robin: [To the Sheriff] A taxman who's not a taxman, nuns no one's ever heard of? I think we've both been had.

Sheriff of Nottingham: Underneath all that haughty, there's quite a bit of naughty!

Brothers In Arms (1.07) edit

Allan: This, my friends, is an ambush.

Robin: (to George after the man thought he had stabbed Robin) Only joking! (knocks George out)

[After Robin and his gang had stolen everything from George they go through the forest and immediately they see some villages that were going to whip some men.]
Robin: Oi! Stop! Megan, what are you doing?
Megan: We're going to give these a good horse whipping.
Robin: Why?
Megan: He stole this. (shows Robin a necklace) My mother gave it to me on my wedding day. It's the only thing of value I own.
Tom: You touch us and you'll be in big trouble. We are Robin Hood's men!
[Robin looks to Much, confused.]
[Cut to the cart - Allan and Djaq are trying on the jewellery that Lucky George has taken]
Allan: Let's see you wear a dress.
Djaq: I will if you will.
Tom: Robin Hood could swing out these trees any time and bash your brains out!
[Allan listens to the voice]
Djaq: Or...are you afraid of looking too pretty?
Allan: I know that voice.
Much: Oh, surely Robin Hood couldn't take on all of us.
Tom: Robin wouldn't be scared of you. You're girls compared to him and his men!
[Allan reaches the others.]
Allan: Tom?
Tom: Allan.
Much: Do you know him?
Allan: He's my brother.
[Allan hits Tom into the face and grabs his jacket.]
Allan: My purse, my sword, my horse.
Tom: I can explain. My nose! What kind of thing is that to do to a brother? Is it broken?
Allan: I say, whip him!
Tom: If you touch me again Robin will string you up on the tallest oak in Sherwood Forest!
Allan: This is Robin Hood, you idiot!

Tom: The thing is, I woke up and we'd both been robbed! And rather than wake you, I went off to catch the thieves myself. I chased them for days!
Allan: He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.
Much: Runs in the family then?
Allan: Don't make us gang up on you.
Tom: Is he disrespecting our family?
Much: You rob each other in your family! Where's my flask?
[Allan looks at Tom]
[Tom gives the flask back]
Tom: Sorry...old habits.

Allan: [angrily] What are you doing?! [hits Tom after he has tried to rob from Knighton Hall] [walks to Edward and Marian.] I am so sorry.
Edward: These men were robbing our house.
Tom: Yes, we were robbing his house. That's what we do. We're trying to show the top man what we can do.
Allan: [angrily] These people are our friends!
Tom: Now you tell me. I thought they were...
Allan: You don't think. You can't think. [he hits Tom again]
Robin: Are you hurt?
Edward: Only my pride. These are your men?
Robin: Not for much longer. I promise. [walks up to Tom] Apologise. Apologise for the disturbance. NOW!
Allan: Do as you're told. [he hits Tom again]
[Robin looks at Allan]
[Tom walks up to Edward and Marian followed by Robin and Allan]
Tom: Sorry.
Robin: Louder.
Tom: Sorry!
Robin: I knew nothing about this. They will be punished, you have my word.
Allan: Robin...I'm so sorry.
Robin: Just take them away!

Robin: You know I said you should make up with your brother?
Allan: Yeah.
Robin: I've changed my mind.
Allan: He was just trying to impress you. He didn't know who he was robbing. It was just a big house. He doesn't think. I know, I've tried to help him. But, you shouldn't have to trust them, you should trust me. I should have kept a closer eye on him.
Robin: Yes! You should have!
Allan: Look, I was like him once. Out of control. But I changed. Because of you, because of being here. If you could just give him a second chance.
Robin: He's already had a second chance!
Allan: But to be with us. Around decent men. He could change. And you wouldn't have to worry about them. If I took control, properly, he could change.
Robin: He stole from you, and you still defend him.
Allan: [throws his hands up] He's my brother.
Robin: One more chance.
Allan: Thank you, Robin
[He walks over to Tom and Tom's friends]
Allan: Last chance.
Tom: Alright.
[Next scene - daytime - Allan is asleep. Much kicks him]
Much: Get up!
[He kicks him again]
Much: Get up! They've gone.
[Will arrives]
Will: And they've taken everything.
[Robin arrives]
Robin: Clothes, money, horses.
Allan: I'll kill him. I'm gonna kill him. Bury him, dig him up and kill him again.

Will: They're to hang.
[Allan looks sombre]
Much: They have lied to us, stolen from us. They're nothing but trouble.
Little John: Let them hang.
[Much and Allan look at John. Pause]
Allan: I agree.
Robin: You do?
Allan: My brother's had more chances than he deserves.
Robin: Does he deserve to die?
Allan: Do we? We go to Nottingham, we'll end up joining him on the scaffold.
Will: They took some of our tags. The Sheriff's crowing. Thinks he's got Robin Hood's men. Now it's like he's daring us to rescue them.
Allan: My brother was never part of this gang, was he? We trusted him and he let us down. That's it. We'll be fool to walk into a trap for them. Does anyone disagree with me?
[No-one says anything]

Marian: What?
Robin: Nothing.
Marian: You were looking at me.
Robin: No! It's just the way my eyes were pointing.

Marian: You are a good man, Robin. Nothing will change that.
[Robin tries to kiss Marian. She smiles and playfully stops him]
Marian: That won't help you make your decision.
Robin: It might.
Marian: It won't.

Gisborne: Do you know the worst crime a man can commit?
Marian: Murder.
Gisborne: Betrayal.

[Robin has stated that they are going to Nottingham to rescue Tom and his men]
Much: Master, surely, why are we...?
Robin: For family! For Allan's brother. We do not let the Sheriff hang our family. No matter how unreliable they may be.
Allan: Robin...god bless you, my friends.
Robin: Don't mention it, my friend.

Tom: Robin will save us! He'll be here!
Sheriff: Oh no, he won't.

Much: We have a problem.
Robin Hood: We have many problems. Most of them guard-shaped.

[Robin Hood and his men prepare to rescue Allan-A-Dale's brother, Tom and his men from a hanging as the Sheriff addresses the crowd]
Sheriff of Nottingham: All those eager faces. You're all expecting Robin Hood to turn up, aren't you? Hmm? Do a few tricks with his bow and arrow?
[He chuckles]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Well, this is no time for schoolboy tricks. This is justice. We have laws. Robin Hood has no respect for the law. Robin Hood flouts the law. He would have us all be criminals, murdering and stealing. And yet still, you wait there, expecting him to come and save one of his own. Yes, of course you do, which is why... I have brought the hanging forward by one hour. Look up there!
[Guards reveal hanging bodies on the battlements. Allan is horrified.]
Sheriff of Nottingham: You're too late, Robin Hood! [Allan tries to run to the Sheriff, but Djaq stops him] Your men are already dead! Oh, I wish you could have seen the look on their faces just before they realised that you weren't coming to rescue them. Oh, it was very moving. First there was disappointment, tinged with confusion, soon to be replaced by anger, and then tears, just before they realised that it was the final, fatal drop - it was very moving, it was very touching.
[He claps]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, I wish you could have seen that, Hood! Well, thank you very much.
[To crowd]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, will one of you tell Robin Hood, if you do see him? Thank you. Eager, smiling faces. Good.
[He whistles]
Sheriff of Nottingham: All in a day's work. Ha-ha. Sheriff coming through!

Djaq: [To a man] You have come for the belongings of the hanged man. Tom A Dale. You are his cousin. Bring them here quickly.
[The man nods and runs off. Allan cries, Djaq consoles him]
[Later, the man returns with a bag of Tom's possessions and leaves. Will arrives, upon Robin's request]
Will: Robin is looking for you.
[He kneels next to Allan]
Will: I'm sorry.
[Allan nods]
Djaq: Give us a moment.
[She nods and Will leaves]
Djaq: I had a brother. A twin. He was killed in your Crusades. I became him. His name was Djaq. He still...lives here. Inside me. Like your brother lives inside you.
Allan: That's what I worry about.
Djaq: Don't you want to look?
Allan: At what? A bunch of rags...not much to show for a life.
[He reaches inside and finds the necklace that Guy gave to Marian. He lifts it up, looks at Djaq, who looks at Will]

Marian: The truth? The truth is, this country is being choked to death. The truth is, honest people are being forced to lie and cheat and steal.

Gisborne: Marry me. It is the only way. As Lady Gisborne, I could protect you. What do you say?
Marian: You leave me no time to think. A moment ago you were going to hang me and now you want to marry me.
Gisborne: Is it so difficult to prove your loyalty?
Marian: I am loyal, but...
Gisborne: But what? I know you were once betrothed to Robin Hood.
Marian: I was a girl then.
Gisborne: Would you still hesitate if he were asking the question?
Marian: I would never marry him. I despise Robin Hood.
Gisbourne: Really? So what about me? Will
Marian: Yes. I will marry you. I will marry you the day King Richard returns to England. [Gisborne leans in but Marian turns her head.] Shall we go downstairs and tell my father the good news?
Gisbourne: Yes. I have an apology to make. [Walks away.]
Marian: [Turns and closes the shutters.] [To Robin, softly] Sorry.

Much: I love a wedding. And this is one of the best cakes I have ever tasted.

Tattoo? What Tattoo? (1.08) edit

[After Robin has awoken from his nightmare about the Saracen attack in Acre]
Much: Acre?
[Robin sighs and nods]
Robin: Yes.
Much: It's his birthday today. The king.

Much: [About the Sheriff celebrating the king's birthday in Locksley Manor] The Sheriff and his cronies. And their sycoph- sycophantic... It's galling. It's more than galling

Much: [after Robin decides on a risky plan] There is something wrong with you.
Robin Hood: [grinning] Mmm-hmm.
Much: I'm serious.
[Much smiles]

[The gang except Djaq interrupt Robin's attempt to kill Gisborne]
Little John: No! Killing we do not do.
Will: He's right. At least that's what you taught us.
Much: We do not take part in bloodshed...unless absolutely necessary.
[Allan shrugs in agreement]
[Robin yields, but punches Gisborne, knocking him out]
Robin: That was necessary.
[Little John nods in agreement]

Little John: Robin!
[He knocks Robin out with his staff]
Little John: Sorry.

[Robin wakes up tied to a tree after John has knocked him out after Robin tried to kill Gisborne. Much is guarding him. Much smiles]
Much: Sorry. This is difficult.
Robin: Untie me.
Much: That's...that's the difficult bit. Now, John said...Little John said. I think we should wait until they get back. Do you want some water?
Robin: Much! Untie me. Now!
Much: I knew this would happen.
Robin: That man betrayed England. The slaughter in the Holy Land continues because of him. The others would not understand.
Much: Then you must make them understand.
Robin: Exactly. I need to talk to him. And I cannot do that tied to a tree. Just untie me.
Much: You promise me? Because earlier...earlier you were not yourself. You were...I'm doing it!
[He goes over to untie Robin]
Much: [as he's untying him] Now, you've had an upset. You should sit down and have a nice, hot...
[Robin runs over to Gisborne]
Much: Robin!

[As Robin is about to torture Gisborne]
Much: No! Stop! This is wrong. I can't take part in this. You will regret this. You will see sense and you will regret it.
Robin: This does not concern you, Much.
Much: You are my master, everything concerns me! I have followed you into battle. I have followed you into the forest. But I will not follow you into torture.
Robin: Then leave me.
Much: If I thought you meant that...
Robin: GO!
[Much runs to his horse and leaves]
Gisborne: You seem to be short of friends, Locksley. And what about the peasants you've championed? They'll be so disappointed to know that underneath your fine words, you're just as violent as the next man. And the nobles you've championed. Swayed by your charitable actions. Edward...Marian.
[Robin swings the heated sword apparently at him, but instead breaks Gisborne's ties]

[Intent on rescuing Djaq, Little John, Allan and Will have arrived in the dungeons]
Will: There's no-one here.
Allan: This can't be right.
Will: No prisoners, not even a jailer.
Allan: I'm not being funny, but, you don't, you don't think this could be a...
[Guards arrive]
Little John: Trap.
Allan: Listen gents, why don't we just talk about this, eh?
[The guards attack them and they fight]

Will: Are you alright?
Djaq: Are you alright?
Allan A Dale: I thought we were saving you!
Djaq: Now I'm saving you.
Allan A Dale: [laughing] You're a woman. We're men.
Djaq: Irritating, isn't it?

Gisborne: Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon, hero of Acre. And look at you now, you're just a common outlaw. House and lands lost. Do you think I don't laugh every time I sleep in your bed? And Marian, the woman you gave up. Lost. To me. Do you think I won't laugh every time I...
[Robin punches him]
Gisborne: To be honest, I'm surprised you decided to stay in Nottingham. Surely, you would have friends elsewhere that would take you in. I should have realised...Marian. I thought you'd given up a long time ago. But, you still carry a torch for her, don't you?

Djaq: Now what? Do you actually have a plan?
Allan: I've never been in this part of the castle.

[Little John, angry at having not rescued Djaq kicks a basket]
Much: [thinking he's angry about Robin being free] Now, look, he's been my master for ten years, what was I supposed to do?

Little John: [gesturing to Gisborne] Him?
Much: Alive. It was somewhat touch and go. Not since the Holy Land have I seen...
[Little John sighs]
Much: It took all my powers to calm him. And...and hers. [gestures to Marian]
[Little John looks over to see Marian talking to Robin]
Much: But it was I who fetched her, so you could say it was all my doing.

Much: If they know we're coming, we could all die.
Allan: True. But it's Djaq.
Much: What does that mean, "True. But it's Djaq"? That's not even an answer.
Allan: Look, the thing is...I like her.
Will: [at the same time] I think I love her.
[The rest of the gang and Marian look around, shocked. Allan and Will look at each other uncomfortably]
Much: Well! Even so, that is no reason to knowingly walk into a trap.

Little John: Robin!
[He knocks him out]
Little John: Not sorry.

[Robin has just woken up after Little John has knocked him out for the second time, with Much guarding him, and notices that Gisborne has gone]
Robin: Where is he?
Much: They've taken him. It was the only way...for Djaq.
Robin: It was not their decision to make! Where did they take him?
[Much shakes his head]
Much: I'm not going to tell you. Please, you can't make me tell you.
Robin: Much, if you are my friend. If you are my true friend, you must do this one thing for me. Please.
[Much puts his cap over his eyes, lies back and grunts in frustration]

Robin: There is no way Gisborne went to the Holy Land without your say-so.
Sheriff: [feigning ignorance] Holy Land? Gisborne?
Robin: I have proof! On his arm, his tattoo! People in the King's Guard have heard of that tattoo, and when they return from the Holy Land, he will pay! And you will pay!
Sheriff: Tattoo? [pours Djaq's acid over Gisborne's arm, erasing the tattoo] What tattoo? [to a screaming Gisborne] SHUT UP, YOU BIG JESTER!

Sheriff: [after pouring acid on Gisborne's arm] Stop mewling, Gisborne! Maybe in future, you'll think twice before painting your arm like a girl!

A Thing Or Two About Loyalty (1.09) edit

Much: Prince John, in the absence of good King Richard, has turned this country into a state of terror! His followers are thugs! Our taxes are too high! People are starving! What does one have to do to get arrested around here? (attacks guard) Arrest me!
[Guards drag Much away.]
Much: Thank you!

Sheriff: [about a captured Much] Now, what is this creature doing here?
Gisborne: This is one of Robin Hood's inner circle. This is his right-hand man.
Sheriff: [sarcastic] Oh, bravo!
Gisborne: He can tell us all we need to know about the outlaws.
Sheriff: Like what? Hm? That Robin Hood is against us? That he keeps moving his camp on? Hm? There's nothing to know!
Gisborne: All right. So hang him, then. Make an example.
Sheriff: Brilliant! A clue: no. Hang him, and you have an instant martyr. Suddenly, everybody loves Robin Hood!

Allan: Anyone fancy a wager? Yeah? Who thinks he can get out on his own?
Robin: Trust me, Allan. Much can do it.
Allan: We talking about the same Much?

Much: You are surely a spy and this is trap...of sorts.
Eve: I beg to differ, My Lord. I am just Eve, your servant here, and I'll do my best to please you. This is a lovely place and it's warm here. Especially at night.
Much: Yes, we'll see. I mean, I must say this is very traps go.

Will: I'm burning this!
Djaq: Will, no!
John: [Grabs the ledger from Will's hand.] Steady.
Will: This is not science. This is murder.
Djaq: Think of this as progress. Other scientists could do much better things with Greek fire!
Allan: Yeah! You could blow up the whole castle with that stuff!

Gisborne: Hood got there first. The ledger's gone.
Sheriff: [looking over a chessboard] Didn't you tell me that you'd hidden the barrels of black powder?
Gisborne: ... Yes, I did.
Sheriff: [moves the white rook across the chessboard] Who else did you tell?
Gisborne: No one.
Sheriff: So how did he find it before you? [silence] Were you followed, Gisborne?
Gisborne: No.
[The Sheriff nods - then suddenly picks up the white king and hurls it at Gisborne]
Sheriff: YOU FOOL!!! WE'VE BEEN SET UP!!! Now you dispatch every man you can to the caves, bring me Eve and fetch me my horse!

[After Robin destroys the black powder hidden in the cave]
Sheriff: Life is a cruel mistress, Gisborne. [pause] Clean up your mess.

Will: It's good to have you back, Much.
Much: It's good to have you back, my Lord Much.
Allan: That is gonna get really annoying.
Much: That is gonna get really annoying, my Lord Much.
[Robin grunts in frustration but in a laughing way]
Much: I know it's annoying but I like it.
Robin: Well... [looks at Will, who cheekily smiles] seeing as you like lording it Lord Much!
[Little John picks Much up, Robin laughs, Will and Allan help John pick him up]
Robin, Will, Allan, Little John: To Lord Much!
Little John: All hail Lord Much! All hail Lord Much!
[The gang smile and Djaq takes the ledger from the fire, Robin notices and smiles]

Peace? Off! (1.10) edit

[Robin notices that Harold fights like a Crusader]
Robin: SOLDIER! Break! Battle!
[Harold gets onto Robin's horse and he gallops away from Locklsey back to the forest]

Robin: Much, you need to look after him.
Much: Ho-ho, no. Master. Master, please. I mean, look at him. Surely.
Robin: Well, you looked after me all these years.
Allan: Yeah, but... he's a menace.
Much: Yes! You know, I think that's the first time we've actually agreed on something.

Much: I call it the Much touch.

[Much hands Harold a shish kebab on a broken arrow]
Much: Learnt that in Cyprus. There, they, uh, called it-
Harold: Shish kebabi.
Much: Then you'll know how delicious they are.
[Much hands Harold the knife who begins cutting vegetables]
Djaq: Are you sure it's a good idea to give him the knife?
Much: He does have a name. He's called, uh... He's called Harold.

[Marian is petting her horse by her stables; Robin enters.]
Robin: Don't tell me the Nightwatchman's been dipping into the profits?
Marian: Some men find pleasure in giving women gifts.
Robin: This is a lot of gift. And tell me, how were you planning on reciprocating?
Marian: Maybe you'd find out if you gave me a gift. As it is you only come out of the woodwork to ask for favors, like now. So?

Much: [to Harold] You tried to kill Djaq. Because she is a Saracen. Which, if I may say, is odd considering five minutes ago, you were gonna burn down a Christian church. I mean, come on, make your mind up.

Much: Do you know when it's gonna happen, these turns?
Harold: Anything can start it. I'm watching a child fishing in a stream. And suddenly, I'm looking in the water...
Much: The water's full of bodies. Drowned. Left to rot.
Harold: So you know.
Much: Where were you?
Harold: Nicea. Tripoli. Pelagonia.
Much: We were at Acre.
Harold: You must get the dreams.
Much: Of course. It's our punishment.

[Robin caught a Saracen.]
Djaq: This is prince Mhalec Al Ajubi Ibm Chati!
[Robin doesn't recognise the name]
Djaq: Nephew of Saladin! I served under him.
Much: The Saladin?
Allan: Oops!

Much: That's a gift?
Prince Malik: It was. A peace offering.
Allan Peace? Let's stick needles in his head, see how he likes it!
Prince Malik: And this is what happens when cousins marry.

Much: They're the ones that did this to you.
[Harold nods]
Allan: Does anyone here know what these two are talking about?
[Harold breaks free from his bonds and sits on a rock]
Harold: That's what we're talking about.

Prince Malik: Enough excuses! We must start the peace negotiations tonight. Every day that passes, more innocent lives are lost--
Sheriff: Yardy-yardy-yar.
Prince Malik: I warn you, Sheriff: I have heard aspersions cast on your honesty!
Sheriff: [in mock surprise] Aspersions? Surely not!
Prince Malik: Now I insist. We start the talks today, or I travel to London and find Prince John myself!
Sheriff: You see, Gisborne? This is what you have to look forward to. Already, he's starting to sound like a wife.
Sheriff: [after mouthing his words obnoxiously] Two words: Peace? Off! Throw him in the dungeon!

(Robin, his gang and the Sheriff are all chased by Saladin's assassins)
Guard: Get them! Stop them!
Robin: Forget us! Watch the entrance!
Sheriff: [entering behind Robin] YOU HEARD HIM!!! GUARD THE DOORS!!!
Much: The Sheriff's with us?!

Prince Malik: Did no-one ever tell you that fools do not deserve to be rescued?
Robin: This is not a rescue yet, Malik.
Sheriff: Oh, la-di-da-di-da! Will you two just shut up?!

Sheriff: [while fighting the assassins and losing] I HATE THIS! THIS ISN'T MUCH FUN AT ALL!

[after Robin and his gang, the Sheriff and Harold team up against the assassins]
Sheriff: [Points at Malik] Get him, Prince Bismillah... far away... from here!
Prince Malik: The feeling is mutual.
Sheriff: [To Robin] And Locksley, remember: business as usual tomorrow.
Robin: I look forward to it.

Robin: I don't think it was just the needles, Much. You understood him.
Much: I just listened to him.
Robin: Maybe that's the real magic. :[he whispers] Listening.
[Robin walkes away while whistling.]
Much: Why don't you listen to me more then, master? Master!
Robin: What? Sorry. Sorry, did you say something?
Much: Unbelievable! You talked me about listening and you don't listen.
Robin: Pardon?
Much: You talked to me about listening!
[Robin starts laughing.]
Much: Very funny! You never listen to me.
Robin: Yes I do.
Much: No you don't.
[They continue arguing]

Dead Man Walking (1.11) edit

Alice: [kneeling] My son! You have imprisoned him.
Sheriff: Get that woman out of here!
Alice: He was arrested in Locksley this morning. He's just a boy--
Sheriff: What did she say?
Gisborne: This is the business of the bowmaker and his boy. The outlaw collaborators.
Sheriff: Ah. And this is the mother of the child? Oh come on, have some compassion, Gisborne. Surely she should be allowed to see her son! Such insistent maternal concern... Well, it should stir pity. Such a pretty face should inspire our respect. [grabs Alice by the hair] But this one, however, conceals deceit! Disloyalty! So, take her away. Have her put in the cell with her son and the cooper. One bad apple in the family, and we punish the whole barrel.

Robin: Charity starts at home, Vaisey!
Sheriff: NOT IN MY HOME!!!

[Little John is about to kill the Sheriff]
Alice: You said you were no murderer.
Little John: Not of men. This is a DEVIL!
Sheriff: [grinning] Good answer!
Alice: For our son's sake.
Sheriff: [in a childish voice] "Mummy, mummy..."
[Little John sighs and lets him up]
Sheriff: Ha! You just couldn't—-
[Little John punches him out]

[After the interrupted Festival of Pain, the Sheriff has ended up tied to his own Chair of Delights]
Sheriff: [as Gisborne removes his gag] Aaaah... AAAARGH!!! GET ME OUT OF THIS, GISBORNE!!! GET OFF MY MONEY!!! GET OFF MY-- AAAARGH, AAAAARGH...!!!

Little John: [About his son, to the Gang] Him, I am proud to know. You, I'm stuck with.
Will: [throwing Little John a stick] Oi, John! I made you a new staff.
[The gang laugh]
Little John: Right.

The Return Of The King (1.12) edit

Much: I hate the cave.
Allan: It's gonna rain again and it's dry in there.
Much: It's dark and it's, you know, horrible.
Robin: We voted, Much.
Allan: And you lost. Five-one.
Much: Yeah, well. I should have two votes, because I really don't like the cave. In fact, I should have three, because I really, really don't like the cave.

Much: I hate bats. Bats are rats. Rats with wings.
Djaq: No, they're intelligent. Bats make noises you cannot hear.
Allan: What's the point of that? Noises you can't hear.
Much: What if there was a noise nobody could hear.
Allan: [playfully] Shut up.
Much: And then if you were the only person in the world who could hear it. Because I am that person. To see sense where others see nonsense. Just like the bat. I take it back. I like the bat. The bat is my friend. The bat understands me.

[Will is staring at Robin and panting after running to the cave]
Robin: Will? What's the matter?
Will: The king is coming.

Much: Oh, this is a good day. After all, we have bread and the king is coming.

Marian: Thank you. I do not know how to thank you.
Robin: We'll think of something. [He winks at her] Come on! [He starts walking. Marian smiles and starts to walk but then falls to her knees]
Marian: [quietly] Robin.
[Robin turns around; Marian grunts and grimaces in pain]
Robin: Marian?

Allan: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Will: No.
Allan: Well, if you're not thinking it, how d'y'know what it is?
Will: I don't think like you do.
Allan: I'm not being funny, maybe you should. What, you think Robin's gonna need us when he's a lord again? Eh? It's all right for them, Much with his lodge. What are we gonna have?
Will: This should go to the poor.
Allan: That's us now! Look, we were outlaws, right? We had a job. We got nothing now. We are the poor. You know what this is?
Will: What?
Allan: Severance pay.

Much: What is it girls eat?
Djaq: Special girls food.

Much: Now, does she want an egg or bacon? She can't have both, I don't care who she is.
Djaq: Pray to your God...and to mine. She is going to die.
Much: Die? What do you mean, die?
Djaq: Her face. I've seen that look a thousand times.
Much: W-W-What do we do?
Djaq: I need clean instruments. Knives. :[Much uses the ladle to throw the egg away] And crush this [She hands him berries] into a fine paste. Now.
Much: Now, right, er, now.

Djaq: My father treated the wounded on the battlefield. He said never lie to a wounded man.
Marian: Or was it never lie to a dying man?
Djaq: He said that too.
[She leaves]
Marian: So? Never lie to a dying man.
Robin: You are not going to die and I have never lied to you.
Marian: Oh, come on. We have never once spoken the truth to each other.
Robin: This is not the time to argue.
Marian: Do not tell me when it is time to argue!
[Robin laughs]
Marian: What?
Robin: Well, I do not think there can be much wrong with you!
Marian: I'm serious. We have never once spoken the truth to each other. For instance, I say you are a fool when I mean you are a hero. I criticise your actions then mimic them myself as The Nightwatchman. I chastise Robin Hood...
Robin: Shh, shh, shh.
Marian: I will not be shushed, these might be my last words!
Robin: No they will not be. They cannot be. Because we should be together! Marian, I should never have left you, I should never have gone to war. It was a mistake! And you were right, I wanted glory but believe me the battlefield is the last place you’ll find it.
Marian: You would always have regretted it if you hadn't gone.
Robin: But not as much as I regret going. Not as much as I regret losing you. Marian, I should not have gone.
Marian: Robin...
Robin: I...
[Djaq arrives and interrupts]
Djaq: I love you, you love me, we all love each other. Drink the wine.

Much: Right, here is the paste, and er, the instruments are coming and er, Djaq is er, Djaq is coming. I'm sure, I'm sure all...
Marian: "I am sure, I am sure"? I am sure is reassuring, "I am sure, I am sure" is not.
Much: I am sure. It's just, Djaq is very, er, Djaq is very...
Marian: Djaq is very what?!
Much: I'll shut up.
Robin: Good idea.
Much: I'll go.
[He starts to leave, but quickly spins around and hands Robin a flask of wine]
Much: Drink this. All of it.
[He leaves]
[Marian laughs]
Marian: Much.
Robin: He means well.
Marian: What could Djaq have told him? This is not good, is it?
Robin: Maybe not so good.

Much: [pressing on Marian's wound] I'm just pressing, right?
Djaq: Yes. There's not much else we can do. The other physician has the instruments.
Much: Should I be able to feel a heartbeat?
Djaq: Yes.
[Much looks at Djaq, in worry. Djaq runs over]
[Djaq opens Marian's eyes and thinks of what to do. She starts pounding on Marian's chest. Much stops her]
Much: What are you doing?! What are you doing?! You'll hurt her!
Djaq: Trust me, Much. Where she is, she cannot feel a thing.
[She continues pounding]
[Much shakes his head]
Much: No. Oh, come on, come on, Marian.
[Djaq continues pounding]
Much: Please!
[Djaq continues pounding]
[Much nods and laughs]
Much: Yes! Yes!
[Djaq laughs]
Djaq: Allah be praised!
[Much throws his arms up]
[Little John throws his arms up]
Much: Well, how did you do that?
Djaq: Put your finger back in. Now!

Pitts: You've been trained?
Djaq: A little.
Pitts: Good. Good. Then you've probably saved her life.
Much: She has saved her life.

Pitts: This charade is over. [he smiles and walks away but stops next to Robin] Your friend is dead.
[He carries on walking]
Much: Dead?
Pitts: Dead.
[He is hit in the stomach by Little John near the entrance of the cave]
[Robin runs to Marian; Djaq looks at Robin]
Djaq: Robin... I'm sorry.
[Djaq walks up to Robin, looks at him with tears in her eyes and walks away; Robin walks over to Marian's body]
Robin: Marian. Marian! Marian. I love you. I should have said. Why did I not say? I love you. Marian. I love you. Marian.
[He kisses her then cries over her body]
[The Sheriff's voice is heard]
Sheriff: Robin! Oh, Robin! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
[Robin slowly lifts his head in anger]

A Clue: No (1.13) edit

Sheriff: You're getting slack, my friend! Could it have been easier for me? Hmmm? If you'd led me by the hand to your little hidey-hole? A clue: no!
Much: Allan. Where are Allan and Will?
[Much looks at John; John nods]
John: Now!
Much: [aiming his bow at the Sheriff] STAND!
Sheriff: Oh.
Much: Stand or we shoot.
[The Sheriff looks around]
Sheriff: Uh, there are two of you.
Much: Last warning!
Sheriff: How many do you think there could be of them?
Gisborne: A dozen or so at the most.
[The Sheriff chuckles]
Gisborne: Of the inner circle.
Sheriff: ... And how many of the outer circle?
Gisborne: I don't know.

Sheriff: Wait! Why are they not running? Why are they not running? Hood must be in there!
Much: John... now what?
Sheriff: Bored now. Kill them!
Much: John, I think we're gonna die.
John: A good day. [paints mud on his face like warpaint]
Much: What?
John: A good day to die!
Much: What?
John: It's a saying.
Much: I hate sayings!

Sheriff: Gisborne where is my tooth?
[A guard, fatally struck by an arrow, falls right in front of the Sheriff]
Sheriff: What is this? Hood does not kill!

[After Robin has unsheathed his sword, ready to charge, Much unsheathes his sword]
Much: [to Little John ] It's a good day!
[Robin, Little John, Much, and Djaq, screaming, charge at the guards]
Little John: Come on, then!
Sheriff: What is this? Is this suicide?

[Allan and Will have returned and Allan has fired an arrow at Gisborne, missing, and later at the Sheriff, missing again but hitting a guard, and later, charges towards the guards]
Allan: Robin Hood and King Richard!


Little John: Where were you two?
Allan: I can explain. There was this woman, a mother. She was giving birth to this newborn babe, right.
Will: We were going to take the haul. Gisborne's money. We were going to take it to Scarborough.
Allan: Yeah. What can I say?
Will: Sorry. Really.
Allan: Yeah, but we're back now. Saved your bacon actually.
[Little John and Much are shocked. Everyone looks sombre]
Allan: What? We said sorry.
Much: Marian. Gisborne stabbed her last night and she's-
Robin: She's dead. Marian's dead.
[He walks back to the cave]
[In the cave]
Djaq: We need to bury her.
Robin: We must get her to Knighton her father. John...John, I need you to...Djaq, prepare her body. Will...I need you to make...I need you to make a coffin.
Little John: Shh! In good time. First...we say goodbye.
Will: [tears roll down his cheeks] She was a good woman. Kind and considerate.
Much: [steps forward] "Good"? Oh, she was... Yeah, she was...
Allan: [steps forward] She was alright. Yeah.
Little John: Her...we liked.
Robin: Her we loved. Her I loved. I loved her and I never told her.
Much: She knew. We all knew.
[Allan notices that Marian is breathing and walks up to take a look]
Allan: I'm not being funny, right, she's breathing.

Marian: Where've I been?
Robin: I don't know. But I'm glad you're back. [he laughs]

Gisborne: It would have been nice to have dealt with Robin Hood before the King returns. [the Sheriff laughs] What?
Sheriff: The King is not coming.
Gisborne: What do you mean, "the King is not coming"?
Sheriff: He is in the Holy Land. I have arranged an imposter. Think about it: is the real King, who spent God-knows-how-long fighting in the Holy Land, going to stop off in Nottingham on his way home for a chat? A clue: no!
Gisborne: Why?
Sheriff: How many of our friends are against us, hm? Our pathetic lords - Merton, Woodvale, Edward, hm? How many of them are scheming, smiling at us, lying, biding their time, nodding their heads, all the while preparing for the return of their King, the precious Richard the Lionheart, preparing? Hm? To turn against us the minute he walks through that door?
Gisborne: I don't know.
Sheriff: None of them have ever seen the King. So, this way we find out, hm? The plots bubble to the surface! The rats come scurrying out of the woodwork!
Gisborne: Why didn't you tell me?
Sheriff: [sarcastic] Oh, sorry. Nothing personal, hm? Anyway, you should thank me. You get to marry the girl.
Gisborne: Yeah, but based on a lie. The King is not really coming.
Sheriff: Oh, isn't that despicable! I don't know how you could possibly live with yourself!
Gisborne: What if Edward is one of them?
Sheriff: [slams his hands on the table] I WILL HANG HIM!

Much: "I'll send for a physician." He just killed one. He's revolting.
Marian: He killed one?
Much: Yes. Pitts. We thought he would denounce Gisborne, but he was a traitor. He was also revolting. I'm glad he is dead.
Allan: Yeah, but she's gotta marry Gisborne now. Tomorrow.
Much: True.

Edward: If you cannot save her, then do the right thing. Let her go.
Robin: Do you know something? I am sick of doing the right thing.

[Much finds Robin sitting atop a hill overlooking Locksley, and walks up to him]
Much: I knew you'd be here.
Robin: It is my village.
[Much sits next to him]
Much: Remember the times when we used to sit up here? Sit up here and say there was no finer place in England.
Robin: Gisborne is stealing my life.
Much: And you must let him. You heard Edward. The King is in danger. What is Locksley, if England can't be saved?
Robin: At this moment I care more about Locksley than England.
Much: It's not Locksley, is it? It's Marian. We must let her go. I say "we", I mean you.
Robin: There must be a way.
Much: Robin, the King is coming back! And if we can stop the Sheriff from messing things up, then England will be right again.
Robin: Will it?
Much: Yes! The Sheriff will be out, you'll be in. We're talking days, surely. I'll have your lands back! You'll be in Locksley and I'll be in Bonchurch. I mean, it's not a huge estate but it's big enough. A man could easily get lost in it. Easily.
[Robin laughs]
Robin: You know something? If you want to get lost, why don't you start practising now?
Much: You don't mean that. You know a smaller man would be offended. A smaller man would be wounded.
Robin: You see there is no smaller man. You are the smaller man, Much. All you care about is the roof over your head, the food in your belly. You speak every facile thought that comes into your head. You're like a pox on my skin and I keep scratching, but you never go away.
[Pause. Much is upset]
[Much pushes Robin over]
Much: You go away!
[He gets up and walks away]

Robin: Are you marrying him?
Marian: I am marrying him.
Robin: Very well.
Marian: Pardon?
Robin: You said grow up. I'm growing up.

Will: This is strange. Going without Robin.
Much: It's fine. He's made his decision. It's fine.
[Much stops walking]
Allan: What are you doing?
[Much shakes his head and takes off his hood]
Much: There is something I have to do. I must find Robin.
[He runs away]
Little John: It's down to us now.
[Much has run away from Nottingham and is in the field. He sees "King Richard"]
Much: Ha! Woah! Your Majesty, welcome home!
[He runs up to "the King" but one of his men pushes him away]
Much: Wha-? Your Majesty, I'm Much! I served in the King's Guard! Your Ma-!
[Much realises it's not the King and stands up]
[He looks to the left]
Much: Edward.
[He looks to the right]
Much: Marian.
[He looks back and forth, unsure about which way to go]

Priest: Whether the king is in Nottingham or not, that has no bearing on a wedding.

Marian: My father! I must go to Nottingham!
Gisborne: Your father will be safe; I have made provisions for him. You see, my influence, it benefits you. As my father-in-law he is protected. As my father-in-law.
Marian: You are cruel!
Priest: You must have legal grounds to object or remain silent!
Much: I have moral grounds!
Gisborne: Get him out of here!
Much: This man is a traitor and a liar! Is that legal? AND HER HEART BELONGS TO ANOTHER! [Pause] Let her tell you that. Marian, my lady, tell them.
Gisborne: Yes, Marian. Tell them. Remember your father.
Marian: It is not true. I am sorry. I know you mean well, but my heart belongs here.
Gisborne: [to the priest] Get on with it.
Much: WHAT?! I-I don't understand!
Much: This is surely some mistake!
Priest: You have a ring?
[The guards drag Much away]
Much: He needs you! MARIAAAAN!
Gisborne: [places the ring on Marian's finger] Wise decision. In time you will thank me.
[Much's scream is heard as he is thrown into the lake]
[Marian removes the wedding ring from her left hand and place it on her right]
Priest: No, the left hand. The ring must go on the left hand.
Marian: No, no, the right is better.
[She removes the front of her veil, punches Gisborne and runs out of the church]
[Robin rides in on his horse]
Robin: Do you take this man and this horse as your route out of here?
Marian: I do!
[Robin races over to Marian. Much gets out of the lake]
Much: Master! It's not the king. He's an imposter.
Robin: A trap. I knew it. Who's there?
Much: Everyone. The gang!
Marian: Robin, my father! He leads the rebellion.
[Robin helps Marian onto his horse, and they race off to Nottingham, as they do, Marian takes off her veil and throws it away. Much gets on his horse and races off with them]

[Arriving at the gate to the castle]
Marian: We can't be seen together.
Much: We'd never get in anyway.
Marian: I'll try the east gate.
Robin: We'll try the west.
[Marian gets off the horse and walks to the east gate. Robin and Much race off to the west gate. Robin races back]
Robin: Marian!
Marian: Robin!
[Marian runs back and they kiss. Robin races to the west gate and Marian smiles and makes her way to the east gate]

Guard: Former Sheriff, Edward of Knighton.
[Allan puts his hand on Edward's shoulder]
Allan: Tell it how it is, Edward.
Edward: I will.

Sheriff: [Pretending to be a scribe] Do you wish to give evidence against the Sheriff?
Robin: [Shoots arrows onto his sleeves, pinning him to the table] A clue: no!

[Robin knocks out a guard by hitting him with his bow and gestures to the exit]
Robin: [to the gang] Shall we?
[the gang run up the stairs]
Allan: Thought we were out of a job.
Will: Good to have you back!
Robin: It's good to be back.

Robin: I think it's fair to say that an audience with the king has been suspended! [Allan laughs as the Sheriff, dangling from the ceiling, screams] Come on, lads. Let's go home.
[He winks at Marian, before leaving with the gang]
[The gang are walking away from the castle, happy, looking at each other, smiling. Then, they jump in glee and shout "Yeah!"]

Series 2 (2007) edit

Sisterhood (2.01) edit

Robin: This is an ambush!
Davina: You don't say.
Much: This is how it goes.
Will: There's poor people going hungry.
Allan: Tell us what you've got.
Djaq: Be honest with us...
Much: And we take a tenth...
Will: So the poor can eat.
Little John: Lie!
Much: Or resist...
Robin: And we take it all. So what's it gonna be?!

[One of Davina's men captures Djaq]
Man: I've got the girl!
[Djaq hits him and gets free]
Djaq: A woman, you'll find.

[The gang have just reappeared from their new secret camp]
Robin: Good work, Will!
Will: [looking at the camp] It's nothing.
Much: Nothing? Genius! [puts his arms around Will and Robin] I love a camp!
[The gang cheer]

Sheriff: Speaking of our lady-leper-friends, time to go and get the pretty one... and her daddy.
Gisborne: Edward and Marian. If they resist, shall I use force?
Sheriff: Get up to speed, Gisborne - use force anyway.

Marian: I have a feeling we're not to welcome in the corridors of power at the moment.
Robin: Good. Come and join my gang.
Marian: In your dreams.
[Robin and Marian kiss]
Robin: Listen.
Marian: What?
Robin: That kiss spoke volumes.
Marian: What did it say?
Robin: It said, "Marian wants to come and join your gang."
Marian: Really? That's not what I heard. What I heard was a little voice saying, "Abandon your home, abandon your father, to take up arms with a man who thinks that resistance is about showing off with a bow."
Robin: That's not fair!
Marian: To do what? To wait for a king, who lets face it, may or may not make it home.
[Robin laughs]
Marian: What?
Robin: So you have been thinking about it then.
[Marian smiles]

Allan: Well if you're gonna get funny about Marian, why'd you let Gisborne grab her in the first place?
[Robin laughs]
Robin: Be careful.

Much: Marian's in there.
Allan: Yeah, and she's probably having cakes and ale with the Sheriff.
Much: You just don't get it, do you?
Allan: No, I don't get anything. That's what I'm saying! You know, we risk our lives to get money, then we give all of it away, what's that about?!
Much: It...
Allan: No, I'm not being funny, we should get something. If we don't get anything, we'll get weak, get demoralised. Then how are we gonna help the poor?
Much: You are not weak!
Allan: No, but I might get weak. Anyway it doesn`t matter to you.
Much: Why?
Allan: You've always been weak.
[Robin laughs]
Much: Very funny. Funny. You know, why don't you just...just...!
Allan: Why don't I just what?
Much: Why don't you just jigger off!
Allan:"Jigger off"? You what?! What does that mean? Jigger?
Much: You know what it means!
Allan: Right.
[Allan walks past Much and leaves]
Much: Wha-? Where are you going?! Master!
Robin: Just leave him. He needs to cool off.

Sheriff: [as Marian and her father, Edward, enter] Ah, the sanctimonious old fart... and her father! [chuckles] I gather you've been careless with your wood fire.
Marian: You know full well that is not the case.
Sheriff: Tell me - whose side are you on? Mine or King Richard's? Hm? The real world... or the old world?
Edward: Yours.
Sheriff: No. Come along! We both know that's not true, don't we?
Edward: I believe in justice. I believe in the rights of a free man.
Sheriff: [sneering] Who cares... what you believe in? Hm? I have a plan, and I will not tolerate dissent. So, you are under house arrest, here in the castle, until I can find some use for you.
Marian: My Lord Sheriff, I must protest.
Sheriff: You must?!
Marian: My father is unwell. He must be allowed to--
Sheriff: One more word out of you, missy, and your father will never be unwell again!

Gisborne: [to Marian] You think you can humiliate a man at the altar? A man like me and get away with it? You're wrong.

Sheriff: Just before we say goodbye, my friend, Sir Guy has a question for you.
Gisborne: Who is the Nightwatchman?
Robin: I don't know, Gisborne! But I'll make sure to kiss him when I see him for stealing from you.
[Gisborne hits Robin with the latter's bow]

Davina: That's your real problem isn't it Hood, you need people to love you.
Robin: It's better than needing reptiles to love you.
Davina: My brother loves me.
Robin: Like I said.

Sheriff: A double execution. Very good!

[As he sees the Nightwatchman return to the castle rather than take the exit]
Sheriff: What's he doing? Why isn't he running away? [He realizes. To Gisborne] He's creating a distraction!

Sheriff: [to the Nightwatchman] You seem to misunderstand, my friend! Robin Hood is already dead!
[The Nightwatchman is visibly upset jumps down from the turret and runs away]
[Later, the Nightwatchman runs to Nottingham Town, takes a dress from the washing line, takes off her mask and Marian cries]

[Davina is dying and the Sheriff is holding her in his arms]
Sheriff: There must be a cure, medicine, yes?
Davina: No.
Robin: Sheriff, [he points his bow and arrow at the Sheriff] give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you now.
Sheriff: Shut up, Hood.
Robin: Then you die with your sister.
Davina: You haven't told him, have you?
[The Sheriff shakes his head]
Davina: Prince John has made the Sheriff a deal. If my brother should die an unnatural death, the entire county of Nottingham shall be obliterated. Houses and villages burnt. Every man, every woman and every innocent little child hanged. Would you really want that on your conscience, pretty boy?
[Robin leaves]
Sheriff: How long?
Davina: Not long.
Sheriff: Don't die. You're strong. You're my strong sister.
Davina: I'm not strong. I was being you'd notice you'd love me.
Sheriff: I love you. I've always loved you.
[Davina dies]
Sheriff: Aahh!
[The Sheriff closes her eyes]
[Gisborne and guards enter]
Sheriff: [softly] I want him dead, Gisborne. Whatever it takes, I want him dead.
He nestles his head on his sister's]

[Marian has been crying, thinking that Robin is dead and walks from the house where she changed from her Nightwatchman outfit. Robin appears from behind a washing line and Marian is overjoyed - smiles and hugs him]
Marin: Robin!
[Robin smiles]
Robin: Who died?
Marian: You did. The Sheriff said you were dead.
[They walk]
Robin: The Sheriff, the Sheriff is plotting to kill the King...with his friends the Black Knights. They're already dividing England between themselves. You can't go back to the castle.
Marian: We must get word to the King. Nottingham is not safe.
Robin: It's not just Nottingham. The Black Knights, the Black Nights, they're everywhere. They're taxing the poor of England to pay for an army of mercenaries.
Marian: Well we must stop them. I must go back to the castle!
[Marian walks away but is pulled back by Robin]
Robin: It's too dangerous!
Marian: Robin! Having a spy on the inside when there is a coup being plotted is useful.
Robin: No! For once, just listen to me!
Marian: And my father is in there, Robin I have to go back!
Robin: Marian, I can't protect you in the castle.
Marian: Two minutes ago I thought you were dead and I would have given anything for another chance to be with you.
Robin: Well then take that chance. Come with me.
Marian: But listen.
Robin: What?
[They kiss]
Marian: A little voice saying "yes. When the King is home, safe."
[She leaves and Robin watches her, saddened]

Gisborne: The Sheriff didn't want to say goodbye either. He just wants you dead now. See you on the dark side. Shoot him!
[The archers prepare to fire. But the gang arrive - Much charges with a warlike cry in front of the archers and the arrows fire into his shield. The rest of the gang fight]
Little John: [knocking out an archer] So, it's goodnight from me...
Will: [knocking out an archer. He hits the archer with an axe with the words "goodnight" and "him"] And goodnight from him!
[Will nods at Little John and Little John nods at Will]

Much: Well, it's not the end of the world. I mean, Marian's basically alright and...we've got a camp.
Will: Much, the Sheriff and the Black Knights are going to kill the King. Take over England.
Much: True. It is the end of the world.
[Will nods with his drink]
Much: Well, if we've learnt one thing from today, it's that you are never going to go to Nottingham on your own, again, ever. Because if you'd have died, especially now...
Robin: If I had died, Much, or if I die will carry on without me.
Much: How? We are Robin Hood's men.
Robin: No, you are Robin Hood.
Much: What?
Robin: You are Robin Hood. And [points to Djaq] you are, and [points to Little John] you are. [turns to Will] All of you! We are not just six outlaws in the forest. [Allan arrives outside the camp] We are the spirit of England and that lads, that is this country's only hope.
[Allan walks in]
Allan: Ay up, lads.
Djaq: What happened to you?
Allan: Oh, tricked one punter too many.
Much: I could have told you that. Here. [hands Allan a cup]
Little John: We are Robin Hood.
Allan: What?
Much: Just say it.
Allan, Robin, Will, Much, Djaq, Little John: :[holding their cups up] We are Robin Hood!
[The gang smile and drink and as Allan takes his drink, the bag of money from Gisborne in exchange for Allan spying is seen hanging from his trousers. He quickly covers it up and drinks]

Booby And The Beast (2.02) edit

Much: How'd you know there even is a strong room.
Robin: A wild guess.
Allan: What do you think? A little bird told him. A little Marian bird.

Much: [looking at a trip wire] Will, what's this?
Will: Much, don't touch that!
[Much pulls on the thread and dogs are heard]
Much: Why do I do it?

Sheriff: Am I to drown in everybody else's incompetence, whilst Robin Hood steals everything that is rightfully MINE?! A CLUE: NO!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, GISBORNE!!!
Guy of Gisborne: Well, my lord, now we know the stronghold works. It stopped Hood dead in his tracks.
Sheriff: NOT DEAD ENOUGH!!! Stealing money from me on the way here is one thing. Stealing it from under my very nose is another! The Black Knights are coming, expecting their share-out, Gisborne! AT THIS RATE, THERE'LL BE NOTHING LEFT TO SHARE!!! I want Hood caught, Gisborne! I want him DEAD!

Sheriff: The Count Friedrich of Bavaria is one of the richest aristocrats in Europe, by all accounts. Stupid too, so you and he should get on. He also has a weakness for gambling.
Gisborne: [realizing] Your alterations to the Great Hall.
Sheriff: Yes. We will extend the Count every courtesy, Gisborne. I've taken my bath six months early for a reason! And then... [smiles evilly] we shall take the inbred booby for every penny that he's got.

Sheriff: [in his new casino] This world is full of idiots, waiting to be parted from their money. But as you know... the house always wins!

Robin: You don't have to do this.
Marian: Yes I do. Without me, you wouldn't even know there was a strong room.
[Robin laughs]
Robin: "England needs me".
Marian: Yes, England needs me. England needs us.
Robin: And I need you.
[They kiss]

[Stephen is touching Will's face]
Stephen: Will. Still passionate, angry.
Will: Lots to be angry about.
Stephen: True. And your skills. You're using them, not wasting them. That's good.
Will: I'm with Robin Hood.
Stephen: That is good.

[After Stephen has explained the traps within the strong room]
Much: Well all I'm hearing is arrows, lead and certain death. Encouraging.

[Stephen is feeling Robin's face]
Stephen: There is a way, you know.
Robin: A way for what?
Stephen: A way to do what you need to do and still find love. You are a troubled soul. Be patient. You will prevail.
Robin: And you can tell all that just from feeling my face?
Stephen: No. Your friend Much was telling me earlier.
[They laugh]

Gisborne: ...The strongroom...!

[After Robin successfully robs the Sheriff's secret loot]
Sheriff: My war chest, and the booby's money. [grabbing Gisborne] But they can't have done! No, no! [walks away from him, exasperated] No. [throwing a tantrum] NO!!! [kicks a guard in the knees] NO!!! [grabs him and throws him into another guard] NO!!! [punches another guard] NO!!! [holds his fist up to punch another and the guard looks down, ready to be punched, saddened] NNNNNNNNNNOOO!!! [slaps him lightly instead]

[After Much's suggestion of moving to Germany if "things don't work out here"]
Robin: Much, Count of Shleswig Holstein!
[The gang laugh]
Much: I could be Count of Shlessy or whatever.
Will: It'd be pretty hard to be a Count of a place you can't pronounce.
[Allan puts his arm on Much's shoulders]
Allan: Nah, Sovereign of Sherwood, that's you, mate.
Robin: Sovereigns of Sherwood...that's us, lads.

Childhood (2.03) edit

Robin: It's alright. Hang on, I know you. You were Marian's stable boy at Knighton Hall.
Daniel: How do you know that?
Robin: What happened? I know Gisborne's up to something cause I've been tracking him.
Daniel: I don't trust you.
Robin: Alright. Tell me your name.
Daniel: Daniel.
Robin: Daniel. Do you know who I am?
[Daniel shakes his head]
Daniel: No.
Robin: I'm Robin Hood.
Daniel: Gisborne's got my friends. He's got my friends!
Robin: I can help you with your friends. But I need you to tell me what you saw.
Daniel: A man. They shot him, but he didn't die. The arrows bounced off and then Sir Guy killed him with a knife...and now he's gonna kill my friends!
Robin: Woah. Woah, woah, woah. The arrows bounced off what?
Daniel: Armour. He was wearing armour. Funny armour.
Robin: Let's see about your friends, shall we?
[Daniel nods]

Much: Here. [hands little John and Allan a plate of food]
Little John: I thought you said chicken?
Allan: Yeah, this is a pretty small chicken, Much.
Will: Yeah. Again.
Djaq: And have you seen in the trees? No squirrels lately. [Looks at Will, smiling]
Much: It's not squirrel!
Djaq: All you ever eat is meat and bread. We are surrounded by edible berries and, and leaves! Where's the fruit, the salad?!
Will: Salad?
Little John: Men? Eating leaves?
Allan: There is only one use for leaves around here and you wouldn't want to be eating them afterwards.
[the gang laugh]
[Robin arrives with Daniel]
Robin: Up!
[Djaq and Will stand up]
Robin: We need to go. This is Daniel. His friends are in danger and if I'm not much mistake, so are we.
Allan: What's up?
Robin: It's Gisborne. He's creating a new armour. We need to take his toys away, so...arm yourselves.
[The gang get ready]
Daniel: Little John.
[Little John looks at him]
Daniel: Will.
[Will looks at him]
Daniel: Allan A Dale.
[Allan waves at him]
Daniel: And you must be Djaq, [Djaq smiles at him] the Saracen. Wow!
[Daniel looks at Much]
Daniel: Sorry, who are you?
Robin: That, that's Much.
[Much walks forward, smiles and puts his hands on his hips]
Daniel: Oh, yes! The servant.
[The gang laughs]
Much: Funny.
[Daniel looks at Little John]
Little John: What?
Daniel: I just expected you to be taller.
Little John: I'm quite tall.
Daniel: Yeah, but, like a giant.
Djaq: Men tend to lie about their size.

[Daniel has found Mark's tag]
Daniel: That's Mark's. See, the "M".
Robin: That's good.
Daniel: We were playing outlaws. I'm Robin Hood.
Robin: Well I hope you were better at playing Robin Hood than I am.
Daniel: No. I let go of his hand. Gisborne's lot were coming and I just ran.
Robin: Well then you did the right thing.
Daniel: Really?
Robin: If you hadn't run, you would have been caught too and what good is that? Listen, sometimes, in the heat of battle, there isn't time to watch your gang's back.

Much: I don't like waiting. Especially behind a cow.
Daniel: Much, shh!
[Allan and Djaq smile and look at each other]

Gisborne: Hood!
[Daniel comes running and uses his slingshot to hit Gisborne, as he is about to throw a dagger at Robin. He runs to Robin]
Daniel: In the heat of battle, there is time to watch your gang's back.
Robin: Thanks, Dan. Go! Go!

Robin: Right, we need to trade Daniel and the black diamonds in open space. And that's here. [he points on the map of the village that they've built on the table] So when the Sheriff has the diamonds, and we have Daniel back safely...then we can strike.
Allan: You can't just nick 'em back though. Well he'll have the place surrounded, won't he? You might as well walk in with your hands in the air saying "Shoot me".
Little John: We could destroy them.
Robin: Well we'll have to.
Djaq: We'll need something that burns quickly.
Mark: Pitch.
Allan: What about straw?
Djaq: [shakes her head] Mmm.
Robin: Straw's fast but it's not hot enough.
Mark: Pitch.
Little John: What about wood?
Robin: Wood's hot but it's, it's not quick enough.
Mark: Pitch. Fast burning and hot.
Robin: [Smiling and pointing at Mark] Pitch! Good thinking, Mark!
[Little John smiles and ruffles Mark's hair]
Will: I could make a new box, choose the right wood - something thin, could line it with pitch, carry the black diamonds in that to the Sheriff and well you could shoot it, Robin with a flaming arrow.
Djaq: And the rocks will explode.
Robin: Good idea, Will. We'll test it in the morning.
Mark: Much?
Much: Hmm?
Mark: Is this rat?
[The gang and the boys laugh. Will walks over to Mark and ruffles his hair]
Much: It's chicken.
Mark: I can't see any feathers.
Will: No, and we haven't seen any squirrels.
Much: Look, I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I have to do everything you all do and keep the larder stocked! So, if any of you want to run ragged around the forest trying to catch this massive animal, then you can be the servant!
[The gang and the boys continue to laugh - Mark snorts]

[After Marian has presented the Sheriff with a letter, asking permission to leave the castle and to see Gisborne, though underneath is an order for Daniel to be taken to the castle]
Sheriff: Let's see, then.
[He prepares the wax and puts it on the parchment]
Sheriff: If it were me, I would slap your fickle face.
[He stamps the wax with his seal]
Sheriff: Both of them.

Gisborne: Say goodbye.
[Robin is about to fire a flaming arrow at Gisborne, whose armour is covered in pitch]
Sheriff: Oh no.
Robin: Oh yes!
[He fires the arrow]

[Marian is holding the blacksmith at knife point]
Marian: Sheriff.
Sheriff: Oh, not again.
Marian: Let him live.
Sheriff: Who?
Marian: Guy.
[The Sheriff sees she is holding the blacksmith at knife point]
Sheriff: Marian, what are you doing?
Marian: I am asking you to reconsider.
Sheriff: You are helping Hood?
Marian: Quite the opposite. I am reminding you that Sir Guy is your most loyal servant.
[Robin pulls Gisborne from the water]
Gisborne: Aahh! My Lord, please!
Sheriff: Let him die!
[Robin submerges Gisborne again]
Marian: He's a noble and a good man. He must be worth more to you than a sack of rocks!
[The Sheriff takes the sack of rocks from the blacksmith]
Sheriff: I will have those sack of rocks!
Marian: Then I will kill this man.
[Marian points the dagger against the blacksmith]
Marian: Without him...[chuckles] are the rocks really any use?
Blacksmith: Uh, no, no, they are not. I am the only man west of Jerusalem who can make them work their magic.
[Robin pulls Gisborne from the water]
Gisborne: Aah! My Lord!
Sheriff: SHUT UP!
[Robin submerges Gisborne]
Blacksmith: My Lord, I will get you more rocks.
[He throws the rocks over and Robin pulls Gisborne from the water]
Sheriff: [to Marian] You will be punished for this, Marian. Be in no'll be punished.

Gisborne: You saved my life. I'm grateful.
Marian: I could not watch you die and do nothing.
Gisborne: You saved Robin, too.
[Marian nods]
Marian: That was incidental.
Gisborne: Was it?

Much: A toast.
[He hands Robin a cup]
Robin: Just hang on. Djaq.
[She holds Robin's cup]
Robin: Will.
[Will, smiling, throws Robin a small bag]
Robin: [opening the bag and talking to the boys] Good work, lads.
[Robin holds out four tags]
[Daniel smiles. Robin laughs]
Robin: You are now [he passes a tag to the boy sitting by Allan] honorary members of our gang.
[Mark smiles]
Robin: [hands Daniel a tag] You are our eyes and ears in the villages. And any time you need us... [He hands Will two tags to give to a boy and Mark, who are standing behind him] you can call on us.
Daniel: And any time you need us, call on us.
[Robin smiles and winks at Daniel. Will smiles.]
Robin: That's a deal.
Little John, Will, Much, Robin, Allan, Djaq: [holding their cups up] We are Robin Hood!
Mark, boy next to Mark, boy next to Allan, Daniel: [holding their arms up] We are Robin Hood!
[The gang and the boys laugh and smile]

The Angel Of Death (2.04) edit

[After being captured by Robin Hood]
Robin: Oi! The money you have could feed the poor of Nottingham!
Luke: We are the poor!
Dan: Just let them take what they need, Lukey.
[Will appears and recognises them]
Will: Dad? Dad!
[He runs over to Dan and Luke and hugs them]
Dan: Will!
Will: It's me!
[They continue to hug. There is laughter and sobbing]
[Allan smiles, Much hugs Dan and Allan hugs Luke]
Djaq: Will, you know these people?
Will: [laughing] I'd like you to meet my father Dan Scarlett and my little brother Lukey.
Luke: I'm not little!
[He playfully grabs Will and Will puts his head up against Luke's head]
Will: My big little brother Lukey!
[Robin smiles]

Will: Dad, I'm an outlaw! I stand up for what I believe in!
Dan: What? And I don't?
Will: [exhales] It doesn't matter.
Dan: Yes it does. Tell me.
Will: You let the Sheriff cut off your hand!
Luke: That was to save me and you!
[Will puts his hand on Luke's shoulder]
Will: I know. I didn't mean that.
Dan: Yes you did.

[After dressing as the Nightwatchman and handing out poison pies in Pitt Street]
Joseph: And that night, the Angel of the Lord went back and forth.

Robin: Right, time to spread a bit of...
Much: Happiness.
Robin: Happiness. That's right. Time to spread a bit of happiness.

[After the Sheriff's declaration of quarantining Pitt Street due to the supposed pestilence]
Robin: Dan! Dan!
[He is pulled back by Much]
Sheriff: What?
Dan: I've just had a look at a young lass and it's not a pestilence.
Sheriff: Get that man to shut up.
Dan: I've seen a pestilence before in Scarborough. These people must have food and water...and medicine!
Sheriff: I said SHUT UP!
Dan: I've shut up for you once before, Sheriff. It lost me my wife, my hand and the respect of my son. So, I'm not shutting up anymore! Now, why are you saying this is the pestilence?
[A guard stabs Dan. Will is being held back by Little John]
Will: DAD!
[Marian turns to see the commotion and sees Luke running over up to Much and Robin, intending to go to Dan but is held back by Much]
[Will is shocked as he watches his father fall to the ground and then looks in shock at the Sheriff]
Sheriff: [to the guard] Well done! Hysteria! Panic! In times of crisis, not very helpful. IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!
[Will, livid with rage tries to get to the Sheriff, but Little John still holds on to him. As Will tries to claw away, Robin runs over to Will]
Robin: Will! Will! You can't go up there!
Will: I'm gonna kill him now!
[Much arrives and grabs onto Will]
Gisborne: You heard the Sheriff. Set up those barricades!
Much: There's too many of them Will!
Robin: It's suicide!
Much: Will!
Djaq: Will!
[Will looks at her and calms down. Djaq shakes her head. Luke, grief stricken watches his father being dragged away. Will sees Luke and races to him and hugs him]

Joseph: What are you doing?
Robin: I'm helping the sick.
Joseph: Leave them alone!
[Robin looks confused]
Joseph: I mean, um, you could die.
Robin: Well that's a risk I take every day.
[Robin walks past Joseph]
Joseph: No, you're right. [Robin turns around] Forgive me. Uh, look, let me help.
Robin: What's your name?
Joseph: Joseph. I'm here by mistake.
Robin: Yeah, you're from Leicester, I heard.
Joseph: Did you see the way those men treated me? Godless.
Robin: Well, welcome to Nottingham.

Much: This is a medicine chest!
[He holds it up]
[He opens it and holds it up in front of Djaq]
Much: Every medicine known to man! And some unknown.
[Djaq laughs, puts her hands on his neck and kisses him on the cheek]
Much: Oh, don't do that.
Djaq: Why not?
Much: I'm a man, you're a woman. I fall in love very easily.
Djaq: Don't worry. I don't.

[Will and Luke are escaping Nottingham as Will wants to take Luke back to Scarborough, and Will hangs rope on a wooden stand via a metal hoop hanging from the stand on top of the outer wall of Nottingham Town. He flips his axe in his hand]
Will: Let me go down first, make sure it's safe. I know what to look for better than you do.
Luke: Why do you always treat me like I'm a baby?!
[Luke climbs down the rope]
Will: [as Luke is climbing down the rope. Said quietly] I loved you, Luke.
[Luke lands at the bottom]
Luke: See! [He gestures for Will to climb down] Your turn!
[Will pulls the rope back up the wall]
Luke: [as Will is pulling the rope back] Will?
Will: Run away, Luke! Run back to Scarborough! This place is about to turn into hell!
[He finishes pulling the rope past the metal hoop]
Luke: Will! [He holds his hands up to his mouth in order to further his voice] WILL! WI- WILL!
[Will turns and flourishes his cloak and leaves]

[After a man has died, Robin arrives at a house where Joseph is writing about the different poisons. Upon seeing him, Joseph closes the ledger. Robin paces up and down]
Joseph: A shame.
Robin: "A shame"? [He picks up a pot and throws it at the wall] It's an outrage. That's another life wasted.
Joseph: You suspect foul play?
Robin: [laughs] Joseph. Joseph! This is Nottingham. There is no other kind of play!

Gisborne: What have you got for me?
[Allan stays silent]
Gisborne: What's the matter? A conscience.
Allan: How much for this?
[Holds up Robin's letter]
Gisborne: Depends what this is.
Allan: This is a letter to King Richard from Robin, telling him all about you and the Sheriff and the Black Knights. Game would be up, ey, Gisborne.
Gisborne: Give me that.
Allan: I can't. I told Robin I'd give it to Roger of Stoke. He's coming to take it to the King.
Gisborne: So what's your proposal?
Allan: I'll give it to him, then I'm clean. You can arrest him after I've gone. Somewhere out of town. I don't know anything about it.
Gisborne: Good. You're learning... [Hands him a bag of money] Allan.

Marian: [whispering] Robin. Robin!
Robin: Marian, what are you doing here?
Marian: Someone's impersonating me.
Robin: I know. I think they're giving out poisoned pies.
Marian: What?! In my name?
Robin: It's the Sheriff's doing, but, but why?
Marian: I've no idea. Unless he wants to damage the Nightwatchman's reputation.
Robin: But then he'd blame the Nightwatchman...and he hasn't.
[Marian passes her bag to Robin. She steps down and Robin picks her up and holds her]
Marian: I need to go and see if Jess is alright.
[Robin puts Marian down and she walks away]

[Much walks in on Joseph cooking and who is about to add poison]
Much: [smells the soup] Mmm, smells good. Are you a cook?
Joseph: No, I'm a man of science.
Much: Science? What, er, what sort of science?
Joseph: The science of elimination.
Much: What's that?
Joseph: Finding ways to get rid of dirt. Have you noticed there's dirt everywhere? We have to get rid of it. And there are people who will make the necessary difficult decisions. Who don't need to be...popular.
Much: I think you should talk to the Sheriff. He doesn't need to be popular.
Joseph: With the right tool, we can clean this country. Create a new England.
Much: I think you should definitely talk to the Sheriff. [chuckles]
[Joseph pats him]

Marian: You organised this?
Robin: We had hospitals in the Holy Land.
Robin: I thought that would be the last time I'd see one.
Marian: How did you know there wasn't some infectious disease.
Robin: I didn't.
Marian: That's brave.
Robin: How did you know?
Marian: I didn't.

[After Little John saves Jess by using Belladonna to fight the poison]
Much: [joyfully] How did you know that?!
Little John: I know some things.

[After the Sheriff has revealed he has used Joseph and will use his poison against the King's army]
Joseph: But that's not what we agreed.
Sheriff: Yes, I know. And life is usually so much fairer.

[Robin enters the Sheriff's quarters to find the Sheriff, poisoned, hunched over his table, holding a chalice, moaning in agony and Joseph also poisoned, huddled on the floor, writhing and moaning in agony]
Robin: Will.
Sheriff: [moans in pain] Poison...
[Robin walks over to the Sheriff]
Robin: Well...according to your friend here there is no cure.'re gonna die.
Sheriff: No! No! I cannot die. No, I'm too young. I haven't finished yet! [falls off his chair]
Robin: Dan Scarlett hadn't finished either, when you killed him this morning.
Sheriff: Him? Dead dad? The father? I'M GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF A COMPLETE NON-ENTITY...?! [moans in agony]
Joseph: And life is usually so much fairer.

Robin: WILL!
[Will turns to them]
Robin: I know what you've done.
Will: I've done the right thing, that's what I've done.
[Holds up the poison]
Will: Justice in a bottle.
Robin: Djaq has the remedy.
Will: Yeah, I know. She told me.
Much: Where is she, Will? What have you done with her?
Will: I've stood up to the Sheriff. It's what we all should have done a long time ago.
Robin: Even if all of Nottingham dies?
Will: That's not my fault.
[Robin pushes Will up against the wall, takes the poison and drinks it]
Much: Woah, master, no!
Little John: Robin!
Will: Robin!
Little John: Robin! Ro-!
Robin: You want to watch people die? Then you can start with me.
Will: Robin, I can't let the Sheriff live!
Will: [Emotionally] My dad...he did it for me. He stood up to the Sheriff to prove himself to me!
Robin: Then prove yourself to him. Show that we are stronger men than the Sheriff.
[Robin moans in pain]
Will: Robin.
[Much grabs Robin and helps him to to the floor]
Much: Will! Will! Come on!
Will: [Emotionally] Robin, why did you have to do this?!
Robin: To prove my point. Will Scarlett still believes in the right thing.
Much: Will, please.
Little John: Will, do this.
Will: I'll take you to her.
[Will races off]
Will: [to Allan] Go!
[Much and Little John help Robin up]
Robin: Go! Go! To the Sheriff's Quarters. Go! I'll see you there.
[Allan, Much and Little John run to the Sheriff's Quarters. Robin is bent over, breathing and then gets up and tidies his hood, picks up the poison and exhales]

[The gang burst into the Sheriff's Quarters]
Little John: Robin!
Much: Djaq, the remedy, quick!
[Djaq throws the remedy to Robin]
Robin: Will...this is your call.
[Will walks over to Robin]
Robin: Prove to me Will Scarlett still believes in doing the right thing.
Will: You didn't drink the poison, did you?
Robin: No. But I think my point still stands so... [He gestures to the Sheriff]
Will: Yeah. Yeah, it does.
[He kneels next to the Sheriff and applies the remedy onto his lips]
Will: This is to the memory of my good father... [quieter] Dan Scarlett, [normal, quiet voice] and the people of Nottingham.
[The Sheriff doesn't awaken. Robin looks at Little John, Will looks at Robin then at Much]
Much: Well he can't be dead.
[Robin shakes the Sheriff]
Allan: This is just getting weird now. I want him to live. I don't want him to live.
[Robin continues shaking the Sheriff]
Robin: COME ON!
[The Sheriff awakens]
Sheriff: Just joshing!
Robin: Finish the speech!
Sheriff: Oh, I don't think so, now I've had the remedy, hm?! GUARDS!!! GUAAAAAAARDS!!!

[Will is building a monument to remind him and Luke of Dan]
Robin: It's good to have you back, Lukey!
Djaq: Are you both ready for this?
Allan: Look, what's he doing up there?
Much: I thought you said Will was going to build something to remind you of your father.
Luke: He is. Wait for the light.
Much: Light? It is light.
[Will races over to Luke, as they look at the sunlight]
Luke: Any second. [Pause. The gang except Will and Luke look at what Will has built] Now.
[The sunlight shafts through the holes that Will made in stone and gets projected onto the rock. The gang follow the light to the rock and see Dan's face projected onto the rock via sunlight and Will's monument. Robin smiles.]
Little John: Dan?
Much: [joyfully] That is...!
Djaq: Beautiful.
[Will has his arms around Luke]
Robin: He was a good man.
Will: Yeah. Yeah he was.
[He nods]

Ducking and Diving (2.05) edit

Gisborne: What have you got for me?
Allan: Nothing. You killed Roger of Stoke.

Much: What? You think he's getting information?! From one of us? No... Master surely it's a mistake! A traitor?! Who? That's why you sent us back to camp! Because you suspect... you suspect me?!
Robin: Much, I have to suspect everybody!
Much: That's me, you suspect me?!
Robin: Much, go back to the camp!
Much: What do I have to do to prove my loyalty to you? What? Tell me! What? I'll chop off my own arms! arm because once I chop that off then...I wouldn't be able to...chop off...the other.

Matilda: [Kisses Robin on the forehead] Oh, Robin of Locksley. [as she rubs on Robin's beard] What's that beard? It's neither grown nor shaven, make up your mind!

Matilda: A bee failed to kill him, and a quack failed to kill him! I'll be damned if a boy I delivered into this world sneaks in and finishes off one of my patients!
Robin: Matilda, I can't let him live to speak his treason.
Matilda: [Sighs] So it's not his life your afraid, then? It's his tongue.
Robin: So...should we just cut out his tongue?
Matilda: [Smacks Robin on the head.] Men! Always thinking in a straight line!

[Much comes back to camp, angry after Robin "suspects everyone"]
Allan: What's your problem? Ey! D'you speak to Robin then or not?
Much: Why do you wanna know?
Will: Well we wanna know what's going on. What's the plan?
Djaq: Did the messenger get through to the castle?
Will: Yeah, is Robin gonna kill him?
Much: Like to know his plans do you? What's the Sheriff and Gisborne's plan?
Will: What?
Much: I mean is: there even a Henry? Or is it a trap?!
Will: What?
Djaq: What's going on?
Much: [to Will] How much do they pay you?
[Little John returns with firewood]
Little John: Pay who?!
Much: There's a spy. In the camp. One of you is a spy! [He points to Allan, Djaq and Will] And Robin knows!'re done for!
[As he says that he points to Little John and Allan]
Allan: What? How does he know?
Much: It's obvious! I mean, Gisborne is always five or...six steps ahead of us.
Will: Are you calling me a traitor?
Little John: Traitor?! Trai- [He sighs]
[Will looks at Allan]
Allan: What you looking at me for?
[Will scoffs]
Will: Well you're the one who tried to persuade me to steal from Robin. Y'know, the time when we thought the King was coming.
Much: That's right. Traitor!
Allan: We thought about it, we decided against it, didn't we?
Will: I said no!
[They begin to fight. Little John cuts between them]
Little John: STOP IT...NOW!
Much: Yes! If anyone's gonna kill the traitor, it's gonna be me!
Allan: What makes you so high and mighty? He obviously doesn't trust you either, does he? Or why's he sent you back here?
[Much screams and lunges for Allan, trying to fight him]
[Little John stops them]
Little John: Stop it the pair of you! [To Much] Off him!
[He pushes Much away from Allan]
Little John: STOP IT!

Will: We need to know who the traitor is.
[Robin looks at Much]
Much: Sorry. It's not the sort of secret I can keep.
Robin: Let's just deal with Rosa first.
Little John: TELL US, ROBIN!
Will: Robin, there'll be people like Rosa who need our help every day but if we're not a gang, if you... [He points his finger at Robin] suspect us...
Robin: Alright. It's true. One of you is betraying us. You're meeting Gisborne and you're selling our secrets.
Much: Not me.
Allan: It's not me either.
Will: Well, it's not me.
Little John: Not me.
Djaq: It's not me.
Robin: Stop this now! If the guilty man or woman confesses right here, I'll listen. Tell me what Gisborne said. What he offered. Step forward now. You have one chance.
[Three second pause. Allan opens his mouth to speak but hesitates. Much quickly responds]
Much: I will not be treated with equal suspicion!
[Much walks off. Robin shakes his head]
Robin: Well, whoever you are. You've made your choice.
[He walks past the gang and looks at Little John]
Robin: And I will find you out.

[Allan walks up to Djaq who is with Rosa, with a plate of food]
Allan: Djaq.
[She looks over at Allan and the food, then turns to face Rosa]
Djaq: Later.
Allan: Are you alright?
[Djaq sighs]
Djaq: There's a spy in the camp. How can anything be alright?
Allan: He probably knows he's made a mistake now.
Djaq: He had his chance to confess.
Allan: Maybe he's stuck. people get stuck, y'know.
Djaq: Your brother said he was stuck. He refused to change and he hanged for it.
Allan: He was an idiot.
Djaq: [Emotionally] No! He was a good man underneath it. And you saw that. I believe Robin would see it too. If the spy confessed...and begged for forgiveness. If he changed his ways.
[Djaq turns to face Allan]
Djaq: I believe you're a good man, Allan A Dale.
[Allan walks off]

Matilda: [to the Sheriff] YOU... WEASEL-FACED... WHORE'S SON!!!
Sheriff: Sorry, who, Robin? No, Robin's not here! [laughs]

[As Rosa is giving birth]
[She shakes her head]
Djaq: There's something.
[Little John puts his hand on her shoulder]
Rosa: What's happening?
Little John: It's fine. Your husband. Is he away?
Rosa: The wars.
Little John: He'll be so proud.
Rosa: What's your wife's name?
Little John: Alice.
Rosa: So you've done this before? With Alice?
Little John: No.
Rosa: Why is it so hard?
Little John: No. I was an the forest. Alice...was alone.
Djaq: Push now!
[Alice screams and the scream echoes]

Matilda: What's her name?
Rosa: Alice. I'm going to call her Alice.
[She smiles at Little John]
Matilda: Alice.
[Little John smiles and tears well up in his eyes]

Will: What are you going to do with him?
Robin: I'll banish him.
Will: Should kill him. Traitor to the King. Doesn't deserve to live.
Allan: Kill him?

Will: Oi, Much! Look.
[Much sticks his dagger into the ground and stands up]
Matilda: Much meet Alice.
[Henry of Lewes wakes up]
[Matilda holds Alice up. Robin looks and so does Much]
[Henry takes the dagger, Robin notices and points a bow and arrow at him, as Henry breaks his bonds and puts his arms around Much's neck and also points the dagger at him]
[The gang, Rosa and Matilda turn around]
Henry: They say you don't kill any more.
Robin: For the King, I kill.
Henry: The King's finished.
[Robin stretches the arrow]
Henry: Prince John, the Sheriff, the Black Knights, they all win.
Much: [struggling for breath] Robin.
[Robin fires the arrow at Henry. Allan and Djaq look over to Robin. Djaq looks in shock]
[Henry is in pain and Much takes Henry's arms off his neck and Henry rolls down the mound]
Robin: Not today they won't.

Much: I knew it was him! I knew it was him!
[Robin holds up Will's tag]
Little John: WILL?!
Allan: No.
[Djaq arrives]
Much: I knew it.
Allan: Robin...
Robin: Will's the spy. The subject's closed.
Little John: WILL?! Robin, I do not believe.
Djaq: I need to speak with you.
Robin: Not now.
Djaq: Believe me Robin, I...
Robin: NO, YOU DON'T, Djaq! TRUST ME!

Allan: [to the Serving Girl at the Trip to Jerusalem Inn] You are going to tell Gisborne to keep this money. I'm not doing this any more, right, I've changed.
Serving Girl: It's a bit late for a conscience isn't it?
Allan: [whispering] Yeah. [non whispering] Very late.
[Robin's arrow lands on the bag of money, making some coins tip out of the bag]
[Pause, as Allan looks at the arrow]
Allan: [Quietly] Robin.
[Robin appears and walks up to Allan]
Allan: [Quietly] You're early.
Robin: [To the Serving Girl] Leave us.
Allan: Stay there!
Robin: GET OUT!
[The Serving Girl leaves]
Robin: [to Allan] I need to my spy.
Allan: What was that with Will? You banished Will.
Robin: It was an act.
[He gestures to the door]
Robin: Only she knew who was guilty. [Pause] And I knew the spy would want come here before me to cover his tracks. For all I knew, [He walks up to Allan] it could have been Will standing there. [Whispering] But it's not. [Louder] Is it? [He walks even closer to Allan - up to his face] [Whispering] It's you.
Allan: was over. Ask her. I made a decision.
Robin: Then what was this?
Allan: No, I was giving it back!
Robin: So you betray me. You betray yourself. You betray your King! And for what? For a few silver coins? What have you told Gisborne, Allan?
[Allan shakes his head]
Robin: Huh?
[Allan mumbles]
Allan: Nothing, really.
Robin: [Whispering] Does he know about the camp?
Allan: [Whispering] No!
Robin: No? Does he know about Marian?
Allan: [Quietly] No!
[Robin raises his eyebrows]
Robin: More lies?
Allan: NO! This was the last time, I promise. And I was wrong. But he captured me, Robin. He tortured me. I had no choice.
[Robin walks away from Allan to the other side of the room]
Allan: That's easy for you to say, though, isn't it?
[Robin walks closer to him]
Allan: Eh? You get the glory. [He walks closer to Robin] You get the girl. Everyone loves you! [As he says this, he continues walking closer to Robin - right up to his face] Then when the King comes back, you'll have lands, property, a wife. Everything! What will I have?! [Pause. Robin turns his head away, then looks at Allan again. Allan paces] You are always in the sun, Robin... [Allan stops pacing and returns to standing close to Robin] and I'm always in the shade.
[Robin pushes Allan up against the beam]
Robin: Is that meant to be an excuse? Huh?
Allan: Give me another chance. Please. I wouldn't have let Gisborne hurt any of us. I never told him anything like that!
[Robin nods]
Robin: Harmless lies, innocent betrayals, they DON'T EXIST, ALLAN!
Allan: Robin, I've changed. How can I get you to believe that?
[Robin shakes his head]
Robin: [Whispering] You can't.
[Allan looks sad]
Robin: [Whispering] And the funny thing might be telling the truth.
Allan: I am!
Robin: [Whispering] And how am I supposed to believe you any more?
Allan: Robin...I swear to you on my life!
[Robin unsheathes his dagger and puts it up up to Allan's neck]
Allan: Don't kill me. [Whispering] Please.
[Robin cuts off Allan's tag and waves the dagger above Allan's nose as he talks]
Robin: [Whispering] You are lucky I've left you with a life to swear upon. Never, never let me set eyes on you again.
[Robin leaves]

Djaq: I believe he could have changed.
Much: You knew it was him?
Djaq: I didn't know, I guessed.
Much: I knew it was him. Knew it was Allan.
[Much sheathes his sword and walks up to the hill where Djaq and Little John are. Robin and Will walk together]
Robin: Will. You forgive me?
[Will puts his hand on Robin's shoulder]
Will: It worked.
[Robin nods and Will walks up to the rest of the gang]
Robin: And the rest of you...
[Horses neigh in the distance]
Much: Travelers on the North Road.
Robin: Right. Are you with me?
[Much puts his arms up in a "do you even have to ask?" manner, Little John lets go of his staff then catches it again, Djaq smiles and Will gives a small nod]
Robin: Yeah? Well then let's go.
[He races past the gang to lead them, as he does so, Will pats him on the back, Much unsheathes his sword and they all run to the North Road, following Robin]

For England...! (2.06) edit

[Robin starts walking to Nottingham]
Much: Well you can't just decide to go and leave. Without planning. Without us.
Robin: Yes I can.
Much: It's the Black Knights!
[As the gang watch Robin walk off to Nottingham]
Much: Why does he do this? Why does he always, always do this?

Allan: [to Gisborne after Gisborne finds him standing up against a wall outside Locksley Manor, having knocked out the guards] Not being funny, your guards...useless!

[Robin notices Marian's hair pin and takes it from her hair]
Marian: [Whispering] Robin! This is not the time!
[Robin smiles. He holds up the hair pin up against the lock and puts it in the lock of the door and starts to unlock the door with it]
Marian: Will that work?
Robin: Trust me. I've done this before.
[The lock clinks]
Marian: With which girl's hair pin?
[Robin quietly laughs and Marian raises her eyebrows]

[Robin arrives at the camp as Will is working on a harp]
Robin: Right lads! Work to do. We're going to the castle.
Will: Why?
Robin: Why? To save England...Marian and her father. The Sheriff is hosting a celebration for the King's birthday's really a celebration for the Black Knights signing the pact. Will, you'll need to find us a way of getting into this party.
Will: I've already done it.
Robin: How?
[Will stands up]
Will: The castle announced this party weeks ago, yeah. Put out a call for entertainers and players. Well, it gave me an idea and...I've been busy.
[Holds out the harp]
Will: It's a harp.
[Robin nods and says "Mmm?"]
[Will hits the harp, it twangs and he holds up a recurve bow, which has been hidden as part of the harp]
Robin: Ha ha ha ha! [Will gives him the bow] It's a recurve bow.
[Will holds out a flute and gives it to Djaq]
Will: Djaq. It's a flute.
[Will pulls out the top of the flute and a dagger is hidden as part of the flute. Djaq chuckles]
[Much is holding a pipe]
Much: What does this do?
Will: Much, don't t-!
[Much blows into the pipe and a dart fires, Little John moves his head and the dart hits the beam just behind him. Much lowers the pipe in shock and Little John looks at him]
Much: Sorry.
Will: This is for you.
[He hands Much a guitar made with Much's shield and sword, hidden as part of the guitar]
[Will smiles and so does Much and Much also chuckles]
Robin: Will, you're a genius! And a magician!
Djaq: You're brilliant!
[Much unsheathes some of the sword up from the wooden scabbard of the guitar]
Much: You crafty craftsman!
[Much chuckles and Djaq unsheathes some of the dagger from the flute]
Little John: What about me?
Will: Ah!
[He turns to the side and picks up bells and holds them up]
Will: These are for you.
[He throws them to Little John]
Little John: Bells? What do they do?
Will: Oh...the...they're just bells.
Little John: Thanks.

[The jailer opens the door to Edward's cell]
Winchester: Edward.
Edward: Harry!
[Edward stands up]
Edward: My old friend!
[He hugs Winchester]
Winchester: What has happened to you?
[The jailer locks the door]
Winchester: Sit down.
[They sit]
Winchester: I've uh, had a visit from a friend of yours.
Edward: Robin. Excellent.
Winchester: He advised me not to back the wrong horse.
[Edward nods and says "Mmhm". Winchester exhales]
Winchester: But then I look where you've ended up...
Edward: Harry?
Winchester: I could back you Edward and end up stick in a cell with vermin! Or I could back the Sheriff and just get richer and more powerful. Rats or riches? [exhales] It's a tough choice.
Edward: cannot sign the pact.
Winchester: Oh, I will sign the pact
Edward: You are mad if you think you can trust the Sheriff.
Winchester: Trust? Oh, no. I don't trust anyone. You taught me that when you stole the woman I loved.
[He stands up]
Winchester: Jailer.
Edward: Kate? She chose me Harold, I didn't steal her.
Winchester: I was just thinking of her. I thought I saw her outside just now, a young woman, the very image of Kate.
[Pause. Edward looks up]
Winchester: She's your daughter! Of course! She's her mother's double. Well done, Edward! We wouldn't want her inheriting your looks now, would we?
[He walks outside of the cell and the Jailer closes the door]
Winhester: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
[As he says this, Edward stands up and moves to the door]
Winchester: I've just had an idea. If I couldn't have the mother...hmm? What's her name? Your precious little pea?
Edward: [Quietly] No!
Winchester: No? Now that's not a name now, is it?
[Winchester starts to walk away as Edward talks to him]
Edward: No! Harry, she's got nothing to do with this. Please!
Winchester: [To the Jailer] I don't think he likes me any more.
[Winchester walks away]
Edward: PLEASE!

Sheriff: Harry. You wanted a word. [Pause] What was the word?
Winchester: Sussex.
Sheriff: Sussex?
Winchester: Sussex.
Sheriff: Sussex. Hmm...
Winchester: I want it.
Sheriff: Sussex?
Winchester: I hold the key to the success of your plan. It has come to my attention that Buckingham and Spenser are nervous.
Sheriff: They'll do as they're told.
Winchester: Not if they see me falter. Not if they think you don't have access to the south coast, where King Richard is most likely to land. I have therefore decided my price for helping you is Sussex...oooh, and some of Surrey.
[Long Pause]
Sheriff: Harry!
[The Sheriff and Winchester laugh and Gisborne smiles]
Sheriff: Very good! Very good! Almost had me there.
Winchester: No, I'm serious. If you want this pact signed today, it'll cost you Sussex and some of Surrey.
Sheriff: [Quietly] Surrey.
Winchester: And the girl.
Sheriff: What girl?
Winchester: Uh, Marian.
Gisborne: No!
Sheriff: Shut up.
Winchester: By my calculations, you still gain Warwick, Lincoln and Cambridge and, uh, some of Surrey. And I have something to offer you, a little bonus, a little [as he raises his hand to his mouth, he kisses the tips of his fingers and exhales] sweetener. Still, if you're not playing...
[Long dramatic pause. Winchester walks to the other side of the map in the War Room]
[The Sheriff walks up to Winchester. As the Sheriff is right up to Winchester's face, he chuckles and then so does Winchester]
Sheriff: You...get Sussex. [Pause] I keep Surrey.
Winhcester: Oh, you drive a hard bargain. [Pause] It's a deal.
Gisborne: Marian stays.
Winchester: Non-negotiable, sorry. It's a personal thing, I won't bore you with the details.
Sheriff: The girl and Sussex and then you sign.
[Winchester exhales]
Winchester: Pleasure doing business with you.
Gisborne: My Lord.
Sheriff: Harry.
[Winchester who has started to walk away turns back]
Winchester: Mmm?
Sheriff: What was the sweetener?
Winchester: Later. You'll like it.
[Winchester leaves]
Gisborne: You cannot give him Marian!
Gisborne: What?
Sheriff: Find me somebody to hang! I want to see somebody TWITCH!
[Guards come in with Allan]
Guard: My lord, this man said you were going to see him.
Gisborne: Not now!
Sheriff: [pointing at Allan] He'll do.
Allan: What for?
Sheriff: Hang him.
Allan: What?!
Gisborne: No, this man works for me.
Sheriff: So?
Gisborne: So, he was my spy in Hood's camp.
Sheriff: "Was"?
Gisborne: Hood found him out.
Sheriff: Well, he's served his purpose then, hasn't he?!
Gisborne: My lord, he might still prove useful--
Sheriff: YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME, GISBORNE!!! Now you go and find that lady leper friend of yours, and you take her to see the nice Lord Winchester, then you bring him before me with a hood over his HEAD!!!
Allan: Hang on a minute, I'm on your team now! And I can help, honest! Guy?
Sheriff: [to Gisborne] La... [to Allan] Di-da-di-da!
[The Sheriff leaves]

[Gisborne has burst into Marian's room]
Marian: Guy! At least do me the courtesy of knocking.
Gisborne: Get your possessions, you're leaving.
Marian: What?
Gisborne: Now!
Marian: Why?
Gisborne: Winchester's made a deal with the Sheriff, you've become part of a negotiation.
Marian: [Quietly] Pardon?
[Gisborne walks up to the desk where Marian is sitting and slams his hand on the desk]
Gisborne: Winchester wants you.
Marian: Well tell him, he can't have me.
Gisborne: The Sheriff has agreed, [he walks away from her, makes sure the door is closed] I cannot protect you. [He walks back to Marian] Marian, listen to me, you have to run now!
[Marian stands up]
Marian: I can't, my father!
Gisborne: [Softly] I will take care of your father.
Marian: I cannot leave him!
Marian: I know. I can see that and I'm grateful, but...
[Gisborne puts a bag on the desk]
Gisborne: If the Sheriff knew I was doing this, my own life would be in danger!
Marian: Why do you work for him?
Gisborne: I have nobody.
Marian: Wha- So you choose him?!
Gisborne: I choose power! He is my route to position...standing!
Marian: He is mad, you know that!
Gisborne: No! He is single minded. He does not allow...distractions to pervert him from his course.
[Marian scoffs]
Marian: Distractions?! Like a little humanity?!
Gisborne: Humanity is weakness!
[She takes his arm]
Marian: You don't believe that!
Gisborne: You must leave this place. This money [He hands her a bag of money] will secure your passage, and I instructed a man on the West Gate to let you out.
[He puts his hand on her cheek]
Gisborne: [Softly] Marian... [He kisses her on her other cheek] Good luck.
[He walks to the door]
Gisborne: [Softly] Go! [He opens the door] Now!
[He closes the door and begins to walk away, but the Sheriff is standing by the door]
Sheriff: Excellent!

[Marian is about to escape and has left her room. Gisborne comes up and holds her arm]
Marian: Guy?
Gisborne: [Quietly] Marian... [Long Pause] I'm sorry.
[He nods to guards and they walk towards Marian]
Gisborne: The Sheriff's instructions.
[The guards grab Marian and Gisborne turns away]
Marian: What? Get off me. Guy.
[The guards put shackles on her]
Marian: Get off me! Get off me! Ugh, Guy!
[The "Guy!" echoes]

Winchester: Oh gag her, for God's sake. She's pretty until she speaks.

[Robin and the gang burst into Marian's room]
Robin: Marian?!
[Robin walks around the room and stops by the desk]
Robin: She's not here.
Much: What's the problem?
Robin: I wanted to talk to her before...
[He sits down by the desk]
Much: Before what? What did we have to warn her about?
[Robin opens a small box on the desk where there is spare parchment and he takes one]
Much: Robin!
Djaq: Much!
[Djaq shakes her head]
[Robin begins writing]
Robin: [Voice over] My dearest Marian, I fear we may not meet this life. For the things I did wrong, for the things I am about to do, but mostly for the life, for the love we could not have...I am truly sorry.
[Robin finishes writing, sniffles and closes the letter]
Robin: [Sombrely] I want you to give note to Marian.
Much: What for?
[Robin stands up]
Robin: There's been a change of plan.
[He rests his arms on the chair]
Robin: I want you to wait here for her.
Much: Aren't we supposed to help you and Winchester escape?
[Robin exhales and nods. Will holds up his violin]
Will: Yeah, after the show-down.
Robin: I'll deal with Winchester. Use the distraction to go down to the dungeons to release Sir Edward. Then take him and Marian to the forest, I'll meet you there.
Djaq: How are you and Winchester going to escape? If the castle guards find you...
Robin: Just do as I say. Please. I want you to give me your word.
[Djaq nods. Robin looks over to the other outlaws and Much and Little John nod. Robin nods]
Robin: Good.
[Robin walks to the door, sighs and turns to the gang]
Robin: And thank you, my friends.
[He leaves]

Robin: [To a Black Knight] I've a message for you. From King Richard.
[He punches him, knocking him out and drags him to a room to get changed into the Black Knight's clothes]

[Much is pacing]
Much: I don't like this. I hate it. It doesn't make sense. If Marian's in danger we should be looking for her! Robin's up to something!
[He stares at the letter and picks it up]
Djaq: No! You cannot open people's private letters!
[Much sighs and looks at Will who nods in a "she's got a point" way]
Will: John?
Little John: Read it.
[Much looks at Djaq and opens the letter and looks over it, then holds it out for Djaq to take]
Much: Read it for me.
[Djaq takes the letter and reads it aloud]
Djaq: "My dearest Marian, I fear we may not meet again in this life."
[The gang all look up to Djaq in shock]
Much: What?
Djaq: "We are both to be betrayed by Winchester".
[Scene transitions to Robin getting ready - wearing his Black Knights costume and sheathing throwing knives]
Robin: [Voice over] "I cannot allow it. All the Black Knights will be gathered together: [As he says their names, he sheathes a throwing knife] Winchester, Durham, Rotherham and the rest of the Sheriff's traitorous gang."
[Robin sighs]
Robin: [Voice over] "I may never have the chance again."
[Robin turns around and puts up his hood and cloak]
Robin: [Voice over] "And I cannot let this opportunity pass."
[Robin walks away. Scene transitions to him walking down a corridor]
Robin: [Voice over] "I must kill them."
[Robin walks through the door shows his ring with the Sheriff's insignia to Gisborne]
Robin: [Voice over] "I only hope you remember me well and forgive the brutality of what I'm going to do."
[Robin walks over to his chair and looks at the Sheriff]
Robin: [Voice over] If England is to live... [Winchester sits in his chair] they must die, and so I fear must I."
[Robin sits in his chair]
Robin: [Voice over] "Go to the woods to fight again. Go with my lads. I will see you in heaven."
Sheriff: Let the walls enclose us.
[The door slams shut]
Robin: [Voice over] "Goodbye, my love."

Much: [Out of breath, while him and the gang are running to Robin] If he dies, I die. If he dies, I die.

Sheriff: Little Robin redbreast is about to become fried chicken!

[Allan and Robin are standing on a plan of wood above a large cauldron with burning oil, with clubs in their hands being forced to fight each other]
Robin: [Quietly] You don't have to do this, Allan. Don't give them the satisfaction. Even if you do kill me, they won't let you go.
Sheriff: Come on! Poke him!
Allan: [Quietly] Y'know, if you'd have listened, you might have understood. You should have given me a second chance, Robin.
[A guard pokes him and he swings for Robin. They begin fighting]
Robin: How did you get to be so low?
[Allan laughs]
Allan: That's always been your problem. So high and mighty, eh? So much better than everyone else.
Robin: No. Just better than you.
[Robin swings for him]

[Will hits the guard from earlier with his guitar, knocking him out]
Will: See. Told you I was good with wood.

Allan: John. Friends.
[Little John punches him]
Little John: Traitor!

[After Winchester leaves with Marian]
Gisborne: [to the Sheriff; angrily] I'm surprised you gave in to his demands!
Sheriff: [through gritted teeth] I HAD TO GET HIS SIGNATURE!
[Gisborne glares at him, then miserably hangs his head]
Sheriff: [quietly, grinning evilly] But now... I have his signature.
Gisborne: [catching on] I'll send a squad of men.
Sheriff: No. No, we'll do this one quietly. [indicates Allan] Bring your boy.

Sheriff: Did you think I would just smile and let you have Sussex? [chuckles] A clue: NO.
[Gisborne, who has crept up behind Winchester, stabs him in the back]

[Much is angry and hits the soup bowl with a ladle]
Little John: What?!
Much: I'm trying to think of a good bit. Even on a bad day, there's always something good, as my mother used to say. There must be something!
Djaq: Much! Shut up!
Much: The Sheriff's got the pact, Allan is Gisborne's man, Marian's galloped off...! [Pause] I mean someone help me, because I'm struggling.
Will: Shut up!
Much: Robin's alive. That's a good thing, 'cause for a moment, that was looking...
Robin: Much, shut up!
[Much sits down and takes a bowl of stew]
Much: Well we can't just eat in silence!
Robin, Little John, Will, Djaq: SHUT UP!
[They all throw bread at Much]

Show Me The Money (2.07) edit

Much: [About why the strongroom is empty] I don't know, but what I do know is it's a good job no-one's heard us. [Whispering] Last time there were dogs!
[Dogs are heard and then seen barking]
Much: Run?
[Robin sighs]

Will: So, we're taking money from the rich to give to the...
Little John: Rich.
Will: Right.

Much: [regarding giving money to John of York, so he can pay the bond for Beatrice to Canon Birkley] Can't we just give them a toasting fork?

Marian: [regarding John of York, who has appeared at the top of a turret, pointing a bow and arrow at the Sheriff] What's that man doing?
John of York: I want my money!
Marian: Is he mad?
Robin: Yes. He's in love.

Robin: [To Canon Birkley] And I promise you, if you don't tell my friend where the money is, God won't be your friend...he'll be your next door neighbour!

[John of York unsheathes his sword, ready to attack Canon Birkley]
Birkley: At-at! You made a promise to God not to hurt me.
[John of York sheathes his sword. Robin nods]
Robin: He did.
[He punches Birkley, who falls down the stairs]
Robin: I didn't.
John of York: Thank you.

John of York: I am truly beholden to you all.
Robin: It's what we do.
John of York: No. You have no idea what she means to me.
Robin: Let me guess, you can't sleep for thinking of her, you can't turn a corner without hoping she'll be there.
John of York: You have these feelings?
[Robin turns, smiles and turns back]
Robin: I'm just guessing.

[Marian is caught in Robin's trap]
Marian: Robin!
[Robin and his men arrive]
Robin: Yes, my love?
Marian: Get me down!
Robin: But you look so good up there!
Marian: You will pay for this Robin of Locksley!
Robin: Honestly! You look gorgeous from any angle!
[Marian gets out of the trap and punches Robin in the stomach. The other outlaws say "Ooh!"]
Marian: How do I look from that angle?

Marian: [Regarding why she can't live in the forest] Well, green doesn't suit me.
Robin: It's your father, isn't it?
Marian: I can't turn my back on him.
Robin: What I said earlier...
Marian: What?
Robin: You know, up there. [he gestures to when she was caught in the trap] I said you were gorgeous.
[Marian smiles, then so does Robin]
Robin: I meant it.
[They smile. Marian notices John of York arriving]
Marian: And I meant what I said.
[She gets on her horse]
Marian: One day, you will pay Robin of Locksley.
[She smiles at John of York, then at Robin and rides off. Robin and John watch her ride off]
John of York: [to Robin] "Just guessing". Liar.

Allan: Robin, please. I'm not Judas.
Robin: And I'm no Jesus.

[Robin has Allan pinned to the floor and is holding a dagger up to his neck]
Allan: Please. Don't kill me. I don't want to die.
[Marian rushes over]
Marian: Robin, spare him!
Robin: I can't.
[Marian kneels next to Robin]
Marian: Please. Please. Do it for me.
Robin: I'm doing this for you. To protect you.
[She puts her hand on his cheek]
Marian: If you love me, you will let him go.
Robin: I do love you. And that's why I can't let him live. Because one day, he'll do something to take you away from me!
Allan: I wouldn't.
Marian: Please. Don't let his blood taint us.
[Robin lets Allan go, Marian takes the knife and Allan crawls away. As he crawls up to a sack, Marian throws the dagger, which just misses Allan and hits the sack. Allan turns his head to her in shock]
Marian: You owe me your life, don't you ever betray me!
[Allan shakes his head]
Allan: I won't. [crawls away]
Marian: It took you a long time to tell me that.
Robin: Tell you what?
Marian: You know...
[Robin laughs then so does Marian]
Robin: I must have been half concussed.
Marian: Well you'll be fully concussed if you don't watch out.
[Robin smiles]

[After Edward has saved Robin's life and has tussled with Birkley, who has a dagger after the latter was threatening Robin with a dagger, Robin is pointing his bow and arrow at Birkley]
Robin: [Shouting] Leave it, Birkley! You are a man of the cloth, you cannot kill!
Birkley: And you, Hood, are a man of war who cannot kill!
[Robin fires an arrow straight at Birkley's heart, killing him instantly. He falls to the ground. Will arrives and looks at Birkley, then Robin in shock. Djaq looks in shock at Robin and Much looks in shock at Birkley]
Robin: Try me.
[Edward turns around and has the dagger in his chest]
Robin: Edward!
Much: No!
[Robin and Much rush over to Edward helping him to the ground and kneel next to him]
Robin: Help him down! Djaq!
[Djaq kneels next to Edward]
Djaq: Don't remove the knife. I'll prepare my instruments.
[Djaq runs off]
Robin: John! Get John and Beatrice to safety. Now!
Little John: [To John of York and Beatrice] Go! Now!
[He runs away with them]
Edward: Leave me.
Robin: I will not, sir!
Edward: I will slow you down.
Robin: [To Much. Softly] Go. Go.
Much: Ok.
[Much leaves]
Edward: You'll need this... [He reaches for the pact and hands it to Robin] [Quietly] pact.
Robin: You will not give up your life for mine.
Edward: For England!
Edward: You know, I've never quite understood my daughter's feelings for you.
Robin: Well, I probably don't deserve them.
Edward: No, I think you do. Robin, listen. For Marian to lose us both would kill her.
Robin: Edward. Edward, that is not going to happen!
Edward: Give her a message.
[Robin nods]
Edward: Tell...Tell her...It's good to dream.
[Robin nods]
Robin: I will.
[Robin takes Edward's hand and Edward takes Robin's hand. Edward smiles and dies]
[Robin starts to cry, but on hearing Gisborne and guards, leaves]
Gisborne: Who's there?
[Gisborne notices Birkley and then Edward and kneels next to Edward]
Gisborne: [Softly] Edward. [Whispering] Marian.

Marian: My father died thinking he had a wilful daughter.
Robin: No! He gave me a message. "It's good to dream."
[Robin kisses her hand and hugs her]

[John of York and Beatrice are astride a white horse. Little John is waiting to pull the horse away]
[John of York shakes Robin's hand]
John of York: Thank you.
[Robin and Marian step back and Much walks up to John of York and Beatrice holding a toasting fork. He hands it to John]
Much: Toasting fork.
[John of York laughs and laughs while talking]
John of York: Thank you.
[Little John leads on the horse then lets it go and steps to the side as John of York and Beatrice leave. Little John waves goodbye. As they leave, Djaq and Will who are holding bowls filled with flower petals, shower them in the petals as they go. Robin, Much and Marian clap as John and Beatrice leave]
Much: Good luck!
Robin: You did disarm the trap didn't you, Will?
[A thud is heard and then the ring from the gong]
[Will looks at Robin, then after a pause drops the bowl of flowers, quickly pats Robin and runs off to help John of York and Beatrice. Robin, Little John, Much, Marian and Djaq run after him]

Get Carter! (2.08) edit

Sheriff: Stop whining, Gisborne. If I wanted a wife, I'd have found one with better legs!

Sheriff: Do you know what you've got to do?
Carter: Retrieve The Great Pact of Nottingham and kill Robin Hood. Believe me, my Lord, nothing would give me greater pleasure. Robin Hood is as good as dead.

[Carter arrives at the fight in Clun on horseback and throws a throwing knife at a guard. Much sees this]
Much: Who is that?
[Robin fights]
Much: Robin. Gallows!
[Robin races up near the gallows fighting guards. Carter throws another throwing knife at a guard. He watches Robin fight. Robin continues to fight and Carter runs up to him, noticing a guard about to attack]
Carter: Friend, behind you!
[Robin fights the guard and Carter runs up to him. As Robin knocks out the guard, he notices Carter has picked up his bow and is aiming it at a noose. Long pause as Robin and Much watch Carter aiming. Carter fires the arrow which hits the noose, snapping it and freeing a villager]
[Much, Will and Djaq are now gathered behind Carter and Robin]
[Carter hands Robin his bow back]
Much: [To Will] He's good.
Will: He's very good.
[Carter nods to Robin and Robin laughs. Carter turns to Much, Will and Djaq and Will nods at him]

Marian: Don't ever tie me up!
Robin: Well, you didn't listen to your orders!
Marian: People were dying!
Robin: Marian, you can't be seen with us!
Marian: Why not?! Robin, I am with you!
Robin: 'Cause if the Sheriff finds out or Gisborne then you can never go back to the castle.
Marian: I don't want to go back.
Robin: Well, I'm glad. But you're not ready to make that decision.

[Carter facing away, has cut his arm, allowing blood to drip down his hand. The gang arrive]
Robin: Thank you, friend. I owe you my life.
Carter: Yes, you do.
[He turns around to face Robin]
Carter: But I won't take it yet. Carter.
[Robin walks up to him and shakes his hand]
Robin: Robin Hood.
[Much walks to Carter and shakes his hand]
Much: Much. Nice, er, [He mimics throwing a knife] move. Have we met?
Carter: No, I...we've never met.

Much: [To Djaq] I'm sure I know him.
Djaq: [Whispering] Much, let it be!
Much: I know that face.

Much: You must be disappointed with er, the wound. Y'know, if you're planning on going back to the Holy Land and kill him.
Carter: He's here.
Much: In England!
Much: It's not me, is it?
[Robin laughs, Carter smiles]

Sheriff: By the way, Marian sends a message.
Guy of Gisborne: What message?
Sheriff: "I'm not coming back, get over it... and for God's sake, change your clothes once in a while."
[The Sheriff laughs]
Guy of Gisborne: Very funny.

Sheriff: She's not coming back, Guy. Move on.

Carter: Tell me where you've hidden it
Robin: I'll die first.
Carter: No, your friends will die, [He glances at Much and Marian, who are tied up together.] one by one, til you tell me where it is.
[Robin glances back at Much and Marian]
Carter: See? That little look back. It revealed your weakness. Never look back, my friend. Now I know I've won. So...who should we start with? Your little sidekick from the Holy Land...or do you have a soft spot for the girl?
[Robin aims his bow and arrow at Carter]
Carter: I thought so.

Robin: Just go and cook something.
Marian: Why, because I'm a woman?
Robin: No, because I'm hungry!

Marian: Why would you help me?
Allan: I'm not all bad!
Allan: Write a note, just say that you want to be left alone - bit of praying, grieving or whatever.
Marian: And all letters from the convent have to be sealed by the Mother Superior.
Allan: I'll sort it.
Marian: How?
Allan: I'm good with nuns.

Robin: I think there's a reason you never like looking back. Because you don't want to see what you've done. Because you don't like what you've done.

Robin: Much was right, wasn't he? You did meet in the Holy Land.
Carter: We didn't meet. He met my brother.
Robin: What was his name?
Carter: You don't remember? You should.
[They continue fighting and stop]
Carter: Thomas.
Robin: Thomas?

Carter: You killed him. You ordered him into that village. [He picks up his sword] He called for help, but none came. You let him die.
Robin: I remember him. He was a good fighter.
Carter: He was a war hero.
Robin: Yeah. But he stopped listening. Thought he was invincible. We said it was dangerous, he wouldn't listen. He led the charge into that village. We tried to save him. I tried.

[Carter is unwilling to believe the truth about his brother]
Carter: No. I was there when they brought his body back. The stretch bearers told me everything.
Robin: I told them to make up the story. So that his family would remember him as a war hero and not a fool who got himself killed.

Robin: He cried when he died.
Carter: No.
Robin: He cried and he said "Tell my family I didn't cry. Tell them I was laughing on the wrong side of my face".
Carter: That's what he used to say "laughing on the wrong side of his face". How did you know that?
Robin: Because I held him in my arms as he died.

[Robin has permitted Carter to kill him, if it will help him. Carter is about to stab him]
Robin: [Quietly] He was a hero. Just not on that day.
[Carter drops his sword and falls to the ground]
Carter: What am I doing here? What have I done?
Carter: Help me. My brother. I loved him so much.
[He begins to cry]
Robin: [Softly] Hey. It's alright.
[He kneels next to Carter, ruffles his hair and hugs him]
Robin: [Softly] It's alright. It's alright.
[Much and Djaq burst into the barn]
Much: Are you alright?
[Robin nods]
Much: Why is he crying?
Robin: He's not crying. He's laughing on the wrong side of his face.

Gisborne: Saddle my horse.
Allan: Oh, I don't really do saddling.
Gisborne: Do as you're told.
Allan: Sure.
[Gisborne walks away]
Allan: Where are we going?
Gisborne: Ripley Convent.
Allan: Yeah? Hang on doesn't she want to be on her own, grieving and that?
[Gisborne runs back to Allan and kicks him]
Gisborne: GET MY HORSE!
Allan: Alright. Alright.

Carter: Thomas was my hero. Whatever he did, I had to do too. And when he joined the Knights Templar...I knew I had to follow. I had only just joined when...when he died.
Much: Thomas. You look like him. That's why I recognized you.
Carter: I was determined to carry on for him. To be as good as him. To get to the very top. I joined the King's private guard.
Much: [To Robin] Like us.
[Robin winks then smiles at Much]

Much: I can't believe we're trusting him. He tried to kill us.
Robin: Of all of us, you and I know what war can do to a man.
Much: I've been to war, but I didn't come back a mad killer.
Robin: Well, the demons work in different ways, don't they?
[Much sighs]
Robin: But they're still the same demons.
Much: I've got demons. You've never held me like you held him.
Robin: Much.
Much: You haven't.
Much: You never listen to my story.
Robin: It's because I was there with you. It's my story too.
Much: Yeah, I know. It's just we never talked about it. We never talk.
Robin: Alright. Well let's talk.
Much: No. Not if you're doing it to humour me. No.
Robin: Oh, come on, Much!
Much: Whatever I say you never listen to me anyway.
Robin: You know that's not true.
[Much and then Robin stop walking]
[Much gestures to Carter with the hilt of his sword]
Much: I told you I recognised Carter from the Crusades. You didn't believe me. You'd believe Marian. You spend time with her.
Robin: Much.
[He glances over to the other outlaws and puts his arms on Much's shoulders and sighs]
Robin: Old have a special place in my heart.
Much: Do I?
Robin: Well do I really need to say it?
Much: No. Of course not.
[Robin shakes Much's hands in a brotherly fashion and walks off]
Much: Just once in a while would be nice.

Sheriff: We have...bad days. We have good days. And when we have Robin Hood laid out dead on our table, [Shouts at Robin Hood] WE HAVE THE BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!!!

Guy: Marian, do you really expect me to believe that you have given yourself to God?
Marian: I assure you I haven't given myself to anybody -- yet.
Guy: Good. Because until you do, I will always believe that there is a chance for you and me.
Marian: I need to think.
Guy: Stop thinking. Come home to me!
Marian: You burned my home to the ground!
Guy: If I could take that back -- if I could show you the side of me that wants to build a home, not burn it down...
Marian: I've seen it!
Guy: Then why do you reject it?! I thought I might never see you again.

Robin: [Noticing Marian with Gisborne] [Whispering] What's she doing here?
Carter: She saved your life.

Robin: Don't kill anyone unless you have to.
Carter: Spoilsport.

Robin: [To Carter, regarding the amount of guards and Carter's statement that the guards will kill them] Aah! Come on, we're much to good for that!

Carter: [after jumping off the turret walkway of the castle into a cart full of hay, after guards have chased them] Do you do this often?
Robin: I seem to, yeah.
Carter: Y'know, it really would be easier to kill them.
[Robin laughs]
Robin: I know.
[They get up]
Robin: But where would be the fun in that, eh?

Robin: Well, you disobeyed me.
Marian: I saved your life.
Robin: You kissed Gisborne.
Marian: And you tied me up.
Robin: You could have got us all killed.
Marian: I'm sorry. I'm not used to taking orders, but I can learn. I'd like to be a part of your gang.
Robin: And I'm not used to having you in the forest but...I'll learn.
Marian: Truce?
Robin: Yeah, truce.
[They walk down to Carter who is astride a horse]
Robin: Goodbye, my friend.
[Carter waves back at Robin and looks at Will who nods at him]
[Carter leaves]
[Robin has folded his arms and Marian tries to hold his hand. Robin notices this and releases his other hand and holds her hand]
[Robin laughs and Marian smiles]
[As Carter is about to turn a corner, he stops and waves goodbye to the gang. Will, Much, Djaq and Little John wave back and Robin and Marian smile]

Lardner's Ring (2.09) edit

Allan: Give us the letter!
McClellan: It's for Robin of Locksley and his eyes only!
Allan: Just give it to us or we'll take it from you.
[Arrowshot is heard and an arrow comes through a guard's chest, he falls over revealing Robin standing behind him.]
Robin: Don't you know it's rude to read other people's mail?

Marian: Do you practice little speeches like that?
Robin: Like what?
Marian: "You'll be so full of arrows you'll look like hedgehogs?"
Robin: No. It just came to mind.
Marian: You practice don't you?
Robin: No!

Marian: Would you like to say a few words?
[Robin nods. Long pause]
Marian: [Softly] Go on then.
Robin: Will you marry me?
Marian: [Softly] What?
[She smiles]
Robin: When I first held my bow, I knew. It felt right. Like it had been made for me. And that's how I feel about you. I promised your father I would protect and look after you.
[Marian smiles and nods slightly]
Robin: But it works both ways. I look after my bow because it protects and looks after me. Together we're stronger. So...
[He walks over to her and genuflects]
Robin: Marian. [Whispering] Will you marry me?
[Marian exhales/laughs in shock]
Marian: [Quietly] Robin, of every single man in the are the only one...
Robin: Well is that a yes?
Marian: [Quietly] Will you let me finish?
[Robin exhales]
Robin: I'm sorry.
Marian: [Quietly] The only one who would... propose over a fresh comparing me to your weapon.
[As she says "weapon" she laughs]
Robin: Well is that a no?
Marian: [Softly] Who'll give me away?
Robin: I can ask the King.
[Marian nods and then so does Robin]
[Marian exhales]
Marian: [Softly] So we find Lardner and bring the King home. Defeat the Sheriff and then get married.
[She smiles as she says "then get married"]
[Robin smiles, looks away, smiling and lowers his head and nods]
Robin: [As he's standing up] [Whispering] Well that sounds like a plan.
[Marian laughs and smiles and wraps her arms around Robin's neck and they kiss]

[The Fool is entertaining the Sheriff, Gisborne and others]
Fool: "Richard the Lionheart", they call him! Now, going into battle in a foreign land, it's not the heart of a lion you want, is it? Since when did a heart hurt anybody?! Come on, then! Come on! I’ve got the heart of a lion! You can imagine the Saracens translating that, can't you? "He's got the what of a lion?!" The teeth? The jaws? The claws? Nooooo! The heart! Richard the Lionclaw, "Jerusalem's yours, come in, sit down, help yourself!" Lionheart?!
Sheriff: [to Gisborne] He's good. Very good.
Fool: Forget about it! It's no wonder it’s taking so long over there, is it? [Laughter. The Sheriff laughs and Gisborne smiles] Mind you, mind you... It's better than his brother, isn't it? Prince John. [deadly silence] What's Prince John doing? Sitting at home? Heart of a dormouse?
[Two soldiers seize the Fool]
Sheriff: [angrily] Prince John is a friend of mine.
Fool: [freeing himself] It's a joke! It's what I do! I do other things. Let's try some soothsaying. [to a guard who has a hold of him] Sit down! [He makes the guard sit] Sit down! [The guard stands up again] I'll make some predictions, and then I'll make them come true. Someone in this room will bare their buttocks to the Sheriff tonight!
Fool: [As the soldiers seize him again and start dragging him away] Look, hang on! Prediction two: Sir Guy's joint will rise from the dead!
Gisborne: What's that supposed to mean?
Fool: Your woodcock, Sir Guy. I can bring it back to life.
Gisborne: Get rid of him!
[The guards start dragging him away]
Fool: You'll like my third prediction, it's about Prince John. One day, Prince John will be King of England!
Sheriff: I know that already.
Fool: But did you know that there's something in Nottingham that can stop him?
Sheriff: Like what?
[The Fool puts his legs around the beam]
Fool: Lardner's Ring.
Sheriff: What is "Lardner's Ring"?
Fool: Well, let me go and I'll tell you.
Sheriff: [to the soldiers] Lock him in the cellar overnight. Flog him in the morning. And then he'll tell us! Now that really is funny!
[The Sheriff and others roar with laughter; Gisborne smiles]
Fool: You should listen to me, I know what I'm talking about!
[As he is being dragged away, The Fool's legs are still wrapped around the beam, causing his trousers to fall down]
Fool: Ah! The first prediction! I told you, and the others will follow. Beware the power of Lardner's Ring!
[The Fool smiles as he is dragged out of the room]

Robin: Where's, er, where's Will and Djac?
Much: They said they've gone to get some honey.
Little John: They'll be back soon.
Much: If that's all they've gone for. Well, why does it need two of them? Hmm? "Honey" is one of those things.
Robin: What things?
Much: What do you call it when you use a sweet, innocent word but what you really mean is something else?
Little John: A lie.
Much: No.
Marian: A euphemism.
Much: Euphemism. Exactly. Yes, there's a bit too much honey going on around here, if you ask me.
[Robin and Marian chuckle and smile ]
Much: Will and Djac nipping off together. You two going on long walks in the forest.
Little John: He's jealous.
[Robin smiles and raises his eyebrows]
Much: What happened to fighting for justice and rebelling against the Sheriff?! We should be sticking together, instead we're splitting into couples. And to be perfectly honest, [he puts his arm around Little John] I don't fancy mine much.
[Marian chuckles]
Much: Anyway, while you two have been off gallivanting...
Robin: We haven't been gallivanting!
Much: I know what you were doing
Marian: We were burying a corpse in the forest.
Much: [To Robin] Is that a euphemism?

[After Allan returns from his failure to catch McClellan, with one of his two helpers dead with an arrow in his chest]
Gisborne: Where is he?
Allan: [sheepishly] Err... he's dead.
Gisborne: What about the message?
Allan: Well, we got part of it, yeah, but Robin turned up--
Sheriff: TURNED UP?! And got his message?!
Allan: I don't know. Look, he kind of took us by surprise! All we heard him say was "Lardner", that was it.
Sheriff: [grabs the arrow in the soldier's chest; simmering] "Lardner"? That's what he said?
[Long, tense silence, as the Sheriff pulls the arrow all the way out; suddenly, he explodes with rage and throws it at Gisborne]
Sheriff: I BLAME YOU FOR THIS!!! [throws food and utensils from the table at him and Allan] YOU HAD HIM ON YOUR DOORSTEP, AND YOU LET HIM ESCAPE!!! YOU AND YOUR IMBECILES!!! SIX... LEGS... AGAINST... ONE... AND THE ONE... GOT AWAY?!?!

Sheriff: Ah, Gisborne the Gullible! Got something to show you. [holds the Fool's lid over an apple on the platter, and puts it down repeatedly] First you see it... then you don't. There it is... and there it isn't.
Gisborne: [impatiently] Yeah, what's your point? [the Sheriff puts both hands on the handle and lifts up the lid; the apple is gone] How'd you do that?
Sheriff: You simply pull up on the handle here, the claw grabs hold of the bird. You lift up the lid, the bird's gone. The cooked bird has been hollowed out, you put a live dove inside it, and then la-di-da-di-da - plateful of bird's wings! Your fool, he's no "sorcerer"! He's no "soothsayer", and he cannot predict the future!

Djaq: [Seeing Gisborne threaten to cut off a finger of a woman who can't get her ring off, as Gisborne, Allan and his men search for Lardner's ring] Stop!
[Gisborne turns and Will and Djaq are now standing up]
Djaq: I know who Lardner is...and I know about his ring.
Will: Let the woman go.
Gisborne: You're in Robin Hood's gang, aren't you?
Will: Let the woman go!
[Gisborne raises the woman's hand and drops it]
Gisborne: Now tell me about Lardner.
Djaq: You'll have to catch us first!
[Djaq runs off, Will smiles at Gisborne and runs. Djaq unties her horse, gets on and rides of. As guards chase after Will, he struggles to untie his horse]
Will: [To himself, quietly] Come on!
[Guards arrive and Will kills one with his axe and knocks out another one with his elbow. He flips his axe in his hands and runs away, but is tackled by a guard]

Djaq: Back home, my uncle had a friend - the Sultan's official pigeon handler.
Much: He handles pigeons?
Djaq: Yes. He handles pigeons.
Much: Job, I suppose.
Djaq: It's a very important job, Much!
[Much looks down, Little John gives him a look]
Djaq: The Sultan's best pigeon - the smallest and quickest - was a pigeon called La Denah.
[Scene transitions to the Fool also talking about Lardner to the Sheriff with Will, Allan and Gisborne present]
Fool: The Saracens use pigeons to carry messages. They place the message around a little ring connected to the bird's foot. They let it go and it flies off. And it doesn't matter how far away you release it, because it will [He emphasises the following words] always find it's way home.
[Scene transitions to Djaq and the gang]
Djaq: But it's not home that their searching's their mate. You split the two of them up and a pigeon would fly to the ends of the Earth faster and straighter than any man ever could...just to be with the one they love.
Robin: So, we could get a message to King Richard halfway around the world in no time at all.
Djaq: A matter of days.
Much: Well that's incredible!
Djaq: My question is: Why is King Richard using the Sultan's best pigeon?
Robin: Well maybe they formed an alliance or something.
Djaq: Or King Richard and his army have helped themselves. If they've got La Denah, they've got the Sultan. And if they've got the Sultan...they've got everyone.
Marian: [Whispering to Robin] We have to go back to the tree.

[The Fool takes the key off of Allan's belt and hugs his leg, so he won't notice]
Fool: Please! Have mercy! Don't let them do this to me!
[Allan moves the Fool off him]
Allan: Hey...
[Allan looks down and notices that the Fool has taken they key and looks back at the Fool]
Fool: I don't do tragedy, I do comedy.
Allan: Well watching you swing'll be comedy.
[Allan slaps the Fool]
Sheriff: [To Allan] Very good.
[The Sheriff and Gisborne leave and Allan follows]
[The Fool who has his eyes closed and head back after Allan has hit him, opens his hand to Will, showing the key. Will looks over to Allan and Allan looks back at Will then leaves]

Sheriff: If Robin gets the bird, it means the King knows our plans. And the last thing we need is the King and his army coming back to England before we're ready for them! So, we must catch the pigeon! Catch the pigeon now!

[Djaq, Little John and Much are thinking of what to write to King Richard, with Djaq writing]
Little John: Come home.
Much: It needs more immediacy.
Little John: Come home now.
Much: Come home immediately.
Little John: Too many words.
Much: What?
Djaq: Lardner's a pigeon not an eagle. More words, more weight.
Much: It's one word! Same as now.
Little John: So use now.
Djaq: Too many cooks!
Much: Right. "Your Majesty, no reinforcements. Prince John plans to steal your throne."
Djaq: Plots. Plots is a better word.
Little John: Plots is better.
Much: "Your Majesty, no reinforcements. Prince John plots to steal your throne. Come" Short, sharp and to the point.
Djaq: I'll add "Make peace" before "Come home". "Make peace immediately".
Much: Ah...I do like immediately.
[The Fool appears]
Fool: You need more emotion.
[Much, Djaq and Little John raise their weapons towards The Fool]
Much: Who are you?
Fool: And alliterate - alliteration makes it much more memorable.
Much: How did you get here?
Fool: I appear, I disappear, it's what I do.
[Will arrives in a guards' uniform and as he speaks, he removes the "mask"]
Will: He's with me.
[They unsheathe their weapons]
Djaq: I thought you were caught.
Fool: Madam, manacles are mere mist for me and my... [He looks at Will] my mate.
[Will looks back at him]
Will: Have you heard about the pigeon?
Much: Yeah. Robin and Marian have gone back to the tree to get it.
Will: Yeah, well, so has the Sheriff and Gisborne. They've got them surrounded in that tree.
Little John: We have to go! Now!
Much: Immediately!

Much: [After being shushed by Djaq, while looking for the tree] I won't be shushed, we're looking for a tree in a forest!

Fool: We need to make Robin and Marian disappear.
Much: How do we do that?
Fool: A puff of smoke.

Robin: [As he is about to escape by zip lining down the rope via his bow] You'll have to put your arms around me.
Marian: No. I'm not coming.
Robin: Marian, we haven't got time for this!
Marian: Then go before they see the rope.
Robin: Is this about Gisborne?
Marian: No. I can be of more use in the castle. And being apart will tear me apart, but I know I'm more good in the castle.
Robin: Give me your hand.
Marian: No.
Robin: Just give me your hand.
Marian: Is this a trap?
[Robin places the engagement ring on Marian's finger]
Robin: It's an engagement ring.
[Marian smiles]
Robin: This morning we had a plan.
Marian: Yes. Find Lardner, bring the king home, defeat the Sheriff and then get married. In that order, Robin. First things first. This isn't what I want to do, but it's what I have to do.
Robin: I love you.
Marian: I love you too.
[They kiss and then Robin escapes]

Much: Cheer up!
Robin: What have I got to be cheery about?
Much: Well we've got a visitor.
[Robin notices the Fool]
Robin: Who are you?
Will: No, not him.
[Will unveils Lardner from is sleeve]
Will: It's Lardner. Say hello.
[Robin laughs]
Robin: You're joking!
[Will shakes his head and smiles]
Fool: When you want something to disappear, the trick is to divert the audience's attention.
Will: We switched the birds.
Fool: I just happened to have a spare stuck up my sleeve.
[Will laughs]

Walkabout (2.10) edit

Woman in forest: Who are you?
Sheriff: I am the man with a plan.

Robin: Will, I want you to look after Marian.
Will: Yeah, sure.
Robin: Will, I need you to promise. She has to live...even if no-one else does.
[He gives Marian's engagement ring to Will]

Much: Ah, I like this. The two of us on a mission. I mean, no offense to the others, but it's just like the old days, in the Holy Land.
Much: Master, you know that ring, the one Marian gave it some sort of code?
Robin: No. I gave it to her in the tree.
Much: You giving jewelry! She must have been surprised. She must have thought you were going to propose!
Robin: I did. And she said yes.
[Much is shocked. Pause]
Robin: Well, this is the moment when you say "Congratu-"
Much: Congratulations.
[Much smiles and they hug]
Much: She said yes?
Robin: She did.
Robin: Let's just hope we can live to enjoy it. Come on.
[He walks away and Much stands still looking sad before continuing to walk]

[Allan walks up to Will, who is by the gate of Nottingham, looking at the dust that the army is creating]
Allan: I don't think we're going to get out of this, Will.
[Allan is thinking]
Allan: But if we you reckon I could come back?
[Will scoffs]
Will: It's too late, Allan. Miles too late.
Allan: Alright, I made some mistakes.
Will: "Mistakes"?! You deliberately betrayed us!
Allan: Yeah, strictly speaking. But it's not that simple, Will. I know how this place works now. It'll help Robin. What do you think - the old team back together?
Will: You're with Gisborne now. There's no coming back from there.
[Will leaves]

[Will walks up to Marian]
Marian: Will! Any news from Robin?
[Will shakes his head]
Will: Marian... you have to live.
Marian: There's no way out.
Will: I promised [He holds out her engagement ring] Robin you'd be safe.
[He gives Marian the ring and walks off]

Djaq: We have to find the Sheriff.
[He walks off]
Little John: I don't care about the Sheriff.
Djaq: Alright. Then you don't care about Nottingham.

Will: You have to do it.
Marian: There must be another way!
Will: Marian, there is a ring of steel around Nottingham. Even if you got beyond the walls, you'd be cut down.
Marian: Then we'll fight as best we can.
Will: As much as I hate have to marry him.
Marian: No!
Will: Wherever you are... Wherever you are, Robin will move heaven and Earth, he will find you.
[He emphasizes the following words and gestures with his hands]
Will: Just stay alive.
[Marian walks away]

[Gisborne races back to the castle]
Gisborne: MARIAN!
Marian: You came back!
Gisborne: If I'm going to die, I'm going to die by your side.
Gisborne: [To everyone] To arms!

[Robin and Much find the Sheriff in their camp. Much walks up to the Sheriff who is standing in the]
Much: Out of my kitchen!

[After Nottingham is nearly burned for the Sheriff's disappearance]
Sheriff: One day. I'm away for one day! And look at it! Huh?! LOOK AT IT!!!

Gisborne: My lord, what happened? Where did you go?
Sheriff: Just thought I'd see how you'd cope without me for a day.
Gisborne: Hood found you.
Sheriff: And?
Gisborne: He could still be here. We could still get him.
Sheriff: No, no! I don't need him any more! Single-handedly-- Eh? I, single-handedly, managed to infiltrate Hood's secret camp and retrieve the pact! [cackles dementedly] The pact! [pats his trousers, only to find it gone] The pact! The pact! No... [grabbing Gisborne's shoulders] THE PACT!!! THE PAAAAAAACT!!! GET HIM!!! GET AFTER HIM!!!

Treasure Of The Nation (2.11) edit

Robin: And what are we looking for?
Legrand: Thesaurus Patriae.
Djaq: That's Latin for treasure of the nation.
Legrand: She speaks Latin. What a woman!
[Djaq smiles]

[Robin places the King's first message over a candle and red stars are revealed encircling the King. He repeats the process with the second message and puts the second message over the first]
Robin: See? Zaffre. It's an element used in alchemy. It only shows itself when applied to heat.
Paxton: Very clever.
Legrand: It may be clever, but it still doesn't look like anything,

[Everyone is looking at the two messages, with the second on top of the first]
Much: No, no, no. Look, it's the night sky. Djaq? See - that's the moon, there's the night sky and there are the stars.
Djaq: No, Much. They don't work that way.
Will: And that's the sun, if anything.
Robin: Yeah.
Paxton: It could be a circle?
Robin: What?
Paxton: A circle.
Will: [pointing at the message] Yeah, these could be stones, foundation stones of a building and the sword is pointing at the entrance.
[Whistling is heard]
[Legrand's men unsheathe their swords]
Robin: Hold! Hold, hold.
[Whistling is heard again]
Much: I think that might be for you.
Robin: Yeah. Carry on working. I'll be back.
[Robin leaves]
Paxton: [To Much] That signal... is that a member of the gang?
Much: Something like that.
[Scene transition - Robin looks around for Marian, who is sitting on a high tree branch. Marian smiles and laughs as he looks around for her]
Marian: I'm up here.
[Robin smiles goes over to her, and she moves down from the top branch of a tree to the bottom]
[They kiss twice]
Robin: Ah, I've missed you.
[They kiss]
Marian: I've missed you. Do you know what's happening in Locksley?
Robin: What do you mean?
Marian: Gisborne's turned out all the villagers. He's made it a garrison for his mercenaries.
Robin: What about the people? Where are the villagers?
Marian: In the forest...or with families from other villages.
Robin: Right, well...we'll get food to them.
Marian: We can't. Allan told Gisborne about the secret food store and he's taken everything.
Robin: WHAT?!
Marian: But if we move now, we could take the garrison by surprise.
Robin: I know, but...we can't. Not just yet.
Marian: Why not?
Robin: We've had word from the King, Marian. Now, I promise I'll restore Locksley, but I can't until we complete this mission.
Marian: And what are the villagers supposed to do in the mean time?
Robin: You know I would go to them if I could. King Richard needs me now more than ever.
[Marian looks despondent]
Robin: Hey...we'll be together soon. I promise.
[Marian nods and then so does Robin. They kiss and look at each other. Robin sighs and walks away]
Robin: And Marian...
Marian: Hmm?
Robin: Promise me you won't do anything is Locksley alone.
[She rolls her eyes]
Robin: Marian!
Marian: I promise. I promise I won't do anything.
[Robin walks away]
Marian: But the Nightwatchman might.

[Allan wakes up and notices the Nightwatchman in the barn trying to take back the food]
Allan: Oh, not you again. What are you doing here?
[Marian doesn't answer]
Allan: Look, if you leave now, no-one has to know you were here.
[Gisborne enters the barn]
Allan: Guy! I've got the Nightwatchman!

Gisborne: [To the Nightwatchman] Let's find out who you really are!
[He takes a hot poker from the coals]
[Allan grabs his hand holding the poker]
Allan: Leave him! He's had enough, Guy!
[Gisborne takes off the mask to reveal Marian]
Gisborne: [Quietly] No. Not you.
[He runs away]

Marian:[Quietly] Help me.
Allan: I can't.
Marian: [Quietly] Please!
Allan: I'm sorry, I can't. If I mess this with Gisborne, I'll have nothing left, Marian. I'm sorry.
Marian: I can talk to Robin for you.
Allan: You just don't get it, do you? Even if I wanted to go back, I couldn't. It's too late.
Allan: Look, you know I've tried to help you where I can, but this...
[Gisborne arrives]

Marian: Guy...
[Gisborne turns around and point at Marian]
Gisborne: You... don't... speak to me!

[Robin and the gang walk up to a cloaked figure, and as they reach the doorway, the cloaked figure tuns around and reveals herself as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine]
Robin: Your majesty.
[He bows down]
Much: I know you! You're Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. The Queen Mother!
[Much, Will, Little John, Legrand and Legrand's men bow]
Robin: Thesaurus Patriae. You're the treasure of the nation.

Much: I'm Much, your majesty.
[He kisses her hand and holds it]
Eleanor: Yes.
[Will, standing next to Much is smiling]
Much: And this, uh, this is, er...
Will: Will.
Much: Will.
[Much lets go of her hand and Will kises it, but Eleanor is looking at Little John]
Eleanor: Of course.

Sheriff: That man is a sworn enemy of the state! And of your son, Prince John!
Eleanor: Alas, one can choose one's friends but not one's family. You and John deserve each other.
Sheriff: Then "alas", you shall never leave England alive.
Eleanor: Are you always this odious or have you just practised for me?
Sheriff: Oh, you haven't seen the half of it!
[Legrand closes the hatch in the door that the Sheriff was speaking through]

[The gang, Legrand and his men and Queen Eleanor are trapped underneath Barndale Church by the Sheriff - as him ad his men are outside the door]
Djaq: Thats the only way out of here.
Much: Oh, here we go again!

Little John: [To Eleanor] GET DOWN AND STAY DOWN! Milady.
Much: Well, come on, Big Bear!

[After Will, Djaq and Legrand's men arrive to help the gang fight the Sheriff and his men]
Sheriff: Why is nothing ever SIMPLE?!

[Little John holds Legrand's hand as he lies dying]
Little John: A stronger man... I never knew.
Legrand: The Queen?
Eleanor: Legrand.
[Legrand laughs heartily, gasps and dies]
Little John: Him... I liked.

[After Gisborne and Allen faked the Nightwatchman's escape]
Sheriff: Good news, Gisborne - only good news. Tell me you have caught him. Tell me you're ready to string him up. Tell me I can have my execution!
Gisborne: He escaped. The Nightwatchman is gone.
Sheriff: [furious] You have failed me again...! [smacks Gisborne, then holds a dagger to his neck] I WILL NOT TOLERATE INCOMPETENCE!!! There is too much at stake now! A KINGDOM!!! Last chance, Gisborne.
[The Sheriff storms off, while Gisborne returns to his duties; Marian watches, stunned]

Eleanor: Poor Legrand.
Robin: We'll see to it he gets a proper burial. Don't worry.
Eleanor: He was a hero. As are you [She looks at Much, Will and Djaq] all. King Richard will know of your service and sacrifice in helping me.

[Eleanor throws a bag of money to Robin]
Eleanor: My contribution.
Robin: Your majesty, I can't take this.
Eleanor: Why not? I am rich, the poor are poor. [She smiles] Isn't that where you come in?
[She leaves with Legrand's men, and as she does so, Robin, Much, Will and Little John bow]

[Gisborme and Allan visit Marian after they faked the Nightwatchman's escape. Marian smiles. Allan is holding the Nightwatchman's outfit]
Marian: Guy.
[She smiles]
Gisborne: You're safe.
Marian: [To Gisborne] You did this for me?
[She smiles]
Allan: Er... [Allan points to himself]
Marian: [Laughing] So, both of you.
[She smiles]
Allan: Well, what's getting chased by angry soldiers between friends, eh?
[Marian laughs]
Gisborne: [To Allan, regarding the Nightwatchman outfit] Burn that. [To Marian] The Nightwatchman is no more. You will not get another chance.
Allan: I've heard that one before.
[Marian laughs]
Gisborne: No-one asked for your opinion, you can go.
[Marian walks over to Allan and hugs him and he laughs]
Marian: [Quietly] Thank you.
[They stop hugging. Allan is smiling]
Marian: You saved my life.
[They smile at each other and Allan leaves]

[The gang are walking through a field]
Much: There's something about Sherwood.
Will: It's home.
Much: Yeah.
[Much falls down]
Much: Oh!
[The gang laugh]
Robin: [To Much] Come on!
[Much stands up]
Robin: I know a lot of people who would be very grateful of Queen Eleanor's money.
[He runs ahead]
[Djaq runs up to Little John]
Djaq: So, John... do you think you'll be visiting Aquitaine any time soon?
Much: The Queen Mother fancies you!
Much, Robin, Will, Djaq: Big Bear!
[Little John tries to run away from the gang but they chase after him]
Little John: You're jealous!
[Robin jumps and gives John a little kick]
[Robin and Much grab John]
Little John: Get off!
[Robin, Much and Will push Little John to the ground. Djaq laughs and Will, Much and Robin stand up. Djaq continues to laugh]

A Good Day To Die (2.12) edit

[The gang led by Much are running to the barn in Nettlestone]
Much: Come on! This way! Quick! Girl in distress!
Robin: What distress?
[Much opens the barn door and gestures to Robin to enter the barn.
Much: Go!
[Robin enters followed by the rest of the gang. Robin doesn't see a girl in distress]
Robin: Where's the girl?
Much: The girl is the pig! [He gestures to a pig roasting on a fire, with George cooking it], the pig is your present! This is a party! [Robin smiles] Happy Birthday!
Will: Yeah!
Djaq: Happy Birthday!
[Robin hugs Little John and Djaq]
Robin: Well, why here? Why not have it in the forest?
Much: There's gratitude for you. Because then it wouldn't be a surprise!
[He playfully punches Robin in the stomach]
Much: And besides, the people of Nettlestone can join us and you know... say thank you. Speaking of which, where is everyone?
George: They couldn't make it. And neither can I.
Much: What do you mean they couldn't make it?! It's Robin Hood's birthday!
George: Sorry.
Much: Sorry for what?
[George quickly opens the barn door, closes it and runs]
Much: George?!
[Robin walks over to the closed barn door]
Robin: Oh, Much.
Much: What?
[Robin looks through the gaps in the barn door and sees mercenaries arriving]
[George runs over to the mercenaries and Ellingham throws him a bag of money]
George: Thank you!
[George runs away]
Ellingham: [Shouting] Happy Birthday, Robin Hood!
Much: Who's that?
Robin: That's Ellingham.
Ellingham: [Shouting] The Sheriff sends his best!
Robin: The leader of the Sheriff's mercenaries.
Ellinghan: Not to mention...his best men!
[The mercenaries cheer]
Robin: Much!
[Robin turns to look at Much]
Much: [Holding his arms out. Shouting] Sorry!

Robin: That bought us some time. We need to think.
Djaq: There are five of us. And a hundred of them!
Robin: Once a few determined Spartans held a pass against a vast Persian army.
Will: Really?
[Robin slightly nods]
Robin: Strategy.
Will: And they lived?
Robin: No, but... they did well.
Will: Oh.
Much: I hate that story too.

Marian: If you go along with treason, you're committing treason.
Allan: Rubbish! If you go along with farting, doesn't mean you farted yourself, does it?
[Marian looks puzzled. Allan walks away. Marian turns to Allan]
Marian: What's happened to you?
[Allan turns around]
Allan: I've learnt which side my bread's buttered on.

[After scaring the Sheriff's mercenaries with a hogshead full of black powder]
Much: Ha! Ha!
Robin: Black powder, Djaq? [Djaq nods] I thought I told you I never wanted to see that again!
Djaq: [shrugging] I disobeyed you.
[Robin smiles]
Robin: Good! Do you have any more?
Djaq: None.

Sheriff: Ah, news from Nettlestone! Nice? Nasty? Both? [chuckles]
Messenger: Small problem...
[Cut to the War room; the Sheriff bursts in angrily, followed by Gisborne and the Messenger]
Gisborne: Black powder.
Sheriff: Yes, I know what it is.
Messenger: We want permission to burn down the barn. They'll be toast.
Sheriff: [irritated] Are you deaf? I told you: I want Hood's pretty little face, on his pretty little head, attached to his pretty little body, ON A PRETTY BIG SPIKE OUTSIDE MY CASTLE!!!
Messenger: Then what do we do? He's got food in there for a week.

Allan: So, you want to save England single-handedly?
Marian: No! But I can't find Robin!
Allan: Sorry, you're out of your depth.
Marian: No, I'm sorry.
[She punches Allan, knocking him out]
Marian: You underestimate me.
[She takes Allan's sword]

Sheriff: [To Marian after catching her trying to kill him, he ducks and pins her against the War Room map, with Allan's sword] Mistake, missy. Big mistake.

Sheriff: You missed all the fun, Gisborne. [indicating Marian] Your leper friend tried to kill me.
Gisborne: [to Allan] Did you know about this?
Allan: I didn't know anything.
Sheriff: Why would he know anything about this?
Gisborne: She knocked him out and took his sword.
Sheriff: What?
Allan: Well, I wasn't expecting it, was I? Or it wouldn't have happened. Yeah, she's good. But I'm better, though.
[Marian winces, knowing Allan has made a mistake. The Sheriff approaches Allan, who realises his mistake]
Sheriff: "She's good, but I'm better." That means you knew she was capable of this. [to Gisborne] You knew, too, didn’t you?
Gisborne: My lord, please, I can explain.
Sheriff: [angrily] Well, you better had explain! Because she just made an attempt on my life!
Gisborne: [hesitantly] I recently discovered that Marian... was the Nightwatchman.
[Deadly silence]
Sheriff: ... What?! ... AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME?!?!
Gisborne: I believed Marian's days as the Nightwatchman were over! I believed I had dealt with it--
Sheriff: BY TRICKING ME?!?! BY FAKING HER ESCAPE?!?! Who was it who ran away?
[Gisborne turns away; the Sheriff looks at Allan]
Allan: Look, I was just following orders, all right?
Gisborne: Yeah, I gave the orders.
Sheriff: WHY?!?!
Gisborne: Because I thought Marian’s charitable instincts were misguided. I did not think they merited hanging!
Sheriff: [sarcastic] Oh, how very noble of you, dear boy! Although I can't help thinking that maybe you wanted a little something in return! Huh? A display of gratitude? [pats Marian on the shoulder] The Nightwatchman! I'm impressed!
Marian: Get off me.
Sheriff: GUARDS!!! [guards enter] PACK A TRUNK FOR LADY MARIAN!!! [the Guards leave] She's coming with us!
Gisborne: To the Holy Land?
Sheriff: Oh yes.
[Marian looks up]
Sheriff: [Whispering] Oh. Oh, look. The look. Hmm? So eloquent. [imitating Marian] "Oh, Guy! What's going to happen?" Well we just don't know, do we, missy?

Will: So they're just going to wait?
Robin: Until we come out.
Much: And then kill us. Not even a conversation.

Robin: I have a proposal. If they won't come to us, we'll go to them.
Little John: When?
Robin: First light.
Will: There's too many of them.
Djaq: We'll die.
Much: It's suicide.
[Robin nods. Much sighs and paces]
Little John: It's a good day to die!
Much: Will you shut up! Why does he always say that?! I don't even know what it means!
Robin: We'll almost certainly die. But at least we'll die fighting.
Will: Yeah, I'm in.
[Djaq who was looking at Will, looks at Robin]
Djaq: Me too.
Little John: Yes.
[Robin looks at Much]
Much: And me.
[Robin slighty nods]
Robin: Good. Good.
Djaq: So this is a Kalila and Dimna night.
Will: What?
Djaq: You don't have Kalila and Dimna night?
Much: Surprisingly not.
Djaq: A Kalila and Dimna night you remember for your whole life. You must only speak the truth. You must ask all your questions, share all your dreams.
Much: So it's just talking?
Djaq: Yes. But it's real talking. And if you're too boring, someone shouts Kalila and you lose your turn. You start.
Much: Oh, no.
Djaq: Just talk. You like talking.
Much: I know I do...but, well, not like this.
Djaq: Fine. I'll start.

Gisborne: Robin Hood and Marian. [Pause] They're still... aren't they?
Allan: Look, even if they were, he's dead now.
Gisborne: That's not an answer.

Djaq: So I admire you. All of you. You are good men. Brave... generous... kind... decent men. And I love you. All of you. And I am proud to be amongst you.
Much: Is this what this is, just everyone saying that they love each other?
Djaq: [Holding her hand up. Laughing] Wait. And you're filthy, and you really stink. [Everyone laughs] and you have no souls!
John: We live in the forest.
Djaq: I have to be honest!
[Will smiles and looks down]
Djaq: I have to be honest. And if I am being honest I have to say that... I do not love all of you in the same way.
Much: It's me, isn't? You love everyone else but you don't love me. Brilliant.
[Djaq looks at Will as she talks]
Djaq: There is one I do love more than the others, [Will looks up at her] The way a bird would fly... two thousand miles through storms [Little John and Much look over to Will] just to be with the one he loves. That is the love I feel. And I am a [Emotionally] fool because it is only now when we're about to die [looks up at Will] that I have the courage to admit it, even to myself. I'm sorry. I should have said earlier.
Much: [Whispering to Little John] Will! I knew it!
[Robin looks at Will then at Djaq]
Djaq: You, Will Scarlett are strong and true, and you fight for what you believe in [Will smiles and looks down, tears in his eyes] and that's why I love you.
Will: [looking up at her again] And I love you!
[Djaq laughs]
Will: I love the way you say what you mean. I love your silly voice.
Djaq: Silly voice!?
[Will laughs]
Djaq: That's it, I take it back, all of it. [Robin smiles] I hate you.
Will: And I love the way you fight. Like a man. Ferocious. And the way you'll always, always be a woman.
Much: Ka-lim-na. Boring.
Djaq: [Staring in disbelief at Will] Kalila.
Much: Whatever.

Much: [To Djaq] Look, I'm not doing this.
Djaq: Fine.
Much: Good. Because I don't hate myself and I'm not in love with anyone else. So...
Djaq: Fine.
Much: Fine. Well there's nothing to say, then.
[Much paces. He notices Robin smiling]
Much: What?
Robin: What?
Much: You were smiling.
Robin: I was smiling because usually it's a struggle to shut you up.
[Much paces]
Much: You think I talk to much. Well, I know that's what you think. Much talks too much. And eats too much. Worries too much. Well, it's easy for you to say, because if I don't do it, who will? It's alright for you, because you can just breeze through life and be everyone's hero, and not have to worry about the simple things like the fire or the food or the hole in your cape or your [He puts his arms out] birthday! 'Cause good old... dependable, old Much, he'll take care of that. And I tell you something. You take me for granted.
[Robin sniggers]
Much: And you're sniggering at me, now.
Robin: Much, I was just...
Much: [Shouting] You shouldn't!
[He walks away from Robin]
Much: And I'm angry!
[Djaq looks at Much, saddened. Will looks at Much, saddened]
[Much turns around]
Much: And just because I love you doesn't mean I can't hate you too. And I hate you. Because in the Holy Land, [He emphasises the following words] there was two of us, and we were a [Shouting] team! And the things we went through and the horrors we saw... Went through them together! And when we came home, we were like brothers. Brothers in arms. And where's that now? Hey?! It's gone! That's where! [Emotionally] You never talk! You just don't. And you made me a free man, and we're meant to be equals. [Much shakes his head] We're not equals. The only thing that's changed is that you still treat me like a servant and you don't treat me like your friend.
Robin: [Quietly] That's not true.
[Little John looks at Robin]
Robin: [Quietly. To Little John] Is it true?
[Little John looks at Robin]
[Much, Djaq and Will look at Robin]
[Much nods and Robin sighs]
Much: Oh, Kalila.

[Allan opens the stable door]
Marian: [Whispering] Allan.
[Allan walks over to her to try and free her]
Marian: [Whispering] Thank you.
Allan: [Whispering] I can't kill the King.
Marian: [Whispering] Go. Quickly.
Allan: [Whispering] What about you, though? You've crossed the Sheriff now.
Marian: [Whispering] Look, I'll be fine. Go! Save Robin.
[Footsteps and clattering is heard. Allan stands up and unsheathes his sword]
Marian: [Whispering] Go.

[Robin has drawn a map of the barn with an arrow into the sand of the ground. He draws a line with the arrow as he talks]
Robin: We stay tight until this point. [Marks it with the arrow] Everyone clear? Show me.
[Little John marks his spot with his staff]
Little John: I go here.
Djaq: Will and I... [She touches the spots where she and Will will be] here.
[Robin marks the sand with the arrow as he talks]
Robin: And then you switch positions and cover from the back.
[Djaq nods and stands up and and walks away]
Much: [Quietly] And after that?
Will: [Quietly] Much, I don't think there's going to be an "after that".
Much: [Quietly] Yeah.
Djaq: [Looking to the window] First light. Nearly dawn
[Pause. Much looks up at Robin]
Much: This is it. [He sighs] This is really it. [To Robin] Forget what I said. I don't want you to die remembering me that way.
Robin: Hey... I'll remember you as my loyal friend.
[They look at each other, Much slightly nods. Robin sighs]
Robin: We must get the weapons ready. When there's light enough to see by, we'll go.
[Robin walks over to the cart]
Little John: No.
Little John: No.
Robin: John, we agreed this!
Little John: [Softly] You have not spoken, Robin. It's your turn.
Robin: We have a few moments left on this earth. Let me have my thoughts to myself. I'll share them with you in the next life,
Djaq: Robin... if there is a heaven, yours is different from mine.
Much: What if there isn't a heaven?
Robin: It's almost light.
Little John: Robin.
Robin: You know my thoughts. They are for the poor. They are for you. [Pause] And they're for Marian. The woman I love. The woman who I recently gave a ring to.
Djaq: You're engaged?
[Robin nods. Will looks at Much, and Much nods at Djaq]
Robin: The woman who makes me believe that by a twist of fate, we might just be able to see this through.
Robin: And Much, I have betrayed your friendships. But I think you know why.
[Much shakes his head]
Robin: You see, I can't face the terrors we saw. I can't. [He shakes his head as he says "I can't"] Because I'm not as strong as you. [Pause] I have to put them out of my mind. Because if I don't... then I wouldn't be able to lead. I mean I wouldn't even be able to... [He laughs]
Much: [Quietly] What?
Robin: It doesn't matter.
Little John: [At same time. Quietly] Wouldn't be able to shoot.
[Much looks at Little John]
Much: [Quietly] Shoot? Course you can shoot.
[Robin shakes his head and exhales. Pause]
Robin: No, John's right.
Robin: In the Holy Land, the men we saw... in bits. [He shakes his head] [Pause] The screaming. Every time I raise my bow... I see them. I hear them. And I know now, whether it was right or wrong, what we did in the Holy Land, it makes no difference. So I have to try not to kill. I have to avoid killing. [Pause. Robin laughs] I mean, God gave me a gift with bow. I can kill with my eyes closed. I mean, I can kill a man from a thousand yards. And I have to try everything in my power not to.
[Pause. Robin shrugs]
Robin: [To Much] And that's why I wasn't there for you... in your hour of need, my friend. [Tears well up in his eyes] Because I have to let those memories go. [Pause] I just have to be free.
[Long pause]
Much: [Quietly] Why didn't you say?
Robin: It doesn't matter now. In a few moments, we'll be free forever.
[Much walks over to Robin and hugs him. Robin cries. They hug for a long time]

[Much and Robin push the cart past the barn door, to the corner and Little John removes the beam from between the barn door handles]
Will: What do you think, John? A good day?
Little John: Oh, yes. A good day.

Allan: Morning. Allan A Dale. Gisborne's man. I'm looking for Ellingham.
Ellingham: That's me.
[Allan smiles]
Allan: The Sheriff sent me down on an errand. He wants me to take the outlaws back to the castle. Alright?
Ellingham: Oh, no. The Sheriff says they're to stay in there til they rot, or til they come out to be shot.
Allan: Yeah? Well he's changed his mind.
Ellingham: Why?
Allan: Turns out they might have some information he needs.
[He looks over to the barn]
Allan: I think it's probably... you know, Black Knights stuff.
Allan: You'll be paid in full, obviously.
Ellingham: Aye.
[He gestures with his head for Allan to go to the barn.
[Cut to inside the barn. The gang are gathered near the door. Robin looks at Much and Little John, then Much again. Djaq unsheathes her sword and looks at Will]
Much: Godspeed til we meet again.
Robin: See you in heaven, my friends.
[Djaq nods and then looks at Will]

Robin: Are you ready?
[Little John and Much nod]
Robin: One... two...
Djaq: Allan.
Will: What?
Djaq: Allan A Dale.
[Will and Djaq look through the gaps in the barn and see Allan walking up to the barn]
[Allan knocks on the door]
Allan: Open up! I'm here on behalf of the Sheriff!
Robin: [Gestures to let Allan in] Let him in.
Little John: Kill him.
Robin: [Quietly] John, calm down.
[Djaq opens the door]
Allan: Oh, thank God.
[Much pulls him in and keeps a hold of him]
Much: [Shouting] What do you want?! What do you want?!
Allan: [Shouting] Listen! We haven't got time to talk now, alright. I've spun 'em a yarn, but we've got to get out of here before they're onto...
Much: We? [Shouting] We?!
Allan: I'm with you. Trust me.
[He turns and looks at Robin. Robin looks at Allan, then look at Much and blinks in an agreeing fashion. Much lets Allan go]
Allan: I've been an idiot. I'm sorry. But right now, we've got work to do. The Sheriff and Gisborne are going to the Holy Land.
Much: The Holy Land?
Allan: They're on a boat from Portsmouth... They're going to kill the King.
[Robin winces. Djaq and Will look at him in shock and then so do Much and Little John]
Robin: Right. We need to get out of here. Now.

[The gang are tied up, with Allan leading them out of the barn. He opens the door. Ellingham is talking to the messenger]
Allan: [He puts his hand up] It's alright. It's alright. They're coming quietly. [He puts his hand up] Show's over.
[He leads them out]
[Ellingham walks up to Allan]
Allan: Er, one thing actually. I've got to get this rabble back to the castle, somehow.
Ellingham: Sure. The Sheriff wants to talk to them back at the castle.
Allan: Yeah.
Ellingham: Well that's strange that. 'Cause [He gestures to the messenger] a little birdie told me that the Sheriff left the castle yesterday.
Allan: You're joking. Did he?
Ellingham: Nice try. Get them!
[The gang fight with the mercenaries]

[After the fight]
Much: Good to have you back!
Allan: Good to be back.
[Will looks at Allan]

[On horseback, the gang have ridden to the forest and have stopped]
Much: To the camp?
Allan: There's no time. Look, there's something I haven't told you.
Robin: What?
Allan: The Sheriff and Gisborne have got Marian.
Robin: WHAT?!
Allan: She wanted to save the King. She couldn't find you, so she tried to kill the Sheriff and got caught.
[Robin turns away. Much quickly looks at Allan. Djaq looks worriedly at Robin]
Robin: Allan's right. We haven't got time. We're going to the coast. Now!
[Allan clicks his tongue for the horse to move and he gallops off followed by Much and the rest of the gang. Robin stays where he is]
Robin: I'm coming, my love. I'm coming.
[He gallops off]

We Are Robin Hood (2.13) edit

Sheriff: You... are going to visit King Richard.
[The Sheriff hands Nasir an item wrapped in cloth]
Sheriff: You are Saladin's new messenger.
[Nasir opens the cloth and the item is Saladin's royal seal]
Nasir: This is Salah ad-Din's royal seal. Where did you get it?
Sheriff: Salah ad-Din's old messenger.
Nasir: But there is also a password.
Sheriff: Yes, that was difficult to get. It was like pulling teeth. [To Karim] It was pulling teeth.
Karim: And when we get there... I kill him?
Sheriff: No, no, no. You will not get to within a thousand yards of the King's tent. You will lure him out.
Nasir: How?
Sheriff: By telling him what he wants to hear. Peace.
[Nasir smiles]
Sheriff: Nothing can stop us now.
[Cut to the coastline of Acre - the gang are there]
Robin: Right lads... work to do. Save Marian. Save the King... Save England.

[Gisborne is walking back from Marian's "cell"]
Sheriff: [Whispering to Nasir] He is a Black Knight. I would trust him with my life. Ah, here he comes.
[Gisborne enters the room]
Sheriff: Well.... How is our leper friend?
Gisborne: Whingeing, as usual.

Much: What if the King's moved on? What if he isn't in Acre?
Robin: Well, then we go to Djaq's uncle's friend.
Will: Bassam.
Djaq: I'm going to go and check, okay?
Robin: Alright.
[Djaq leaves]
[Much sits down and takes off his shoe]
Allan: What does Bassam do, then?
[Much tips his shoe over, getting sand out]
Much: The pigeon handler. Remember Lardner?
Allan: Oh, the pigeon that the Sheriff killed with his buzzard.
Much: Ah, that's what you think.
Little John: We switched the birds.
[Little John laughs]
[Allan smiles]
Allan: Oh, ho, ho. You're joking. Nice one. So you got a message to the King in the end, yeah?
Much: Yeah. Well, no thanks to you.
Allan: Look, I've told you a thousand times, I'm sorry, boys, alright? I'm back now, I'm one of the lads, let's just...
Much: Now, hands up, who hasn't betrayed the group?
[Much raises his hand, then Will then Little John]
Allan: Oh. This one again. How clever.
Robin: Just leave it, Much, eh?
Much: Sorry.
Robin: We're here to find the King.
[Djaq returns]
Djaq: And Marian.
Robin: And Marian.

Much: Can I ask you something? Being back here... in the Holy Land... do you feel funny? 'Cause I feel funny. We're the enemy again.
[The camera tracks down to a barred window]
Much: I mean, if they knew we were English...
[Cut to inside the room - Marian is sitting on the bed]
[Much and Robin's voices echo]
Much: [Echoing] If we don't find Marian... [Marian rolls her eyes] Marian. Marian. Marian. Marian.
[Cut to Much and Robin]
Much: If we don't find Marian...
Robin: We will find Marian.
Djaq: [Whispering] Robin!
[On hearing his name, Marian quickly runs over to the barred window - but her shackles pull her back. As she turns to try to get it off, Robin and Much run over to Djaq. Marian stands on a barrel and looks out the window. She sighs and gets off the barrel]
Marian: Get a grip, Marian. Robin's dead.

[Will has helped cage a pigeon at Bassam's house and smiles at Djaq. He then walks with her. Bassam is watching them]
Djaq: When I was a little girl, I loved these birds. And I thought that when I grew up, I would live here and train them. The closest I'd ever get to flight. Do you understand?
Will: Yeah. I do, actually.

[On the Crusaders' Frontier, Nasir and King Richard and his envoy are riding to meet]
[A man rides up to Nasir]
Nasir: I am the royal envoy for Prince Salah Ad-Din. [The man takes off his helmet and hood - it's Carter] Rightful ruler of these lands and Master of the Ayuubid Dynasty.
Carter: Yeah? And I'm the King of England.
[The Crusaders laugh]
[Nasir shows Carter Salah Ad-Din's royal seal, and Carter rides back to the rest of the envoy and shows the seal to King Richard]
Richard: Thank you, Carter.

[King Richard has led Nasir to the King's tent and he walks across the room and takes off his helmet and hood]
Nasir: Where is your king?
Richard: I rule from the front lines.
[He turns to Nasir]
Richard: That's why your prince will never defeat me.
[Richard walks over to a basin and washes his face]
Richard: I admire... Aristotle.
Nasir: I prefer Plato.
[Richard looks up at Nasir. Carter enters]
Richard: You have the password. [Richard puts on his crown] Speak.
Nasir: My prince has considered your calls for peace.
Richard: Oh?
Nasir: He promises nothing. But he is prepared to talk. He would like to meet, alone in the desert. Man to man.
Richard: Where?
Nasir: Outside Imuiz. The town ruined by your crusaders.
Carter: Your majesty... is this wise?
[Richard turns away]
Nasir: My prince knew you didn't want peace.
[Nasir turns away, and starts to walk away]
Richard: Wait.
[Richard turns back as does Nasir]
Richard: I'll be there.
[Carter looks down, disappointed]
Nasir: My prince would like to give you a gift... as a sign of his goodwill.
Richard: What gift?
Nasir: The gift of life.
[Nasir looks at Carter]
Richard: [To Carter] Leave us.
[Carter leaves]
Nasir: There are... men... in your country that would want to kill you.
Richard: Tell him thank you but I already know about the Black Knights.
Nasir: They know you know.
Richard: And I will deal with them when I return.
Nasir: Which is why they have recruited your most loyal servant.
Richard: Who?
Nasir: He is a man who you would trust... with your life. And he travels with a Saracen woman. He will offer to protect you. And then... when your guard is down... he will slit your throat.
[Pause. Nasir walks backwards, still looking at King Richard and then leaves the tent. Carter returns]
Carter: This meeting... I'll come with you.
Richard: No.
Carter: Your majesty, to meet Saladin... alone, unprotected.
Richard: Sometimes peace requires more bravery than war.

Gisborne: My Lord, I have demonstrated my loyalty. Now I would like your blessing.
Sheriff: For what?
Gisborne: I will still have Marian. When we return to England, I will take her by force.
Sheriff: Dear boy... I'll sing at your wedding.

[The gang have arrived at the King's camp]
Robin: [To a guard] I'm Robin of Locksley and these are my friends. The King's loyal subjects.
Much: More than that. My master and I served in his private guard.
Robin: We have urgent business with the King.
[The guard walks away]
Much: Saving his life, actually.
[The gang walk through the camp, making their way to the King's tent]
Much: John, look. [He points to the King's tent] [Shouting] The King's tent! Ut Prosim! Our motto. Latin.
Little John: What does it mean?
[Much shakes his head. Robin picks up his pace and walks next to Much]
Much: That was us.
[Robin nods]
Much: Good days. Well, not good.[Robin smiles] Death, destruction, all that, y'know. But... Ut Prosim, lads.
[Carter runs down the hill]
Carter: Robin!
Robin: Carter!
[Robin runs over to Carter, he laughs and they hug]
Robin: I thought you'd given up fighting.
[Carter walks over to Much]
Carter: I'm still fighting. But for peace.
[Carter shakes Much's hands and nods at him]

[King Richard has decided to have the gang executed]
Much: Mercy, your majesty! Ut Prosim!
Robin: Your majesty, these people are innocent. If you must take a life, take mine. Spare them.
Richard: At last. That's the Robin I remember - considering others.
Djaq: He is still the Robin you remember.
Much: He saved your life! Don't you remember that?!
[Pause. Richard walks up to Robin]
Robin: I cannot grant your wish. You must all be punished. But you once saved my life and no I have not forgotten that. So I'll not take yours. [Loudly, to everyone] I'll let the desert decide!
[Richard walks away]
Much: [To Robin] The desert? What does that mean? [To Richard, loudly] Decide what?!
[Cut to next scene - the gang are tied by ropes to wooden stands in the middle of the desert]

Sheriff: I owe you a debt of gratitude, young lady. Thanks to you, I know that Guy is loyal, because if you can't turn him with your pretty little head, then nobody can.
Marian: Your heart... must be the coldest place on Earth.
Sheriff: Are you a little disappointed that he told me about your offer? I'm surprised it took you so long, to be quite honest with you. I mean, I was really getting rather bored.
Marian: And now I've served my purpose--
Sheriff: YOU TRIED TO KILL ME!!! DO YOU THINK I'M GONNA LET THAT PASS?!?! Robin Hood did not die in Nottingham. [Marian looks puzzled] Did you know this? Huh? [Faintly] Well then... [Quietly] Just as a treat... you can die together. [Chuckles] This is good. [He leaves]

[The gang are tied by ropes to wooden stands in the middle of the desert]
Much: You know I love you all. John, Djaq, Will. Even you, Allan. Robin.
[Much's voice echoes as Robin looks at the horizon]
Much: [Echoing, quiet] Master. [Pause] When I was serving the King, I was serving you.
[Robin sees Marian appear on the horizon]
Much: [Echoing, quiet] When I think of England, I think of you.
Robin: [Faintly] Marian? Marian.
Much: I can see something. I can really see something. Coming.
[Djaq and Will look up at the horizon in shock]
Allan: He's right.
Djaq: Over here!
Will: H-Help!
Much: Help! Help!
Little John: Here!
Allan: Oi!
Much: Help!
[Much laughs]
Much: She's seen us!
[Djaq laughs]
Djaq: God is smiling on us!
[Will turns his face to Djaq]
Will: Or Allah!
Much: Whichever God it is, I love him.
[Djaq laughs]
[Pause. Allan looks sombre]
Allan: It's the Sheriff.
[The Sheriff, Marian and James are now seen]
Much: There is no God.
[The Sheriff, Marian and James arrive at the stands. The Sheriff gets off his horse]
Sheriff: See, that's the, err, that's the trouble with foreign travel. [James gets off his horse and shakes the rope that Marian is tied to. The Sheriff walks over to Robin] You run into all the same people you see at home! [chuckles] Your leper friend.
[Marian gets off the horse, James grabs her]
Sheriff: I understand you've met my colleague, James.
[James puts his hand up]
James: We meet again.
[He laughs and turns his hand to show the ring of the Sheriff's insignia]
Much: You let the Black Knights buy you?
Sheriff: Pennies for the poor put to good use. [Quietly] James.
[James moves Marian to Robin's stand, starting to tie her up]
Much: You're revolting!
Marian: Get off me!
Sheriff: Ah! A revolt is when the people rise up against their leader. Now I'm not revolting, I am coup-ing! [chuckles] Plotting a sudden and decisive change of leader!
Robin: What about murder?
[The Sheriff walks to Allan]
Sheriff: Ah, you see, if the King will wander out into the desert - alone, unarmed, ready to meet his enemy, then...
Much: [disgusted] The King wants peace. You're killing a man who's trying to make peace!
Sheriff: [grinning] Yes, and life is usually so much fairer.
Robin: Just let Marian go, she's got nothing to do with this.
[The Sheriff stands next to Allan]
Sheriff: [Shouting] SHE HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THIS! Hmm?! [looks at Allan] All along... we thought we had a spy... IN YOUR CAMP! [As he says "IN YOUR CAMP!" he hits Allan with his glove; walks over to Robin] But you had one in ours.
Robin: [Whispering] You see, there will always be people working for me. Because I fight for justice.
Sheriff: Blahdy-blahdy-blah. But this... [As he says "this" he grabs Marian's neck, holding her against Robin's back] This one is a special one. Hmmm? Huh? [Quietly] You were still hoping, weren't you, eh? Hmm? That after all this, you'd end up as man and wife back home in sunny Sherwood. Awwhh! So... now you have your bride.
[He lets Marian go and walks away. He chuckles]
Sheriff: I'd love to stay! [He gestures to the sun] But I don't tan well. Do excuse us. We have a King to kill. Come on, James!
[They ride off]

Robin: Hey, John! You're dying for England. Even if you're not there.
Allan: [Quietly] I'm not being's the King of England who put us here in the first place!
Robin: The Sheriff spun him a story! The moment we came here, we were marked men. [Emotionally] It's not the King's fault!
Marian: Well, say the words then, handsome.
Robin: What words?
Marian: "I, Robin, take you, Marian..."
Robin: Now?
Marian: Now is a good time, I think. We are in the company of the best witnesses England has to offer.
[Much nods, Marian looks at him and smiles]
Robin: I, Robin, take you, Marian, to be my lawful wedded wife. [Marian smiles] To have and to hold. For better or for worse. For richer or for poorer...
[Much starts sobbing]
Marian: "In sickness..."
Robin: In sickness or in health. [Pause. Robin sighs] To love and to cherish. [Pause] Til death do us part.
Marian: I, Marian take you, Robin of Locksley, master of the bow, champion of the poor, and Lord of my heart, to be my lawful wedded husband. I promise to love and to cherish you, for better or for worse from this day forward as long as we both shall live.
[Marian looks at Much and laughs]
Marian: Much... don't cry.
[Much shakes his head and whimpers]
Carter: He's not crying. He's laughing on the wrong side of his face.
Robin: Carter!
Much: Carter!
[Everyone then shouts "Carter!" and laughs]
Robin: I thought we lost you.
Carter: Sorry. [He walks over to Little John and cuts him free from the rope] Out here you can lose your head.
[Carter gives Little John the knife and Little John walks over to Much and starts to cut the ropes. Carter walks over to Robin]
Much: Ho! I thought I didn't like you!
Carter: I know.
Much: Well, I do now!
[Little John unties him and Much falls down]
Much: Ah!
[Carter cuts Robin free]

Much: [To Carter] Come on. We are Robin Hood.
Carter: What?
[Everyone gathers in a circle, with Little John in the middle. Much and Marian drink water]
Robin: We'll explain later.
Little John: No. Everybody say it. [Emphasising the syllables with his hand to Carter] We... are Robin Hood. SAY IT!
Little John, Much, Allan, Will, Djaq, Robin: We are Robin Hood!

Much: [To King Richard after being freed from the desert "execution"] The desert decided!

Much: [Watching Robin and Karim fight] Now do you believe us?!
Richard: I have betrayed your trust. I'm sorry. How can I repay you?
Much: Well... there is this place in Nottingham - Bonchurch... which I've had my eye on...
Little John: Much!
Much: Right. Sorry. Forget it.

Sheriff: [After killing Carter] Bye bye, blondie.

[The Sheriff is behind King Richard, aiming his bow and arrow at the King]
Sheriff: Long live the King! [Quietly] No.
[He fires the arrow, hitting the King's shoulder. King Richard screams in pain. The scream is a reverberating echo. Gisborne and Marian turn to the direction of the scream]

[Gisborne with sword unsheathed advances on the wounded King. Marian appears and sees this]
Marian: Guy!
[Marian runs over to Gisborne, the King sees her]
Marian: Stop! It's over, Guy.
[Gisborne keeps walking forward and Marian walks back]
Gisborne: Get out of the way.
Marian: All this time I've been fighting for England. Do you think I'm going to let you kill England?!
Gisborne: Marian, GET OUT OF THE WAY! [As he says "GET OUT THE WAY" he swings his sword]
Marian: You'll have to kill me first.
Gisborne: No. We're going to get out of this. I'll do this thing. Then I will have power beyond belief. And we will be together.
[Marian laughs]
Marian: I would rather die, than be with you, Guy of Gisborne.
Gisborne: [Shocked, whispering] No.
Marian: I'm going to marry Robin Hood.
Marian: I love Robin Hood.
[She looks down and smiles]
Marian: I love Robin Hood.
[Gisborne runs her through with his sword. She groans in pain. Gisborne pulls himself towards her and her head bends back as she groans in pain. She looks up at Gisborne and he looks at her and she falls to the ground. Robin arrives and sees her]
Robin: [Echoing] MARIAN!
[Robin runs over to her and kneels next to her. Gisborne looks as if he's going to cry and groans in sorrow. Much, Little John, Djaq and Will run over]
Much: [Echoing] No!
[Djaq runs over to the King. The Sheriff arrives, stunned by this turn of events. Gisborne looks shocked, looks at Marian groans again sorrow, as if he's going to cry]
Sheriff: [Echoing] GISBORNE!!!
Djaq takes the arrow out of the King's shoulder. Will runs over to the King]
[Gisborne gets on the Sheriff's horse]
Sheriff: [Echoing] IT'S NOT OVER, HOOD!!! I WILL HAVE... ENGLAND!!!
[The Sheriff and Gisborne ride away]
[Allan arrives]

[Djaq runs over to Marian]

Marian: The King! Where's the King?
Robin: It's alright. Marian! Marian! He's alright. You saved him.
Marian: How's it looking down there? Am I beyond even Djaq's amazing talents?
Robin: It's alright. We'll think of something.
Marian: Well can we please get this out of me it hurts.
[Robin looks at Djaq. Djaq looks at him and shakes her head. Robin looks down and looks as if he's going to cry]
Robin: Marian... we can't take it out just yet.
[Marian sheds a tear]
Marian: Why?
[She lifts her head and looks at Djaq]
Marian: Why?
[Djaq is silent]
Marian: Will I die when it comes out?
[Djaq sheds a tear]
[Marian sheds another tear and rests her head]
[Marian exhales twice]
Marian: Well, then, we haven't got much time, my darling.
Robin: We have forever, my love.
Marian: I hope we have forever in heaven, because we didn't have enough time on Earth. Not nearly enough time.
Robin: We were busy.
Marian: We were fighters and I'm proud. Robin, you keep fighting for me.
Robin: I... I can't fight without you.
Marian: [Laughs] I'd love to argue with you but we haven't got the time. You promise me, you keep fighting for me.
[Robin nods]
[Marian has tears in her eyes. She smiles and nods]
[Pause. Marian exhales]
Marian: Where were we?
Robin: What?
Marian: Last time we were dying... we were getting married. Can we carry on, please?
[Robin laughs]
Robin: I don't remember.
[Marian laughs]
Marian: Well that's the last time I marry you if you can't even remember.
Richard: Robin.
[Richard gives Robin a ruby ring]
Robin: [Quietly] Here.
Robin: I, Robin, take you, Marian, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold. For better or for worse. For richer or poorer. In sickness and in health, till death do us part.
Marian: I, Marian, take you, Robin, beautiful, beautiful Lord of Locksley, to be my wedded husband. I promise to love and cherish you... on earth, and especially in heaven. [She smiles as she says "especially in heaven"]
Marian: [Quietly] Kiss me.
[Robin goes in to kiss her]
Marian: No. Give me the ring first. [She laughs as she speaks] Make an honest woman of me, Robin.
[Robin takes the ring and puts it on her finger. He kisses the ring]
Marian: [Quietly] You may kiss the bride.
[Robin kisses her]
Marian: I love you... [Robin nods] my husband.
Robin: I love you, my wife.
[Robin smiles and then Marian smiles. She moves her hand down to the sword and exhales. She grips the sword and pulls it out, screaming and groaning in pain. Robin shushes her]
[Marian exhales and smiles]
Marian: [Quietly] That's better.
[She smiles and closes her eyes. Marian exhales two short breaths then a long exhalation and dies]
[Robin gasps]
Robin: [Whispering] Marian?
[He starts to cry and sniffles]
Robin: [Whispering] Marian?
[He starts to cry and slowly moves his head towards her and kisses her. King Richard, Much, Will and Djaq are seen. Will looks at Djaq. Much and King Richard morosely look at Marian and Robin. Little John morosely turns and slowly walks away]

Series 3 (2009) edit

Total Eclipse (3.01) edit

Robin: [shouting] It's over! Robin Hood is finished!
Much: No, you don't mean that.
Robin: He died in the Holy Land...with Marian. All I have left is vengeance.

Robin: You are going to pay for what you did.
Gisborne: No, it was you, you forced me to.
Robin: You murdered her! She didn't love you, you couldn't have her.
Gisborne: She should have been mine!
Robin: [shouting] She was my wife!
Gisborne: Noooo!!!
[They tackle each other and begin fighting]

[After witnessing Gisborne ransacking Locksley]
Tuck: Every day it gets worse. Injustice, cruelty, corruption...these people suffer and they starve. And you'll abandon them? [Robin walks away] Robin! Where are you going?
Robin: I can't help them. I have nothing else to give.
Tuck: You will believe in yourself again, I know it.
Robin: [angry] I struggled, I fought, I gave everything I had! I even gave the life of the woman I love! Why are you doing this?! Why does it matter so much to you!?
Tuck: Because I have nothing in my life but my God and my country. I have no family, no wife, but I have a full heart, and passion must go somewhere, Robin.

Sheriff: All right, that's enough of the piety. No amount of la-di-da words can save their blackened souls! Fire it up!
Tuck: Wait! [lights a flare] In the name of God, wait!
Gisborne: What are you doing?!
Tuck: [points at Gisborne and Vaisey] You and your master, Prince John, have broken not just Man's laws, but the Lord's! And for this, you will be punished!
Gisborne: WHAT?! [draws his sword]
Sheriff: The monk's been on the mushrooms! FIRE!

[Hood is revealed to still be alive]
Tuck: You see, the sun emerges again, like England's protector - his journey is complete. He appears into the light and he will save you. He has returned. The legend is alive!
Jasper: [sarcastic and angry] Surprise, surprise!
Gisborne: No, it can't be--
Sheriff: [to Gisborne] YOU INCOMPETENT... FOOL!!!
Gisborne: NOOOOOOO! [Robin pins Gisborne and Vaisey to the wall with arrows]
Robin: I am Robin Hood, your humble servant! It is for you that I live to fight the evil that chokes this country! No longer shall we live in fear and darkness! We must stand together! Only then will the sun rise on this country, our England ONCE MORE!

[Robin has Gisborne at knife point, about to kill him]
Gisborne: [begging] Do it! End it, please!
Robin: [shocked] You want this?!
Gisborne: I live in hell.
Robin: Then stay there!
[he cuts Gisborne's cheek]

Sheriff: You pathetic, misery-addled mess. You are teetering on the edge of dispensibility, Gisborne. Make sure you don't fall off.
Gisborne: [bitterly] You know, I've finally come to the conclusion that I don't like you.
Sheriff: [sarcastic] Awww! What's the matter, hm? Was that nasty Robin Hood horrible to our little Guy? Oh, diddums...
[Gisborne angrily grabs the Sheriff and slams him against the table]
Sheriff: [grinning] That's better, Gisborne! You'd better show some spine; you're gonna need it! Hm? Hood gave you life; now you go out and get his right!

[After burying Marian's ring under a tree]
Robin: I'll never stop loving you.

Cause And Effect (3.02) edit

Gisborne: [contemptuous] Look at you; your plans are in ruins, the Black Knights are disbanded, and you're having to buy the affections of a Prince who would rather see you dead. Why should I fear you? [walks away]
Sheriff: [furious] Because... [he throws his dagger at Gisborne; it lands in the wood of the door an inch from Gisborne's head] I AM THE SHERIFF OF NOTTINGHAM!!!

Gisborne: You should have killed me when you had the chance. I'm gonna make you suffer before you die.
Robin: Just like you're suffering now, Gisborne? You can kill me a hundred times over, but the pain you're feeling, the hatred, the self-loathing, that's never going to go away! [Gisborne hits him out of rage] You'll never hate me as much as you hate yourself!
[Gisborne unsheathes his sword]
Sheriff: Oh, put it away.

Sheriff: Ah, Prince John's escort. They want their money, Gisborne.
Gisborne: So what do we do?
Sheriff: "We"? [chuckles] Do you think that I'm going to be responsible for your arrogance and your incompetence again? [pulls out Gisborne's sword and points it at him] Hm?
Gisborne: You can't be serious, put it down!
Sheriff: [sternly] No, Gisborne. This time, you pay my dues. [to Prince John's men] Gentlemen, good to see you! Very smart, lovely colours, tight-fitting uniform, excellent! Slight change of plan. There is no patronage money... [shoves Gisborne towards them]
Gisborne: What?!
Sheriff: ...but Gisborne has volunteered to go with you, to explain why not to Prince John personally!
Gisborne: No, my lord! Please! This means certain death!
Sheriff: [chuckles] Well, you never know - you might catch Prince John in a good mood! [to the guards] He's all yours!
Gisborne: [being dragged away] I won't forget this! I'll be back for you!

Lost In Translation (3.03) edit

Sheriff: Abbot! Where in hell have you been?
Abbot: Rome! How dare you summon me to your quarters like a common serf!
Sheriff: My lord, I need you.
Abbot: And it couldn't wait until tomorrow?
Sheriff: No. It's too late for absolution. They meet on the landing halfway. [grovelling] You are the only one who can help me now.
Abbot: If you are truly willing to repent for all your sins...
Sheriff: [nodding eagerly] I am!
Abbot: ... then you must make your peace with God, my son, and pray for His forgiveness.
Sheriff: Ah, well, you see, it's not God I'm worried about. It's Prince John.
Abbot: [smiles] Then you really are in trouble!
Sheriff: He already has Gisborne, and it's anyone's guess what he's doing with him.
Abbot: Well, knowing the Prince as I do, my advice is this: please him.
Sheriff: [incredulous] ... "Please him"?! Whaddaya think I've been doing all this time?! WEAVING TAPESTRIES?!?! Look, I have to execute Hood within one month, otherwise I am horse-meat!
Abbot: [annoyed] Well, I really don't see what you expect me do to about Robin Hood. Now, I've had a very long journey; I need to return to my abbey. So, if there's nothing else, I will bid you goodnight-- [starts to leave]
Sheriff: Not so fast, Abbot! You will assist me.
Abbot: [chuckles] Why on earth would I do that?
Sheriff: [imitates his chuckle] Because... [moves to the table] I know... [pulls away a red cloth to reveal a large book - a forbidden English translation of the Bible] your little SECRET!
Abbot: [shocked] How—?! where did you get that?!
Sheriff: Oh, when I was looking for you at the abbey, I decided to do a bit of nosing around.
Abbot: So you think you can blackmail me?!
Sheriff: [nods matter-of-factly] Amazing, hm? How great men, no matter how revered, always have some explosive little nugget hidden away, ready for someone like me to find, hm? And as little nuggets go, [points to the book] this is as explosive as it gets. [tuts] Abbot, even I was shocked. [starts to open the book]
Abbot: [rushes over angrily] Now you listen to me--!
Sheriff: [slams book closed] YOU LISTEN TO ME!!! You will use all your power and your influence, you will use the full might of the Church to help me finish off Robin Hood once and for all, otherwise it will be your head on the chopping block as well as mine! GOT IT?!?!

Sheriff: [to his guards] I thought I doubled the guard! Or did I just double the incompetence?! YOU ALLOWED HOOD TO ESCAPE AGAIN!!! You are more useless than Gisborne! [kicks a guard in the groin, then knocks him down the steps]

Sheriff: [at the church] My children! I was once lost, like you, wretched, like you; wandering in the wilderness. But it was there, in the desert, crawling on my hands and knees like a dried crab, that I was guided [snaps his fingers] to a cave.
[A white-robed boy brings over an ornate box]
Sheriff: And it was in that cave... [opens box and takes the "hand of St. Luke" - actually an executed thief's hand - out] that I found this - the hand of the divine physician, St. Luke!
[He holds the hand high and parades it in front of the awe-struck crowd]
Sheriff: It was this hand that healed me! Healed me of my pain, guided me on the path to salvation, cleansed me of all my sins! [kisses the hand, pretending to sob] And it was this holy artefact that Robin Hood and his gang of men tried so fragrantly to steal - not once, but TWICE! That is why Robin Hood and his gang attacked the brothers of Kirklees! That is why Hood sent in his thug Tuck to break into the abbey! AND THAT IS WHY ROBIN HOOD MUST BURN AT THE STAKE!!!

Sins Of The Father (3.04) edit

[After Robin and his gang steal a wagon full of food, using bees]
Sheriff: [to his badly-stung soldiers] What do you mean, "the wagon's disappeared"?! WAGONS AND HORSES DO NOT JUST VANISH!!!

Let The Games Commence (3.05) edit

Sheriff: So, Prince John sent you back to Nottingham with a mission, and yet nobody saw fit to tell me. The last time I checked, I was still the Sheriff.
Gisborne: The Prince is still waiting for his thousand crowns. His patience wears thin.
Sheriff: As indeed does mine. What's the mission?
Gisborne: He wants me to kill Robin Hood.
Sheriff: [chuckles] I'm sure he does! But you've, err... you've never managed it before, Gisborne, hm? Although you did once have him at your sword point, and yet still he bested you!
Gisborne: Well, this time it will be different. This time I will command the mission without incompetent, illconceived interference from others.
Sheriff: [smugly] No. You will fail, like you've always failed before, and then you will come back and beg me for my patronage!

[After Walt reveals that Bertha of Bath has tried to have John killed]
John: WHAT?!
Bertha: He's exaggerating! That's what he does, you know how he goes on--
Walt: No, I'm telling the truth to save your life, just like I said I would!
Sheriff: [to Bertha] I warned you what would happen the next time you crossed me! [to his guards, pointing at Little John] KILL HIM!!! ARREST THE OTHERS!!!

Bertha: If I didn't do what the Sheriff told me, he was going to kill us all!
Sheriff: What an excellent idea! [his guards arrest Bertha] So exactly how far did you think you'd get, Bertha? We had a deal.
John: The deal is off. You do not touch those children.
Sheriff: No, no, I just want the money from the wagers. She's welcome to the slaving money.
John: What?!
Sheriff: Oh, I suppose she told you that she took the children off the streets out of the goodness of her heart? [chuckles]
Bertha: Look at them. They're healthy and well-fed--
Sheriff: Healthier children fetch a bigger price! She's been doing it for years - taking waifs and strays off the streets, fattening them up and then selling them on at the end of the season.
John: Have you?
Sheriff: Yes. Not this year, though. [chuckles] Take her to the dungeons. [points to the boys] Oh, and, err, arrest those.
John: [ready to fight] LEAVE... THEM... BE!
Sheriff: [walking away, bored] Somebody kill that man.

[After Robin, John and the others save the children from Bertha]
Robin: It isn't safe for children in Nottingham!
Sheriff: So says the outlaw! But for once, I am pleased to see you, Hood. It means that Gisborne has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory once again!

Sheriff: Well might you hang your head in shame, Gisborne. You've let him escape again, [points at Isabella] and this, this... Is THIS what distracted you?!
Gisborne: This is my sister.
Sheriff: [sarcastic] Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry. You were busy playing happy families! Your level of incompetence never, ever ceases to amaze me, Gisborne. Every time I think you've plumbed a new depth, along you come and surprise me all over again! Well maybe now, Prince John will remember why he put ME IN COMMAND!!!

Do You Love Me? (3.06) edit

Much: Prince John and his soldiers have made camp down there.
Robin Hood: What? How many men has he got?
Much: Thousands!
Little John: No!
Much: Hundreds!
Kate: Much.
Much: I didn't stop and actually count them! I can't actually count!

Prince John: No, no, no, no, no! They're trying to put the fire out! That's not what I want!

Isabella: Long live Prince John!
[Nobles raise glasses and echo]
Prince John: Long live me!

Guy of Gisborne: You represent everything that's loathsome in a man!
Sheriff Vaisey: I thought that's why you liked me!

Sheriff of Nottingham: Did Prince John put you up to this? He asked you to kill me, do you hear me, Gisborne? This is nothing but sport for him. Putting us up against each other. Unity, Gisborne.
Guy of Gisborne: This isn't for Prince John! This is for me! [attacks Vaisey] I will be rid of you! [Guy overpowers Vaisey]
Sheriff of Nottingham: Quickly, Gisborne. I beg you. Have mercy on me.
Guy of Gisborne: You have no idea how much pleasure this is going to give me. You're going to die slowly, and I'm going to watch the venom drain from your body as you die.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Oh, Gisborne, please. Don't disgrace me. Kill me quickly. [as Gisborne moves to deal the death blow, Vaisey stabs him in the leg. Guy screams and falls, with Vaisey advancing on him] Humanity is a weakness, Gisborne! It's always been your failing! I tried to teach you...!

Guy of Gisborne: You're the reason Marian is dead! You poison everything!
Sheriff Vaisey: [incredulous] All this for a woman?!

Sheriff Vaisey: [to Gisborne] You know I loved you like a son. And you loved me like a father once. I know you did.

Prince John: Do you love me, Sheriff?
Sheriff: With all my heart, Sire.
Prince John: Would you give your life for me?
Sheriff: My life? Is that all? Of course.
Prince John: Would you take a life for me?
Sheriff: Even easier to answer.
Prince John: Gisborne has so disappointed me...
Sheriff: Disappointed us both, Sire.
Prince John: Obedience. Loyalty. Love. Is it too much to ask? A king requires all three. Who's more loyal to me, Sheriff? You or Gisborne?
Sheriff of Nottingham: Of course I am, Sire. My loyalty is infinite.
Prince John: Good. Then prove it to me. Rid me of Gisborne, Sheriff. Quickly, discreetly. We don't want to disturb our noble guests with this messy business. Kill him for me, Sheriff.
Sheriff of Nottingham: A privilege, Sire.

Too Hot To Handle (3.07) edit

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King... (3.08) edit

Robin: You know, I think this is the first time we've stopped a carriage to give gold back.

A Dangerous Deal (3.09) edit

Bad Blood (3.10) edit

The Enemy Of My Enemy (3.11) edit

Robin: [fighting with Gisborne] You kill my wife, and you expect forgiveness?!
Gisborne: I loved her as you loved her!
[Robin punches him and they continue fighting. Gisborne has the upper hand and has his hands around Robin's neck]
Gisborne: I'll never ask for your forgiveness.
[Robin hits him and Gisborne falls to the floor. Robin grabs him]
Gisborne: I can't forgive myself.

[Robin picks him up]

Robin: [shocked] What?!
[The gang arrive and Much fires an arrow at Gisborne]
Robin: Gisborne!
[Robin knocks him out of the way]

Something Worth Fighting For, Part 1 (3.12) edit

[As Robin's men are storming the castle]
Isabella: The peasants are breaking into the castle! You have to protect me.
Blamire: Can't help, sorry.
Isabella: They're going to tear me to pieces!
Blamire: Not my problem. I've got to be somewhere else.
Isabella: [shocked] I just gave you an order!
Blamire: [chuckles cruelly] You have no idea of what's happening here, do you?!
Isabella: [desperate] What?! You can't just leave me here to be massacred by this rabble! Please, for pity's sake, help me!
Blamire: If you want to save yourself, hear this: deliver Gisborne to the tunnel.
Isabella: That doesn't make any sense: Gisborne is dead!
Blamire: [sneering] Goodbye, Sheriff, and good luck!

[The old Sheriff, Vaisey, has returned to Nottingham backed by a whole army]
Blamire: My lord.
Sheriff Vaisey: Blamire! You old tomcat, how the devil are you?
Blamire: The plan is in place.
Sheriff Vaisey: Good. [looking over Nottingham, grinning] Oh, this will be so much fun...!

Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2 (3.13) edit

Gisborne: [shocked] I put a dagger in him! I saw him die!
Robin: Well, that ghost has raised an army.

Sheriff Vaisey: [to Guy] Surprise! You thought I was dead. But you didn't check, did you? Very nasty wound. Gisborne, we will have our reckoning. [to Robin, cheerfully] Right now, I want my town back!
Robin: Never. You're finished, Vaisey. Your weapons are no match for the hatred these men have for you.
Sheriff Vaisey: [draws his sword and points it at Robin] You tell your peasant army anybody who resists me will die. Poor Allan - he squealed like a stuck pig when he died...
Robin: And you'll pay for that, you murdering swine.
Sheriff Vaisey: Sticks and stones, Hood. Give them a demonstration, Blamire. [At Blamire's command, trebuchets begin to bombard the city] You have until dawn. Give me Gisborne, release Isabella and then return Nottingham to myself and Prince John. Otherwise, you and your noisy friends will be wiped off the face of the earth!

Sheriff Vaisey: [berserk with fury] DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! I WANT ROBIN HOOD'S HEAD!

Sheriff Vaisey: [after being humiliated by Robin yet again] That is the last time Robin Hood makes a fool out of me!

Robin: [addressing the rebels] Loyal comrades, you know the situation and you know that we are on our own. Now we have already lost friends and loved ones...but England will lose far more if we do not make a stand this day! And yes, some of us may fall but our fight will live on in the minds of those that despise injustice, in the hearts of those that cherish freedom! You are the soul of England, standing firm against tyranny for a real future! Now ask yourself; is that not something worth fighting for?! [draws his sword] Together, FOR ENGLAND!

Gisborne: [dying] Is this the end?
Robin: [having been fatally poisoned] For you and me both, my friend.
Gisborne: I'm sorry. At least you have someone waiting for you...Marian. The love of my life, but she was always yours. I've lived in shame, but because of you, I die proud. I am free. [dies]

Much: What am I going to be without you?
[Robin places his hands around Much's neck. Pause]
Robin: You are already more of a man than I will ever be.
[Robin removes Much's cap]
Robin: Much...and you are my best friend.
[They have an emotional, long hug]

[Robin, dying, is visited by the spirit of Marian and smiles. Marian walks through the forest up to him, smiling]
Robin: [softly] Marian.
[Marian smiles]
Marian: I have waited for you.
Robin: I knew I would find you again.
Marian: It's time.
[She holds out her hand. Robin takes it]
Marian: The greatest adventure is yet to come.
[She helps Robin stand up and she smiles. Robin places his hand on her cheek]
Robin: My wife.
Marian: Now and forever, my love.
[They kiss. Marian and Robin smile and Marian laughs as they hug and Robin picks her up and spins her around. Marian's laughter echoes]

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