Roberta Floris

Italian journalist, television presenter and former model

Roberta Floris (born 27 April 1979) is an Italian journalist, television presenter and former model.

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Il Viaggio Magico interview Roberta Floris en

  • I really like both going out to do the services, and preparing the news. These are two equally fascinating aspects.[1]
  • The positive aspect is that it is a job that varies from day to day. Events and news are always new. Then it is a great advantage to combine work and passion.[1]
  • A cute girl, when she makes a mistake, is more easily subject to criticism. Now it is a problem that I no longer ask myself, I try to give my best and be as professional as possible. Then the physical aspect is certainly a good business card for the world of TV, but it goes into the background.[1]
  • Journalism was born "man". Women have managed to assert themselves and certainly there has been no lack of authoritative female signatures. However, I think that to have a female director requires further evolution.[1]

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