Robert Wever

English poet

Robert Wever was an English poet of the 16th century (fl. c. 1550) about whom little biographical information has survived. His poem In Youth is Pleasure, from his only known work An Enterlude called Lusty Juventus (1557), is a popular and remembered anthology piece, and has been several times set to music.


Lusty Juventus (1557)Edit

  • The Prologue of the Messenger.
    For as much as man is naturally prone
    To evil from his youth, as Scripture doth recite,
    It is necessary that he be speedily withdrawn
    From concupiscence of sin, his natural appetite:
    An order to bring up youth Ecclesiasticus doth write,
    An untamed horse will be hard, saith he,
    And a wanton child wilful will be.
  • In a herber green, asleep where I lay,
    The birds sang sweet in the mids of the day;
    I dreamed fast of mirth and play.
    In youth is pleasure, in youth is pleasure.

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