Robert Patrick (playwright)

Playwright, poet, lyricist, short story writer, novelist (1937-2023)

Robert Patrick O'Connor (September 27, 1937April 23, 2023), known as Robert Patrick, was an American playwright.

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Untold Decades: Seven Comedies of Gay Romance (1988) edit

  • For people like us it is necessary to be a bit stronger, more self-critical, more observant than the usual run. Whether we happen to come already enhanced with these qualities, as some have claimed, or whether our situation invests them in us, we have traditionally - and we do have a long and proud tradition - been a little finer, a little firmer, more sensitive and flexible than others... There will be times when only your own spine can support you, moments when only your own wit can inspire you, days when nothing but exacting self-control can raise you from bed, nights when nothing but your word can impel you into society. But of all these disciplines, there is nothing you must hold to more sternly than to be kind and sympathetic. The easiest armor to put on is always cruelty. That armor will, indeed, see you through everything. Vicious condescension toward those without your strength can make you feel momentarily superior. But that easy armor must be forgone. Don't ever curdle that creamy brow with lines of easy disdain, or curl those lips with a popular sneer. Of all the models available, the one of gentleman in our late war is most succinct: Face what you have to face with humor, dignity, and style; protect yourself with knightly grace; have contempt for your own weakness and never encourage it in others; but never, Ralph, never for an instant permit yourself to feel anything other than pity and deepest sympathy for unfortunate comrades who have, after all, fallen in the same battle.
    • One of Those People
  • Reverend Lawson: You men are homosexual!
    Bob (correcting the Reverend): Homosexuals.
    • Bill Batchelor Road
  • Reverend Lawson:This entire book is nothing but young men doing homosexual things together.
    Bill: Well, what else could they do together?
    • Bill Batchelor Road
  • Reverend Lawson:You lured those boys in here and made filth of them!
    Bob: We don't think human bodies is filth until they're corpses, Reverend Lawson!
    Bill: We loved every inch of those boys.
    Bob: Every chance we got.
    Bill: And we sent them away to war, since they had to go, with every surface of them—
    Bob: Tinglin' with kisses an' love.
    • "Bill Batchelor Road"
  • Bob: People came here for religious freedom, and we worshipped those boys.
    • "Bill Batchelor Road"
  • Don't bother answering back. Anything said to me at this point might as well be written on a decomposing squash. The brain goes first, you know -- except the portions dedicated to pain, which are apparently immune.
    • Pouf Positive
  • I want to give [my records] all away before some fool plays disco at my funeral, and then the record gets stuck, and nobody can tell, and the service goes on forever!
    • "Pouf Positive"
  • God, think of the great men that have nibbled on me, and now I'm nothing but a snack for a virus - something that can't even decide if it's a plant or an animal.
    • "Pouf Positive"
  • I tried to make up by offering to be a subject for any cute tricks that science might want to try. And [the doctor] said, "Mr. Wood, we cannot use you as an experimental animal," and I tod him, "Doc, I’m an effeminate queer, I’ve never been used as anything else!"
    • "Pouf Positive"
  • When I was just a little girl in East Bay, California, I noticed that East Bay was pig Latin for “beast.” But I knew I had found my niche when I realized that Alice Faye was pig Latin for "phallus."
    • " Pouf Positive"
  • It's my party and I'll die if I want to!
    • Pouf Positive
  • Must one go through the five official stages? What are those five stages again: "anger, denial, bargaining, depression, and acceptance." Well, back up: here comes my acceptance speech. "I am now, and I have always been a flaming faggot, responsible for style in its every manifestation. I have my own five steps: flippancy, sentimentality, sarcasm, camp, and smut. They've got me through life, and deity dammit, they'll get me through death!"
    • Pouf Positive
  • You're right, you're always right, yes, yes, of course. Love will survive. They couldn't kill it with purple hair-do's, they can't kill it with a plague. Boys will fall in love with each other's earlobes if all else should fail. Because it never really was about sex, was it? It was about love.
    • Pouf Positive
  • If you have to do something, write me a funny AIDS play. Sure you can. It's the biggest joke played on us since sex itself - and with the longest punch line.
    • Pouf Positive

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